Advertising Types: 10 Best Advertising Types Will Boost Your Profit!

By James Robert- Oct 02, 2022 103

If you start a business, you should advertise to make your company more known and increase revenue. But with so many possibilities, it’s hard to keep track of things. What kind of advertising can win over your local customers? And what can online advertising do if you have your own website? The following article gives you a practical overview and shows you 10 different types of ads and how they work. There are also descriptions of advertisements and examples of different types of advertisements.


Types of advertising definition: what is advertising?

Through advertising, the impact of responses is implied by behaviorally relevant settings. It can be achieved through specific means of communication. These are instead disseminated through selected media such as television and radio, but also through the Internet. From the combination of different mediums and media, instead, types of advertising emerge, which later differ in terms of the target group, effort, and associated costs. One of the tools of all types of advertising communication policy. Since these instruments are associated with the highest cost or the most effort, they are the most important instruments.


The 5 types of offline advertising

Types of ads can be divided into offline and online. You should pay close attention to the following five types of offline advertising.


1. Type Of Advertising: Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising generally refers to all types of advertising that affect public space. This means, for example, printed ads, poster ads, or even neon ads. But, you should be aware that outdoor advertising is not always profitable. This is because such ads need to be perceived by your potential customers for the impact of the ads. Thus, such advertising is especially effective for local stores and companies that want to raise awareness in the region. Costs range from 15 to 150 dollars per day, but there are also production costs.


2. Type Of Advertising: Print Advertising

The number of readers of magazines and newspapers is declining as the online activities of consumers are increasing at a huge rate. Also, this medium still has millions of readers every day and prints ads because one type of ad can be profitable for you. However, you should keep in mind that these types of ads have a certain format, which makes them difficult to stand out. Overall, however, cheap placement is possible which is suitable for small and local businesses. Regional newspapers charge about 150 dollars per ad, while large national newspapers charge from 5000 dollars.


3. Type Of Advertising: Tv Advertising

TV spots are still one of the most far-reaching types of advertising and can greatly increase your revenue or your company's awareness. However, niche products are rarely advertised on television. But often products suitable for the public, such as vacuum cleaners, vacation travel, corn flakes, car tires, etc. Because the costs for niche channels for a 20-second spot and 100 broadcasts start at 15,000 dollars. If, on the other hand, you want to advertise in a program with high ratings, you have to reckon with at least 70,000 dollars for around ten broadcasts.


4. Type Of Advertising: Radio Commercials

Many subscribers can also be reached through radio spots. Because radio stations have millions of listeners every month. However, with this form of advertising, it is important to have a great idea that works without pictures. Eye-catching jingles or catchy slogans are often popular. In general, radio spots are more effective as a form of advertising for mass products, as the target group can only be determined to a limited extent. When it comes to cost, you can calculate and broadcast three to ten dollars per second. This is why a 20-second spot in primetime on a major broadcaster costs 200 dollars per broadcast.


5. Type Of Advertising: Direct Marketing

Direct marketing means all types of advertising that address the customer directly and immediately. This includes, for example, telephone marketing, but also flyers that only end up in specific mailboxes of potential customers. Also, many companies use private letters, which are followed by discount offers and also by post. But, there are costs for printing, mailing, or telephone marketing for relevant employees. In general, delivering flyers or sending letters can be especially beneficial for your local company. The costs of these types of advertising are less than 1,000 dollars, depending on the effort and production costs.


The 5 types of online advertising

Your potential customers can earn more online, so you need to consider the following five types of online advertising:


1. Type Of Advertising: Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, with minimal SEO, lets you optimize your website and ensure that it is at the top of a search engine result. Since a lot of consumers nowadays search for a product on Google, this strategy can be extremely profitable as one of the types of advertising. There are various SEO tools that cost from 100 to 300 per month. Agencies specialize in search engine optimization and can help you. Or you tackle the problem in detail and try to take the first steps yourself first.


2. Type Of Advertising: Search Engine Advertising

In search advertising, SEA stands for paid, so to speak, paid search engine optimization. Because you pay a search engine to make your company or a product appear as much as possible in search results. However, these areas are then marked as ads. Google ads are especially popular as a type of advertising because Google is the largest global search engine. But platforms can also be used as product search engines, such as Amazon. Prices start from low cents but can be up to 20 dollars per click. So, you should always set the maximum budget first and then analyze the impact first.


3. Type Of Advertising: Social Media Marketing

Through social media marketing, you can gain customers using social networks and increase your reach in a relatively inexpensive way. To do this, you create a profile on a social network such as Facebook or Instagram and regularly post articles about your company or your product. However, with this type of advertising, make sure the contribution always adds value and you connect with your community. In addition, you use a uniform design and analyze your target group so that your profile is different from others. In general, social media marketing is popular because it is free to start, even complex products can be clearly explained.


4. Type Of Advertising: Influencer Marketing

Anyone who hopes to reach out extensively in social media marketing and wants to reach followers of other users can rely on influencer marketing. Influencers are those who have a very high profile on social media who then present your products to their own followers. These followers believe that the possibility of purchase also increases. However, it is important to find a suitable influencer for such advertising and discuss the implementation in detail. You should plan for 500 dollars or more per campaign, better-known influencers even charge between 5,000 and 30,000 dollars or more.


5. Type Of Advertising: Email Marketing

Through e-mail marketing, it refers to sending specific offers to existing customers or prospects, often in the form of a newsletter. This not only increases customer loyalty but also increases sales potential, as e-mail always contains the latest information. But, it is important that you do not use an e-mail address or send a newsletter without asking each existing subscriber. Because people have to agree to send e-mails first and register for it. For example, discount codes are appropriate as an incentive or you can ask permission when ordering. Overall, this is a cheaper form of advertising, as there is no minimum cost to send an e-mail.