Content Marketing: Add Value For Your Business

By James Robert- Oct 26, 2022 151

In digital marketing strategy, content marketing can give you more stability. This is a popular and common practice for online businesses. Most digital businesses like e-commerce and blogging platforms like it a lot. Today we are here to serve you the list that you can benefit from content marketing. You can apply it to your business and get priority over it. Let’s see what is waiting for you:


1.     Definition of content marketing

Content marketing is the design and delivery of customer and potential, rich content, unique and targeted high value. It is a form of internal marketing aimed at attracting potential customers.


Today, individuals are immersed in hundreds of ad messages every day through their social networks, search engines, emails, text messages, or traditional ads. Within this set of data, companies that want to stand out without spending their entire budget on advertising must bet on strong content marketing. Creating their own content is a guarantee of creating a digital presence over time while developing their brand image.


This trend has grown rapidly since the Cowid-19 crisis, with webinars, podcasts, white papers, videos, newsletters, and lectures exploding, all copied to email, blogs, social networks, and various online platforms.


The main objectives of content marketing are: 

      Customers drink and increase sales.

      Reduce your advertising budget.

      Improve audience and customer loyalty.

      Design a strong brand image.


Not to be confused with the content of the brand, the goal of content marketing is to highlight the skills of the brand, not to mention the company clearly. The generated content focuses on customer needs and questions and solves their problems.


2.     The different forms of content marketing

The blog: the most “SEO friendly”

The usefulness of a business blog can no longer be demonstrated because it has many advantages. The most significant is the positive effect on your natural referencing. In fact, by enriching your website content without limits, you create new opportunities to get new quality pages or traffic indexed by search engines.


Social networks: the most visible

Participatory and instantaneous, social networks allow us to stay as close as possible to our customers, prospects, or partners. Similarly, they offer the possibility to study their behaviors and preferences while imagining their activities online.


The most popular podcast

Podcasts have grown in recent years due to their ease of use and their very easy access to various platforms. It’s a great way to build your skills and convince your customers while building a community of customers. There are many things that can take the shape of a podcast interview, Q&A, or story.


Email: the conversion specialist

Despite the competition, email remains an important lever in web marketing and content marketing. Beneficial for customer engagement and loyalty, it presents an excellent way to highlight products, offer promotional offers, or send personalized information. Once you've already shown interest in your business, your email customers are more likely to take action. It is also a factor in the high conversion rate of e-mail.


The video: to bring projects to life

This rich content is ideal for showcasing your brand image and all your knowledge: production process, team interviews, client testimonials, broadcasts of key events, etc. The video is viewed intensely and shared quickly, which makes it very popular content. However, quality is essential and requires some production time.


The case study: the most convincing

Considering your results and the way they are achieved, your prospects will be tempted by your work. These must be real and concrete, representing very effective, qualitative, and quantitative effects for conversion.


Infographic: to get to the point

Fun and original, infographics let you reveal information at a glance. Its sophisticated design appeals to viewers, making it easier to remember its contents.


White paper and downloadable content: Ideal for professionals

In exchange for some personal data, you send your lead exclusive content so they can reach their goals for free. You create an environment of trust while enriching your database with qualified leads. White paper and downloadable content strongly influence the purchase decision or possible action, so it should be done with great professionalism. There are ebooks, guides, dictionaries, best practices, templates, and much more.


Webinars: to create or maintain communication

Webinars have seen their numbers explode since the Covid-19 crisis. In fact, they have allowed B2B companies to target a much wider audience. Interactive, easy to access, and often free, webinars provide highly targeted information (reserved for registrants). It is a low-cost content marketing tool, ideal for first contact, but also for maintaining remote customer relationships.


Premium content: a loyalty boost

By creating secure content for your customers, you offer the possibility of accessing information at a high additional cost to help them. It’s up to you to create and innovate something that will satisfy your audience. Based on white paper templates and other downloadable content, premium content is often sent as a result of sending personal data, such as email and name. Matrix, Calendar, Operational Model, Template Design, Automated Simulator are all premium tools that have been made available to its customers.


3.     The challenges of content marketing

By creating content related to your goals, you will no longer look for your customers, but they will come to you. A digital strategy where marketing content is optimized will allow you to:


Become a reference in your sector 

Optimizing your digital strategy by enabling content marketing means creating unique content that interests your potential. You can make them realize that you are going to solve their obstacles by showing all your knowledge. You increase your credibility by expressing your extra value in this way.


Improve your visibility 

The better your content, the more visible it will be. By optimizing them with keywords, they will survive over time for better reference in search engines. They thus help bring in better traffic after their release date. Unlike the ad hoc system of paid marketing, content marketing exists and you can enjoy its benefits every day, without having to feel it with a recurring budget.


Increase your website traffic 

By editing content around your business, you inevitably attract potential customers to your site. The higher the quality of your information, the more likely these visitors are to return and share, which will increase the number of visits.


Boost SEO 

Similarly, you improve your performance indicators such as click-through rate, bounce rate, number of visits, shares, etc. to arouse the interest of your visitors. Your website is valuable in the eyes of search engines. Search like Google and you rank in the results.


Bring customer satisfaction 

Content marketing can be used as a powerful lever for customer loyalty. By offering useful content to their questions, you listen to their requests and take care of them. You also create content that will be useful to your future customers.


Unify speeches 

Your marketing and sales teams need to communicate with each other to create content that speaks directly to your prospects. Salespeople are fully aware of their goals and it is wise to interview customers about their problems and needs. Also, they collect leads to convert them. The speech obtained by the prospect must be consistent with the sales pitch.


4.     Content marketing in practice

Like establishing a marketing or communication plan, a content marketing strategy presents a few steps that allow you to reach the desired goal.


Set your goals

Your objectives may vary and are usually associated with: creating brand value, raising awareness, bringing in qualified traffic, creating leads, retaining customers.


Define your goals and their problems

Knowing your targets, their needs, their behavioral habits, and how to identify their profiles will make it possible for tailors to create interesting and relevant content.


Explore content tracks

At this stage, a lot of research is needed to define the themes that will be addressed. You need to remember your motives and customer barriers.


Plan your publication

Regularity is a key part of the success of your strategy for both retaining visitors and your SEO. Establishing a precise and consistent editorial calendar is essential.


Content promotion

Sharing your content across different media makes it accessible to as many people as possible. Distributing it across all social, web, and mobile platforms is essential, encouraging your audience to relay it as well. Establishing partnerships with influencer blogs, for example, is an effective tool for promoting your content.


Analyze the results

To measure the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy, it is essential to follow specific KPIs that allow you to highlight which content works and which works less.


Today, content marketing is inherent in the overall strategy of companies and thus must be thought of upstream. The goal is to share with all sales and marketing teams to benefit from all the knowledge of the business. Quality content requires some skill that requires a certain budget but which in most cases proves to be more profitable and effective than daily advertising. Many companies understand that marketing content is a real long-term investment and call on digital agencies to develop it. We support you with your in-house marketing strategy by creating optimized quality content. Contact us to talk about it.