5 Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Grow On Instagram

By Mike Reiss- Dec 24, 2022 91

Instagram is a beautiful social network: anyone can share pictures of their dream place or publish all kinds of tutorials. And, more often than not, the same "someone" has to fight to raise their profile and get better. 

There are many reasons to contribute to the growth of followers on Instagram. The impact of the platform algorithm, starting with the quality of the content, is clearly going through some undeniable fate. 

So we're here to show you that the kind of IG page you run or how long you've been curating it, there are at least 5 things you shouldn't do if you want to increase it. 

Let's see what they do. 

Growing up on Instagram in 2021: Is it difficult? 

When we decided to create a page on IG, the first reason that prompted us to do so was probably to share our interesting posts, for which we felt ready or, simply, very aesthetically appealing. Obviously, being a social media, this content should be viewed and appreciated by as many people as possible and not just close friends and family members among our followers. 

There are various strategies toincrease on Instagram, which we have mentioned here. But we can add that our experience and passion for IG Profiles should already be an excellent fuel for choosing content that can enhance it and make it unique among many who work with the same theme. 

While what we offer as posts and stories is fundamental to the success of the page, it is important that it is consistent with the overall aesthetics of the feed as well as the plot through neat and beautiful graphics. 

However, if, despite all the desire to create beautiful and compelling posts, your profile struggles to get started, there are two reasons why this may not be the case: less traffic or fewer conversions. 

In the first case, we need to analyze the type of content we post and ask ourselves, for example, if it is trivial or repetitive, and then evaluate what we do not do and why it does not bring us traffic. Do we collaborate with other pages? Do we live where we offer free? No ?! So it is important to take care of a plan that incorporates these strategies on a regular basis. 

On the other hand, if the page receives traffic but does not get many "followers", it means that it continues to grow slowly, and thus, its conversion is less. Then analyze if and how the profile is optimized. As we will see soon, you need to evaluate some elements in this sense, such as the effectiveness of the bio and the attraction of your target feed-in reference.


5 mistakes to avoid

There are also bugs that sometimes occur on large Instagram pages that, through careful analysis of the progress of posts and the number of followers, make the necessary adjustments to avoid losing new followers. 

So, for example, if users expect a certain type of professional content, they will be blown away if the profile suddenly starts posting only other topics or topics related to the author's personal area. As a result, they will not interact or share our content but, conversely, they may decide to leave the page altogether. Because they no longer respond to why they first clicked "Follow".  

So let's take a look at the 5 key things to do in the end to see our page grow, in addition to the risk of post inconsistencies.


1) Buy followers

Buying lots of fake followers will apparently increase that number and make it look like a recognized and "upcoming" page at first glance. What interactions will you ever get from this bot? None, of course. 

To grow organizationally, so without paying, we need to build a good foundation to build our followers as a loyal community. And we're willing to exchange opinions between users, asking us questions that we will always answer, but also criticizing us. 

We evaluate each negative comment, and in fact, we encourage any kind of user interaction by offering stories with surveys about what they like to see on our profile or live Q&A so that they can ask us what they want.


2) Not having an optimized profile

As expected, optimizing a profile increases the number of people following (and possibly customers), i.e., page conversions. 

Optimizing an IG profile involves taking care of the following:


      Nicknames are short and easy to remember, and profile names that clearly indicate what you care about and ideally have one or more keywords so you can continue to search the page on Instagram.

      A feed with harmonious images and a precise style.

      The profile picture must be easily recognizable and attract the user's attention.

      Perhaps the most important part, Bio, must be able to introduce you so that they understand how your page differs from others and basically, why they should follow it.

      Contacts and website: Where do you want your followers to go if they want to know more about your products or services?

      Finally, be sure to pay attention to the featured content you choose. Since most people don't look at the full feed when they visit a profile using Instagram, focus on your best posts in this section, which you can categorize to keep the content organized. Also to act as the "best" of the page, the highlighted content leads viewers to an activity we want them to perform, such as a buy or subscription to our newsletter.


3) Not having an editorial plan

Editorial planning saves us from many unpleasant situations. First, improve yourself by creating a post in a hurry to publish something. You can already imagine the results. But, with planning, we will be able to schedule every content in an orderly manner over time and not risk your followers drying up for weeks. 

To draw an editorial plan we must first consider our business or personal profile. And from here we move on to content that we think is of interest to those who follow us. It is not a coincidence that the goal should be the first element on which we rely. 

However, the editorial plan is not immune from change, quite the opposite. As we fill out the page, we need to analyze the progress of each post to understand which ones they like the most and why. By doing this, we will offer more successful content and adapt the schedule to one month, ideally for regular appointments with followers. An example? Schedule a live schedule on a specific day each week where you will answer questions from all your followers and note down their suggestions.


4) Do not collaborate with other profiles

Even if the idea of ​​being an influencer doesn't tickle you, it's essential to improve your profile by enabling collaboration with other pages and brands. Being antisocial and isolating yourself on Instagram is, in fact, counterproductive, as well as outside of a platform that will help you become "social". 

When you create a page on a specific object/topic, your goal should be to reach that goal and then gradually aspire to be a reference point in that area. To do this, you need to introduce yourself in as many different ways as possible:


      Comment with quality feedback on the most relevant posts on your page

      Reporting something that tags other friendly or familiar pages that might be useful to them. That way they will appreciate the gestures. Also to strengthen the bond with your profile, they will probably reciprocate by tagging your page in the future, giving you more visibility among many new potential followers.

      Collaborate directly with brands and pages that share similar goals and content with you, for example, hosting live shows together where you talk to the public about topics of your choice. The important thing is to choose the pages carefully to directly contribute to the quality of our interested audience and we know what we will consider being published.   


5) Don't be patient

One of the things that guarantee our growth on Instagram is building a community. It takes time and patience to make our followers more, to make them part of a community. 

Even when it comes to love relationships, it usually takes some time, sometimes even years, before we consider a person as a "friend": we must first know them, understand that we are good and we feel good with them. 

With an IG page, it works the same way: users visit the page and decide to follow it because they find it interesting. It is then up to you to keep the content consistent and consistent with their expectations so that you do not forget. You must then take the time to communicate with them by answering their questions and making respectful/trusting/sympathetic comments to those who read them. 

If you want to get great results with your page right away, you need to change your mind. It takes time for your followers to love your page and build a community.

Let's roll up our sleeves!