7 Mobile Marketing Trends To Follow In 2022

By Mike Reiss- Dec 30, 2022 193

Maintaining the mobile marketing trend is essential for every company nowadays. Because consumers are spending more time on their smartphones. 

So this is the best way to reach new audiences effectively, quickly, and economically. Thus, brands need to adapt to these changing times. As well as creating strategies to serve these audiences effectively. 

Also, the epidemic has played a significant role in increasing mobile app adoption. And also in the digital transformation of companies. 

Your business needs to be prepared for this. Not just in 2022 - but now. Check out the main trends of mobile marketing for next year here. As well as the main areas where your company should focus.


The power of mobile today 

We all agree that cell phones have become a very important part of our lives. We use it for a variety of purposes. From updating social media to finding information and shopping. 

So companies find good opportunities. How to use human habits and offer your products in the most convenient way. 

Currently, UK users spend an average of 5.4 hours a day on their phones. So if you want to see your business, you should focus on that.


Discover the main trends in Mobile Marketing 

Marketing is a field that has changed a lot in recent years, especially during pandemics. Restricted to our home, electronic devices have become the only means of communication between companies and their consumers, creating a lot of opportunities, especially for mobile marketing. 

Here's a list of the top mobile marketing trends you can explore and gain insights into. 

Use this content strategically. This will make it easier to reach your customers in a new and innovative way.


1)    Voice Search

Voice Search has revolutionized the way we search for information. In 2020 alone, the volume of voice searches increased by 47%. And it’s still not even at the high point of feature development. 

The reason for all this popularity is quite simple: practicality. After all, it is an efficient and easy way to get the information you need. No typing time. 

With the growing demand for devices like Alexa, the numbers mentioned above will increase. This is to create the biggest trend in mobile marketing. 

But how does it reflect your strategy? The first step is to start thinking about optimizing your content for voice search. 

Remember, people don't talk and type the same way. Because users talk to voice assistants as if they were talking to people. 

So that means you must work: 


      long-tail keywords

      Informal tone.


2)    Video content

Nowadays, video is a very popular format. So much so that a short video attracts a wider audience than text with similar content. 

The reason is quite obvious: the layout is more interesting, fun, and easy to use. Thus, many experts believe that videos will account for 82% of Internet traffic by 2022 

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So it could be an unboxing video. Best practices and uses. Or live with an expert on your team. The important thing is that videos are definitely one of the big trends in mobile marketing.


3)    User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC continues to be a highly influential feature in every marketing strategy. 

It works against effective marketing. In this format, users are searched and paid for by advertising agencies. 

On the other hand, user-generated content creates a wider level of trust. Since it is based on real-life, unpaid experience and opinions. Thus, it enhances the credibility of the brand. In addition to being an excellent way to strengthen relationships with leads and customers.


Examples of user-generated content include: 

      Post and tag your own profile on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest,

      Comments on the brand's blogs and social networks,

      App reviews like Industry Forum and Tripadvisor.


4)    Social Commerce among mobile marketing trends 

An estimated 3.8 billion people use social media. A number that only grows every year. Thus, mobile marketing trends need to find new ways to reach customers. As well as make the purchasing process as easy as possible. 

In that sense, shopping ads are nothing new. Currently, many brands use the feature to communicate with their customers. But many of them still have a small hurdle in the process: to buy, you need to follow a link to the company's website and transact there. 

This is where Social Commerce comes in. Features enable customers to purchase a product within the social network, thus the shopping journey is seamless and the customer can close the deal more quickly and conveniently. 

For now, updates on Facebook and Instagram platforms are still limited in some countries.


5)    Mobile payment 

The introduction of digital wallets like Google Pay or Apple Pay has set new trends in digital marketing. 

Especially since they have become extremely popular with consumers. 

Surveys show that by the end of 2021, more than 50% of consumers will use mobile devices for shopping. As a result, mobile wallet apps will be more popular than classic credit or debit cards. In addition, mobile payments bring benefits to both customers and businesses. 

After all, it's much faster and easier than typing your password from a card in your wallet So more payments can be made in less time. When it comes to customers, less time means a more satisfying customer experience. This will probably lead to greater loyalty.


6)    Greater AI implementation

Artificial intelligence will become more important as brands enter the mobile marketing trends. 

Companies have used various AI technologies, such as: 

      Automated email content curation,

      Image recognition,

      Dynamic prices,

      sales forecast,

      Creating highly personalized offers to reach potential customers. 

So how can your company benefit from this? In addition to providing valuable analysis and saving you some money, AI can help you: 

      Content management and email marketing,

      Customer service,

      Social media management. 

Thus, implementing it in your marketing strategy will be a big step. Having a digital marketing agency can speed up the process.


7)    Fast 5G Adoption

With the advent of 5G technology in the UK, brands must prepare for new trends in mobile marketing. Where rich, relevant, and interactive content will be one of the big stars. 

Furthermore, as more users upgrade to 5G technology in 2022, companies will have more opportunities to take full advantage of the capabilities of this technology. Thus, the fast internet will provide the use of highly creative interactive advertising. 

Everything to enhance your campaign skills and improve the customer experience through RA and VR.


Bring mobile marketing trends to your digital strategy in 2022

Constant technological advances and changes in consumer habits have put smartphones in a prominent position.


Now they can answer any of your questions. Instructing him, paying the bills, reminding him of his daily work. And much more. But, it is important to know in which sector you will work. After all, it's important to think about how to use these mobile marketing trends for your product and your business.


With the advancement of technology, today we have many modern and complete options for developing excellent mobile marketing strategies. No matter which medium you choose, always remember to avoid any offensive communication. Respect your audience and maintain clean, tidy, and light communication - enabling the customer to have the ability to choose. Ultimately, what determines the success of this activity is the personalized experience of your customers. As well as meeting the needs of your customer's ideas. Always the fastest and most effective way.