Brand Awareness: How To Spread It In A New Environment?

By Gretchen Clarke- Apr 09, 2023 69

The most difficult stage of brand promotion is the beginning, a period when you still do not have much knowledge and experience in this matter. But, there's no reason to skip this care, as it's crucial to the health of your business.


On the contrary, this is the right time to seek knowledge to be able to develop your brand awareness efficiently. In fact, because of the digital world, knowing how to be present becomes even more essential. After all, what can't be seen on the Internet, probably won't be known in the "real world". So be careful in this process.


Thinking of helping you to promote the brand efficiently and it really brings the expected results, we have separated some tips in this regard. Come with us and get out of anonymity immediately! Good read!


Why promote the brand?

First, you will understand why promoting your brand is important. Launching a new brand in the market is a big challenge, no matter how much experience you have in the world of entrepreneurship. But it can (and should) be done to ensure your company's success.


Also, it is worth noting that this is another form of communication between the brand and the consumer as if they are two people getting to know each other. Thus, it is essential to have a well-defined identity that allows recognition and empathy on the part of the customer. This way, the customer will know what to expect from your service or product.


Since retail is a highly competitive field, with new businesses emerging every day, it's important to know how you position yourself and stand out from the competition. For this reason, brand promotion is basic, and simple with the rise of the Internet.


After all, to be recognized on networks, for example, it is not necessary to spend more than TV advertising. In fact, it is through them that companies are able to reach out to the public and understand their needs and develop ways to satisfy them.


Through brand promotion, you can be present, mainly online, becoming a reference in the area. But, to achieve this, some steps need to be followed which we will discuss next.


Tips for not making mistakes in branding

Well, we've already talked a lot about the importance of developing a way to promote your brand, but are you still in doubt about how to do it effectively? So, don't worry, we have isolated some major steps that should be followed during this process check out below!


1.    Define the media that will be used

The first step to a successful brand campaign is deciding which media will be used. If you already have a store, this is an easy process, after all, ask customers what media they use the most. This could be social media (and which ones), billboards, traditional radio, promotional flyers, and local newspapers, among others.


Remember that you need to be where your customers are. Thus, this knowledge is critical to the success of any campaign you run.


On the other hand, if you are just starting a business, you need to design a strategy that best represents your brand identity. For example, if you have a young target audience, you can't stay away from social media right now, like TikTok or Instagram.


Here's an important tip, don't be afraid to make a mistake, even if it costs you some money. After starting any promotional campaign for your brand, regardless of the media you use, periodically analyze the results. This way, you will know whether the adopted strategy is succeeding or not. And don't hesitate to change your initial plan if it doesn't give you the expected results.


2.    Bet on Digital Marketing

As you can imagine, in the age of the Internet, there is no way to bet on digital marketing strategies. Because it's an essential brand awareness strategy, especially in this post-pandemic era.


Lockdowns implemented in cities have shown the importance of having a company with an Internet presence that is able to quickly adapt to changes in consumer behavior. It was the moment that led millions of people to make their first online purchase, a behavior that seems to be here to stay.


Thus, investing in digital marketing strategies is no longer a differentiator and has become necessary to keep your company competitive and even ensure its survival. And there are several ways to do it:


     Content marketing: based on the company's approach to the customer in the digital world. For this, various resources are used, such as newsletters, podcasts, e-books, blogs, email marketing, etc. It is able to attract and retain customers, feeding them with content relevant to its target audience. Through this, the consumer can become an advocate of the brand itself, which is great for the enterprise;

     Paid ads: Can be created on social networks where your brand has an account or through paid advertising on Google Ads. Their big advantage is that you can create ads for different target audiences, targeting those who are most likely to buy that product.

     E-commerce: Having a virtual store, or market presence can help close your sales. Not to mention it can help your brand become better known among potential customers.


An important caveat here, these techniques can (and should) be done simultaneously. After all, content marketing helps bring customers to your store and your website organically, but it can take months for that to happen.


Paid ads do the same thing but bring faster results, but once you stop paying, the number of hits may decrease. And finally, there's no point in investing in content marketing and paying to advertise if you have nowhere to direct customers. Thus, having e-commerce, or at least a website, is essential. We will talk more about the site later.


3.    Create a quality website

Whether you offer products or services, creating a quality website is a mandatory step in gaining credibility in the digital world. Above all, it builds solidity and credibility while making the customer more comfortable while making a purchase.


The website creation step must be done very carefully, as it has to be intuitive to use and have an attractive look without using exaggeration. Also, don't forget to think about the navigability of the platform when accessing it via cell phone. In other words, create a responsive website.


Another essential element on the website is the availability of all contacts including social networks and the physical location of the organization. So, customers can have different ways to contact your company whenever needed.


Finally, the entire site must be designed to implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. This means they must contain content with keywords relevant to your business, be careful about internal and external links, and copy content from other sites.


Everything is analyzed by Google to keep your website at the top of the search. Thus, it is constant work and must be taken seriously by a specialized team.


4.    Adopt a plan

Creating a blog or a profile on social networks and feeding it makes no sense, right? Or invest once in an ad in the local paper and never worry about it again. This shows how your brand awareness plan needs to be a standard and a practice in your company. Understand that entrepreneurs don't need to stop moving their companies forward.


So, regardless of the medium, you choose to promote your brand, having a plan is essential. For example, if you are creating a blog for your business, study and see how many articles you need to write per month to reach more people. Investigate what are the main doubts of customers and create content to help them solve these doubts


It is an essential process in the buying journey and sales funnel. Also, see the need to produce frequent newsletters and e-books, to generate more leads. With a constant update, through the adopted plan, the promotion can be done effectively.


5.    Talk to your audience

You must be upset with a company for not talking to you, right? Whether solving a question or solving a problem. This is not unusual because not everyone understands the importance of public speaking.


So, don't make the same mistake and invest in communicating with your customers. In other words, keep the channels open and rely on a team focused on customer service. To narrow it down further, it is worth creating a profile on various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


But don't forget that the tip above also fits this: planning. Feed your networks daily or weekly, depending on your goals. If you leave profiles aside, brand awareness is seriously compromised.


6.    Don't forget the customer who frequents your store

When we talk about brand promotion, it's common for retail managers to think about attracting new customers, right? But, this is a process that is not limited to new customers coming to your store, on the contrary, it should also be done for customers who are already buying.


In this case, influencer reception is the best tool. Of course, the first benefit is an influencer created only for you, which brings many positive results to your brand.


However, through social media, you can also create personalized advertising, inform customers about in-store promotions, reinforce your brand slogan and prepare the brand to stay in the customer's memory. Thus, when it is announced that a particular item is at an unbelievable price, the customer will be interested in checking out the product and may be influenced to buy the advertised product.


Your business has ideal people for your customers

The right influence has the power to improve the shopping experience. Also, it can increase time spent inside the store, increase loyalty, and thus increase your sales.


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