Bring Your Social Networks To Life For Christmas!

By Gretchen Clarke- Jan 07, 2023 88

You didn't miss it, Christmas is coming with a bang! You need to prepare your social networks now to welcome a community into a complete frenzy at the end of the year. This is the time when your sales explode because consumers want to spoil themselves, but also want to ruin their loved ones.


But, the competition is great! So, how can you use Christmas magic to optimize your social media strategy? What activities can you offer to bring potential to your brand or your e-commerce?


Focus on efficient strategies to implement on your social networks.


1.    Prepare your actions now

The question of organization is never now! At the end of this article, immerse yourself in your Excel table, project tracking tools, and other software needed to manage your Christmas actions.


Our advice

Create a retrospective plan for the activities you want to launch: promotional codes, contests, newsletters, retargeting, personal sales, etc.

In your calendar, don't set a time for these activities to happen! You need to plan for set-up, launch, and impact analysis. The more precise you are in your plans, the more successful your campaign will be.


2.    Change the cover photos

Advertise that your business is celebrating with your social network coverage! Twitter, Facebook, and even Linkedin have a big banner at the top of your profile, which is important for personalizing each season.


Red and green colors, glitter, gifts, trees, and fireworks will thus decorate your page and clearly announce that you are ready to celebrate the end of the year with your customers.


Our advice

While you're at it, you can also change your avatar, brighten up your company logo, wear a Christmas hat, show off a pretty white beard, or wear red.


3.    Start a big contest

The month of December is often synonymous with generosity. So, play Santa Claus and give amazing gifts. This seemingly useful work is actually beneficial for your business.


Thank you for the contest:


     Increase your visibility

     Recruit new customers

     Hold on to your community


Three essential purposes to ensure your turnover at the end of the year, especially if you are in e-commerce!


Find influencers to run a contest on their profile. Offer a product or voucher for their community in exchange for a gift or compensation.


You get better visibility with a qualified audience, ready to spend their money on great and original gifts!


4.    Transform customers into Subscribers


At Christmas, Internet users are looking for good deals and original gifts to please their loved ones. Generally, you know your goals perfectly and you know what they are looking for on vacation. So, use ad networks at your disposal to convert your customers into influential ones!


Notice your potential customers with a message inviting them to share your product with their friends via Facebook ads or Twitter ads. They may have an idea to see you for a gift.


Of course, address them directly to encourage them to give themselves a little gift for Christmas.


5.    Adapt your editorial line


Lastly, if you want your community to be interested in your business during the holidays, offer them the right content at this time! Help your customers:


     Choose their gifts

     Decorate their house

     Cooking a good meal, etc.

Thanks to these publications, you form a close bond with them, show that you are on the same wavelength and that you actively participate in this happy moment.


6.    Create your hashtag


How about creating your own hashtags on your social networks during the holiday season?


In general, we recommend that you do this for any important event that concerns your brand. For example:



     Black Friday

     Valentine's Day, etc.


It’s a way to engage in relevant events that are more believable and more noticeable in the eyes of your audience!


Also, if your hashtag is strong enough and you succeed in promoting your communication, you will see an increase in your website traffic related to your hashtag sharing by your community, but not only! Interesting, isn't it? And who says sharing your hashtags means looking for your brand, opinions, and controversial comments.


7.    Use Christmas storytelling


Consumers love the great Christmas story! You just have to watch enough Christmas TV movies and movies on every TV channel and even on the streaming service.


Take advantage of this magical world to tell stories that illustrate your products and services. They play on the emotions of your audience, which gives your brand a human dimension.


Never forget that Internet users are not just IP addresses, they are animals made of flesh and blood. Then you consider it as a physical customer. Dream it and show how much your brand anchors the magic of Christmas.


To animate your social networks during Christmas, publish:


     Fairy tale

     A video presenting your Christmas collection

     Lifestyle visuals that reflect the magic of Christmas: snowy landscapes, mountains of gifts, decorated trees, children on vacation ...

     Of course, do not forget to stimulate action!


Once you are carried by the beauty of your story, Internet users will be able to easily access your products or services! Add a link to your website (in Christmas colors!) To encourage consumers to ask questions before making a purchase, in your shopping guide or in your personal messaging system.


This will allow you to support them until they are transformed into a personalized and efficient way.


8.    Send surprise gifts


Who doesn't like free? Surprise your consumers, brand fans, and influencers who have been loyal to you for the past year.


Our advice

This gift must be able to be published on a blog or social network.

You can send small thank you gifts to your most enthusiastic followers: goodies, a product, a voucher… What's the key? A positive (and cheap) spinoff on social networks!


9.    Co-create visual content with an influencer


You have less time to grab the attention of the audience.


To capture your community, offer a visual created in collaboration with an influencer. It can take the shape of an infographic, a video, or an Instagram story.


Create simple and engaging, yet easy-to-share content that shows bloggers, brands, and your world.


10. Create a program for top-performing influencers


Typically, brands offer financial compensation for conversions and sales. At the end of the year, connect with your favorite influencers and give them a discount code to share with your community as a Christmas gift.


Our advice

Give them unique code so you can track the performance of each blogger.


The advantage of this strategy is to test which of the most successful influencers you must pamper next year.


11. Put your fans in the spotlight


Promote consumer voices and share content created by your customers and influencers about your brand.


Consider incorporating these people's opinions into your captions so that your community can improve the quality of your products and services. This type of sharing reassures Internet users who know little about your business and who need to read the opinions of others before making a purchase.


Be sure to include a call to action at the end of this post. Ideally, this should encourage visitors to visit your website.


12. Find new influencers for Christmas


Use influencers to animate your brand at the end of the year!


If you analyze your comments and shares, you will recognize loyal followers who are regularly involved in your posts. Make them your brand ambassador! Especially if they have a blog or social media account with hundreds of subscribers ...


Offer them a voucher on your website or send them a product of their choice to encourage them to share your year-end offers with their community.


Many bloggers organize Christmas contests with many prizes. It may be time to submit your article to gain visibility. The goal is to gain your established audience to expand your brand awareness at a very strategic time.


By creating an environment of trust in the potential customers who use your products or services they can easily identify with other users who understand their real needs. Then you can increase your sales as well as your reputation at a lower cost.