8 Advantages Creating A Member Area For Your Website

By James Robert- Jun 18, 2022 191

Do you have a website, a blog, or an online store and you want to provide more content or products to your customers? Then it is very suitable for an exclusive member area. Because with this protected area you can create more incentives for potential customers and earn at the same time. In this article, we want to explain to you exactly which member area, what benefits it gives you, and how you can create it.


What is a member area?

A member's area is a separate and password-protected area of ​​a website where certain things are available for free or for a fee. This is a separate and exclusive area so customers can use it if they have access to data. If you want to create a member area and offer it for free, the overall goal is to create a community and build a community through continuous content. Another option is a fee-based membership area, where there is naturally extra income in the first place. So if you want to monetize your area, you can use a subscription model or collect money from your customers with a one-time fee.


In addition, you can create a member area and offer a multi-level system. Maybe you just want to start collecting valuable leads. You can do this if you want data like email addresses in the "only" step. But you can use it to send valuable and exclusive information or offers to your customers. Not paying fees can be an important first incentive for customers. If you are attracted to the next product or service, you can offer these customers a 2-level fee-based membership area. Now the only challenge is the content of the member area.


The content: This can include a member's area

In order to reach customers in your member area, you should provide interesting content. Different content is appropriate depending on what business you have and what industry you are in. You can add the following content to the member area: 

      E-books and white papers

      Online courses, webinars, and videos



      Merchandise products

      Info articles such as checklists, guides, tutorials, plans, templates, and samples

      Perks, discounts, offers of products, tools, and programs

      Quizzes, tests, and exams


The pros: 8 reasons to create a member's area

If you create a member area on your website, it can have several benefits for you. We now want to explain in more detail why this is valuable.


1. Low Initial Cost

In the beginning, a member's area means low costs. Compared to work or the time invested, you get a relatively large benefit or profit through leads, sales, and the goal of long-term customer loyalty. As processing a low-cost margin can give you a good profit, you should go for a member’s area.


2. Content Recovery

In addition to exclusive products, you can reuse some services and offers. For example, if you have a live webinar, you can offer a permanent recording of the video as a bonus element in the member area. A member area is therefore perfect for reusing specific content.


3. Source Of Income

A member's area is always an additional source of income. Especially if you provide a subscription model and your members pay their dues regularly. Then you must make sure that you always provide new and high-quality content so that you create a lasting incentive for your customers. Quality content can reach you with a quality audience and give you a good portion of your income.


4. Exclusive Customer Support

If you create a member area, you can provide specific more intensive customer service without having to look after anyone personally. Due to the exclusive feature that the member area can be excluded in the sense of VIP Club, customers feel valued. Depending on how the member area has been personalized or personalized for your customers, a sense of self and loyalty can develop. This significantly strengthens customer loyalty.


5. Promote New Products

A member area is an ideal platform for advertising new products or services and providing information to customers. Since the basic attitude of the members towards your company is positive anyway, you can sell your products on a much more profitable basis. Here you don’t have to explain your business to anyone or explain the benefits.


6. Different Content

Another advantage is the use of different media formats. Whether physical or digital, moving images or text - you can offer a wide range of products in the member area. This results in a huge selection of content for your members.


7. Automatic Payment Processing Possible

Payment processing can be done very easily and automatically depending on the tool or software you are working with. No more programming knowledge is required when working with equipment providers.


8. Strengthening The Community

If you provide opportunities for exchange between members in your member area, you can use it to strengthen a community. Because logically all members have the same interests in certain areas and thus form a community. This feeling strengthens not only the members but also the relationship between you and the customers. This point can also have a positive effect on customer loyalty.


Create a member's area with the right tools

There are several providers that you can use to create membership areas on your website or blog. On the one hand, if you already use a website via WordPress, you can use a variety of plugins for subscriptions. On the other hand, you can use complete solutions for online course platforms, such as Escape, Coach, Educational or FameNet. In order to be able to take yourself to the jungle of providers and make a decision on an issue, you first need to think carefully about what functions, features, and conditions are needed. In addition, there are both local and international providers. You should also think about this, as the English language of the course platform can be a potential barrier for some customers.


A member's area - no matter what type of business you have - has almost all the advantages. Because you offer your customers a lucrative incentive. You can offer content in the member area (such as webinars etc.) permanently after publication and secure a scalable income. In addition, you can let your customers grow into a community and offer them real added value in addition to a VIP feeling. Even if you use platforms to create your member's area and initially have costs, the investment is worthwhile.


The member's area of a website is a crucial part. You can grow your business and services from it. Also, it can support you for better development. As much as you care for your site it will give you great profit. So try to increase your profit through your member's area. We FameNet can help you grow your members' area as well as visitors' growth. Our focus point is how to grow your business through potential ways. Like another digital formula, we lead with influencers' power. If you join with us and want to grow more with your business contact us. We can help you grow you and your business with our promoting capability. Use the advantages of the exclusive content and develop your position now. For more updated information stay connected.