Create A Lead Magnet: 8 Ideas for More Customer Contacts

By Mike Reiss- Jun 25, 2022 236

Do you want to turn more prospects into real customers? Do you want to communicate a lot with little effort? But you don’t know how to persuade potential customers to give up their data? Then you must work on the "lead magnet". In this article, we want to explain to you exactly what lead magnets are, why you should include them in your online marketing strategy, and what a good lead magnet might look like.


Lead magnet: definition

The attention of your potential customers is very limited. Because of advertising, cheap offers, and discount campaigns, it's hard for companies to come up with attractive marketing campaigns. The so-called lead magnets should prevent this. These are attractive, free products that interested parties receive in exchange for their contact details. Usually, this is after asking for the name and email address. Free products, called freebies, can look very different. Digital products such as e-books, analog products such as paperbacks, or even voucher codes - have different options depending on the segment and target group. Now we want to explain to you how you can create attractive lead magnets and what their advantages are.


The Importance of Lead Magnets in Online Marketing

Lead magnets do not help you gather more contacts from potential customers. These help you find which funnel to match in a particular font. By assigning contacts to specific funnels ("Sales Funnels"), you can address the interested parties more specifically and confront them with appropriate offers or products. The more you know about prospects, the better you can align your sales process with them.


Thus it is relevant that you know your target group, address their needs and wants, and solve their problems. Lead magnets only open the door at this point - the real offers for your potential customers come when you can check them more intensively and filter out their pain points. So don’t expect to bring the first customer with the first email address. The real work has just begun.


Make a lead magnet: What should it look like?

As already mentioned, to turn into potential real customers you need to try to build trust and intimacy with attractive lead magnets. So they need to be attractive and engaging enough so that users trust you with their contact details. In return, they hope that Freebie will be really valuable. And this brings us the main advantages of a lead magnet: 

      Must have lead magnets

      Be relevant to your target audience.

      Have a direct relationship with your company and your product or service.

      Offer a recognized valid value.

      There are immediate benefits

      Will be placed in the right place.


Create lead magnets: 8 ideas for more customer contacts

So that you now know exactly how to make attractive lead magnets, we would like to list concrete examples and work motivation examples for you. Also, we would like to give you more instructions so that you can make full use of your lead magnet.


1. Voucher And Discount Codes

One of the best incentives for customer data exchange is vouchers and discount campaigns. The fall in prices is the reason for many to buy immediately. But, this incentive assumes that interested parties have a fundamental interest in your product, otherwise they will not be able to do anything with the voucher code. So if potential customers register on the contact form, you can be sure that you have a serious interest in the products. So, you should think carefully about whether you want to offer general discounts on all products or whether you want to use voucher codes for selected products.


2. Free Shipping

Even with free shipping of your product as a lead magnet, you assume that your potential customers are very interested. But, this information is often due to the fact that some interested parties have been fighting each other for a long time. Higher shipping fees mean the order process is canceled and no purchases are made in the end. Thus, try to draw attention to the fact that the shipping cost will not be taken at an early stage and definitely on your website. In small quantities, you can avoid losing business through free shipping by setting a minimum quantity or minimum order value.


3. Giveaways

With the gift, you will have the opportunity to get the contact details of the interested party with less commitment. Free gifts often inspire more people to publish their data, because they directly benefit without too much effort. Suitable as various product gifts. Promotional items such as office supplies, bags, coffee mugs, or sweets and drinks - are just some of the key features and key references to your company.


4. Webinars, E-books, White Papers, And Templates

E-books, whitepapers, PDF templates, checklists, and other information documents offer real professional added value. Webinars are very interesting for many interested groups to gain expert knowledge in specific areas. Because here, in exchange for their information, they get exclusive content that would not normally be freely accessible. With this, you go ahead and show the customer that you should test your skills before determining the payment product. It builds trust and strengthens customer loyalty.


5. Tests, Quizzes, And Competitions

Tests, quizzes, and competitions are especially successful as lead magnets. Many want to test their knowledge or find out what kind they are. Tests and quizzes can create the perfect incentive here to get individual results in exchange for customer data. If you also attract value for participation, you can safely assume that some interested parties will be happy to disclose their information.


6. Put Emphasis On A High-quality Presentation

It doesn’t matter what type of lead magnet you choose - your website should have a free high-quality presentation and a popup button or teaser is a basic requirement. Be sure to show the value and do not take the lead magnet look "cheap". Because these are often the reasons for being a potential customer. You want to convey this incentive and do not be afraid. Attractive colors, an attractive design, a flawless download, and avoiding technical errors should be the focus here.


7. Convince With Words

If you are pointing your lead magnet, make sure you are persuaded about it. Interesting and meaningful titles, teaser text, and CTA will make you more interested. So pay special attention to your words and be very precise. Explain exactly what your prospects got and also say what they would otherwise miss. The more direct and precise, the more credible.


8. Offer A Foretaste

“Antiatering” is a successful way to entice potential customers with their contact details. For example, you can display the first chapter of your recent book and thus predict more content. If the chapter is written in an interesting way and already announces more exciting content, it is a reason to read the whole book and publish the data.