5 Good Reasons To Work With An Influencer Marketing Agency

By James Robert- Mar 08, 2023 164

According to a survey, 60% of online consumers declare that they choose a brand based on their values and beliefs in line with world records. We also know that 1 in 2 consumers trust influencers and even 84% give credit to online recommendations like friends' advice.


All of these companies are increasingly turning to influencers to promote their products and services. This influencer marketing (IM), once a common trend, has become part of the strategy of companies of all sizes who invest in it to raise awareness about their brand and increase sales. A market that is global, is expected to reach 15.7 billion in 2022.


Hand in hand, companies have realized that it takes a lot of effort to create, track and distribute results from IM campaigns. Some rely on IM agencies, others use IM tools and platforms to manage them.


An Influencer marketing platform is software that helps you find the right influencer for your brand and/or market. Also, manage influencer relationships, and measure your promotion ROI. These are best suited for small, one-way campaigns that do not require a high level of engagement. This is because most platforms are unable to measure the level of involvement of an influencer. And it usually requires a lot of time for data analysis, and the skill to do so. It should be remembered that all activities must be done internally by the team of corporate marketing.


Influencer. The visibility


Remember that influencers do their job when they bring you the right exposure. But if your corporate image is not properly promoted online, it loses all visibility (not to mention harmful).


Always prepare the soil before acting!


The choice of the influencer


How can you choose the right influencer for you? Obviously, it’s not enough to see how many people are watching its content or the number of its followers. In fact, the main criterion for choosing an influencer is their niche, which must be shared or at least compatible with you.


Does it make more sense to advertise a new fishing accessory through an industry micro-influencer with 1 million followers or 30,000 followers?


In terms of budget spending and potential profits, the sector’s micro-influencers should be the best choice. While the footballer certainly speaks to a wider audience, the latter is more common and rarely with the specific interest inherent in your sector.


On the other hand, micro-influencers will reach far fewer people but are probably much more interested in what you are doing!


Moreover, an influential follower of a specific and detailed niche is more likely to consider him a trusted expert in the field than a more general public figure. Since the public gives an expert and his proposed products more credibility than a simple and unwanted advertising message promoted by an incoherent profile. You can guess how the industry can transfer its own credibility to micro-influenced products.


A more complete strategy

In the end, effective marketing is certainly a very interesting and effective method for many realities. But only if properly applied in a more complete strategy. It becomes useless and harmful if instead it is communicated with an amateur, amateur approach and without a basic strategy.


Let's see on the other hand what are the advantages of working with an agency.


The 5 benefits of working with an IM agency

The key skill of an effective marketing company is to create and run effective marketing campaigns. They collaborate with brands and influencers on an ongoing basis to create and optimize campaigns. A good influential marketing company is able to effectively organize and manage a series of campaigns with different features and below we highlight the main benefits of working with them.


They have their own network

IM agencies know the purpose of the companies they work with and understand the policies, standards, and other aspects that make them unique, the elements they use to select the right influencer for the brands they work with.


Established companies have their own networks and often have special privileged contacts with influential people. This is especially important when you consider that some influencers get hundreds of offers from the brand every day and thus don’t get the time to deal with most of them. In other words, they ignore them because they don’t know the brands and/or don’t have time to evaluate all their offers.


With an agency, on the other hand, you have a special privileged channel to communicate with them. So here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items. They have worked in the past.


They connect companies with the most relevant influencers

Finding the right influencer for your business can be time-consuming if you try to do it yourself. Also, the success of any IM promotion depends on the effectiveness and coordination of the brand, product, or service. Without this relationship, IM campaigns can fail, resulting in not only a waste of resources but also a loss of your company's image. So that it can predict future collaborations with other influential people who are reluctant to work with you.


By relying on expert IM agencies, they will find the most relevant and effective influencers for you so that you can focus on your core business.


For example, Diesel successfully relied on IMA agencies to help clothing brands launch a socially influential marketing campaign by contacting 77 influencers and promoting hashtags on Instagram and other channels.


They choose the social platform (s) that best suit your campaign

An influential marketing company knows how to enliven a campaign by identifying not only the right influencers but also the most relevant social channels. Indeed, choosing the right social platforms is essential for campaign success.


One of the things to consider in this decision is to evaluate how strong the influential community is on the social channels your viewers use every day.


In our experience, you can trust agencies that carefully choose the right channels to maximize your brand exposure. If your audience is international or if you are targeting a specific market, consider working with an organization that collaborates with influential people in different countries and uses the specialized sector to get messages from their customers. This company should work across all social channels but choose the best one carefully for each company.


They negotiate contracts and rates

An organization conducts discussions with influential people on your behalf about all rates and terms of the agreement. If you try to do it yourself, you know how stressful it can be and how much potential confusion it can cause.


For example, in the case of sponsored posts, there is no flat rate for influencers. In fact, it varies greatly from one influencer to another, depending on the size of their audience, the engagement they receive, and the industry in which they specialize.


Since an organization is already communicating with influential people, they can select a short list suitable for your budget and industry. Next, he will take care of communicating and negotiating with selected influencers (with the approval of your company).


You will save time

When choosing an agency for your IM promotion, you are outsourcing the work to experts. They will do research, interact with influencers, and review content created for your company.


The best agencies take care of all aspects of your campaign and provide you with a report. In this way, they free you from most manual tasks so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.