Create Effective SEM Campaigns for Your Ecommerce Business

By Mike Reiss- Sep 28, 2022 182

There seems to be no end to e-commerce and now SEM is more important for e-commerce. In recent times, online stores have been at the forefront of their progressive growth. This is thanks to the coronavirus epidemic and imprisonment. More and more companies want to join this trend which continues to be profitable.


The truth is that not all companies that sell their products and services through e-commerce can be pink. Today the competition in this sector is very strong and that is why it is important to differentiate yourself to get a good position. SEO plays a central role in this regard, but SEMO for eCommerce.


The number of sales will determine the success of a company. Achieving good marks requires having a specific strategy that makes the goal easier to understand. The most recommended thing is not just to use a strategy, but something like email marketing, social networking, and SEO positioning.


All these methods or strategies are important and even necessary, but their results are usually available in the long or medium term. To drive fast traffic in the digital space, eCommerce SEM search advertising is the best option.


SEM in Digital Marketing Strategies


SEM actions for e-commerce or search engine marketing are all practices done through a website to achieve maximum visibility through search engine advertising promotion. SEM is the results that are provided on various platforms or search engines such as Google or Yahoo.


The difference between SEO and SEM


SEO builds everything based on the organic position of the content, SEO is based on the given position of the content. Items that are paid for contain the words "sponsored" or "advertising" in very small letters. On the other hand, organic search results have nothing to indicate and are usually at the bottom of a given ad.


The more clicks a link receives, the more money the company has to make. You don't pay for it every time it appears, you pay for it when you click it. In SEO you don't have to pay any kind of balance to find pages or online stores. But, this does not mean that it is cheap because there is a lot of work behind it.


Advantages of SEM advertising in search engines


There are several points where online advertising offers many advantages and among them are the following:


  1. Segmentation

And more that doesn’t always mean something good or like that. An SEM campaign for e-commerce provides a good number of visitors and more importantly departmental traffic. This is a specific ad for a specific search or demand. People who usually enter these links are willing to buy.


  1. Ease of launch and administration

Launching an SEM campaign for e-commerce doesn’t take too long and is very useful because it allows you to change at any time until you set goals.


  1. Total control

Investing in an SEM campaign for e-commerce means knowing where each dollar will be invested. The advertiser is the person who will determine the amount of use. Similarly, you can learn data and metrics about how campaigns work.


How to create an effective SEM campaign for eCommerce


One positive aspect of SEM campaigns for eCommerce is that they deliver good results. The most complicated thing about it is not to make it, but to know how to handle it in the best way once it is launched. Some steps can be considered to create a successful campaign such as:


  1. Define the keyword strategy or Keywords

Google AdWords lets you create a complete list of keywords where you need to add all the relevant terms for each type of search. These lists can be broken down using matching options so that Google can display ads in the order of search terms.


  1. Use ad groups

Ads should be grouped according to terms related to a specific semantic area. The more ad groups that are created, the better the effectiveness of the campaign. At the moment, it is advisable to create different types of group ads so that you know which ones will work better and which ones will not.


  1. Be creative: SEM for eCommerce

The space where ads and headlines can be described is very limited. For this reason, you need to be quite creative with the words and phrases you are going to use. Above all, it is advisable to use one that creates maximum attraction and is attractive to people or targets.


  1. The links: a very particular detail

This is usually the most common error in SEM campaigns for eCommerce. The ad link must be related to a page that matches the keyword. In other words, if a user is looking for an electronic item, the ad should be sent to a place where they can find it and not on the manufacturer's home page.


  1. Know your customers well: SEM for eCommerce

All companies have an ideal customer in mind and it is important to create valuable content for these individuals. Knowing how customers search the Internet gives a clear vision of how a digital space should be optimized. If you don’t spend time analyzing the possibilities, you can create content for the wrong people.


  1. Compete and follow their movements

After creating an SEM campaign for e-commerce, the online competition must be analyzed. It is a way of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent.


  1. Run marketing campaigns again

This type of campaign is very useful because it allows you to show ads to users who have previously shown some interest in the account or brand. This is a new strategy in today's digital marketing world. Re-marketing is directed at advertisers who want to increase their sales by influencing potential customers again.


Another aspect of this strategy is that users themselves become customers of a brand. Through remarketing, you can build loyalty faster and more effectively.


  1. Set goals: SEM for eCommerce


At this point, a company’s marketing team must determine where they want to target if they want to sell more, generate more clicks or engagement. Among the most frequent purposes are:


      Make Sales.

      Increase traffic on the web.

      Consider products and brands.

      Promotion of an application.

      Increase engagement and visibility.

      Create brand awareness.

      Keywords and matching: SEM for eCommerce


To run a good SEM campaign for eCommerce, you need to know the three most commonly used types, such as search or keyword purchase. The display is advertising and shopping in the form of banners that show the stock of the product. In the search campaign, which is currently the most used, it is essential that the keywords have 5 types of agreements and they are:


      Broad Match: For example, if the term is purchased with a broad match, the ad will also appear in searches for American cars, German cars, or Italian cars.

      Modified broad match: The "+" sign is added when we purchase keywords. This is done so that Google understands that the ideas have to show yes or no in the ad.

      Phrase match: The quotes here are applied to Google to specify that the word purchased is typed by the user.

      Specific matches: parentheses are used here for the location of specific keywords. It is only used when the user searches for a previously purchased keyword, but it must match the written word.

      Negative matches: This allows you to filter all ads in the best way possible. This allows you to filter out searches that are believed to have no results or meaning.


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