Content Marketing: 6 examples of successful branded content in 2022

By Gretchen Clarke- May 25, 2022 279

There are many examples of successful branded content in 2022. This year is progressing rapidly and, due to the coronavirus pandemic, companies have had little movement in 2020.  But now they’re back and the marketing teams are doing a good job of makeup for lost time. 

The main goal of branded content is to understand the needs of users to communicate with customers through the production of quality and attractive content. Everything is based on the relationship between the public and the brand. 

It tries to attract people to their brand content with passion and feeling and as a result, adds extra value to it. The main feature of this strategy is to sell without direct advertising.


Branded content in 2022 

Branded content wants to make a profit, but they do so without the need to sell or offer products. They play with emotion to effectively position the minds of the audience. They are designed to create a positive brand idea. 

From the point of view of digital marketing, it is important that to increase the value of the offer, all the content is given to a specific goal. It allows connectivity between the public and the company, aids in the identification, visibility, and recognition of a brand in the market. Having successful branded content in 2022 is a fast and effective way to reach more viewers.


This is why marketing teams are allocating more resources to the region, which is fundamental to the growth of companies.

Features of effective branded content 

Among the most amazing features found in 2022 branded content are the following: 

      Price to the public: Brand value should be associated not only with the information provided but also with the price set by users.

      Social Impact: It is recommended to communicate content that affects society, such as shared interests so that it can go viral.

      Be creative: Attracting visitors is everything, so it’s important to always be creative when creating content.

      Be communicative: All content must have a purpose, a plus that the goal chooses as a valuable message. 

There is a strategic focus: one purpose of each message is to study the company's marketing plan in advance. The key is to get consistent results.


Benefits of branded content 

Branded content delivers performance for a specific brand and includes the following: 

  1. Increasing brand awareness thanks to the impact of the content provided to the public. For a positive message seen in a branded content strategy video, they are more likely to be associated with the brand than themselves. 
  1. Including positive messages helps build customer loyalty that grabs their attention. 
  1. Creates a special connection between the customer and the brand. For this reason, it is essential to have quality content that sends a positive and lasting message over time. 
  1. There is a high engagement within the brand community and positively affects the company’s position in the SEO field. 
  1. MIT’s interesting to the audience, because it doesn’t use any kind of penetration strategy, so it’s easy to create empathy among the audience. 
  1. Due to the quality of the content, the investment in these types of strategies is usually very high to get good results in hiring suitable video equipment, producers, cameramen, actors, producers, etc.


Disadvantages of branded content in 2022 

In the digital marketing world, branded content has its advantages as well as disadvantages, and it is important to highlight what to expect when creating a campaign.


Among the most important are the following: 

  1. This is a time-consuming strategy and does not return quick results. So, if you are looking for short-term results, this is not the case. 
  1. Exposure is not long and the content is usually not long-lasting in the mind of the consumer. In other words, it is a strategy that can have very strong initial effects but disappears quickly without warning. 
  1. Due to the quality of the content, the investment in these types of strategies is usually very high to get good results in hiring suitable video equipment, producers, cameramen, actors, producers, etc.


6 examples of successful branded content in 2022 

It is very important to know effectively to whom you want to convey a message. Because this way you can get the most out of a branded content strategy. For example, in this year 2022 and 2021, the content was broadcast mainly via mobile devices, especially within the younger audience. 

Knowing this situation will ensure that the defined strategy focuses on attracting those viewers through exclusive content for mobile devices. Getting real engagement is very important for establishing long-term relationships with the target audience.


  1. “Dumby way to die” of the Australian subway 

The "Dumby Way to Die" video, made for the Australian Underground, is one of the first branded content campaigns to go viral. The core of the promotional content. It has been promoted on various websites and social networks but points to all the traffic on the YouTube page. 

The goals achieved by this campaign were truly surprising: 

It has become the most downloaded mobile application in more than 33 countries.

The video reached more than 120 million views on its YouTube page.

They have distributed more than 100,000 copies in 35 countries via iTunes.


  1. Nike - Best day ever 'Tomorrow' 

American sportswear company Nike takes advantage of the time of the Olympics to convey a very powerful message about the women of modern times. The branded content campaign focuses on the role women play in the world of sport today. It mainly speaks of three personalities such as Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Diede De Groot, and A'ja Wilson. 

The campaign commemorates the achievements of the brand’s well-known athletes in various disciplines such as basketball, running, tennis, etc., and works on people’s feelings and emotions by announcing that tomorrow will be a good day.


  1. Think Outside The Box- Unlocking creativity 

Promotional videos for beverage brand Redbull use a variety of personalities from the sports world to convey a positive message about recreational activities. It gives viewers brand-related emotion and sensation, but never mentions or mentioned its ad. 

RedBull plays with the emotions of its viewers in a video that already has almost 70,000 views on the YouTube platform. In this video, the audience is deeply immersed in the brand's meaning, from coronavirus quarantine to the full development of outdoor activities.


  1. IBERIA– The longest journey 

The Iberia Company's campaign focuses primarily on the Olympic spirit. A number of athletes have used coronavirus for training during the ban. Whatever the company’s business purpose, the brand uses emotion as the main source of inspiration. 

It is a successful branded content in 2022 because it shows the personal lives of every athlete participating in the Olympics. It focuses on training methods, dedication, strength, and focus and highlights the desire to always be good in adversity.


  1. iPad- Your next computer is not an Apple computer 

Apple's campaign draws attention to the feelings of people affected by their computers or laptops, be it uploading files to the web, uploading content, or playing online games. Apple has focused on making the lives of its customers easier by providing the same or improved features with its new devices. 

Through this campaign, Apple shows the benefits that users will get by switching to branded technology. Different personalities with the same problems and solutions, a very well-made and produced video.


  1. Start your impossible - Toyota 

Toyota has been the victim of this year's Olympics for working with stimulating content for its users. The brand was shown to Paralympic athlete Jessica Long, who had to have both legs amputated due to a rare disease. The campaign shows that this did not stop him from winning 13 Olympic golds. 

Emotions again play a central role in this case, as little Jessica shows a harsh childhood until they become athletes. 

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