Digital Marketing Companies: How To Choose Without Failure?

By Gretchen Clarke- Apr 27, 2023 107

The environment around companies has changed significantly due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection. The digital shift is progressing simultaneously in all businesses. We are entering an era where companies cannot survive without implementing digital marketing using technology. However, it is difficult to promote digital marketing with only in-house resources. And the use of subsidiaries will be essential. 

This time, we will present the types of support agencies you should know about implementing digital marketing and how to choose without fail.

Please take a moment to read this information as it will help you in your future digital marketing efforts.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a term that refers to all marketing methods that use digital technology.

Digital marketing covers a wide range of areas including website operations, web advertising, email marketing, influencer marketing, app marketing, and tool usage.


Digital marketing has become an essential tool for any business today.

The above measures are not impossible to do indoors and outdoors. But there are so many types of digital marketing, and the skills and knowledge required are so varied that companies don't have excellent marketing staff or specialized departments. It will be difficult to manage as long as possible. 

For this reason, the support of a digital marketing support company with extensive knowledge and know-how is essential. 

Depending on the support company, they will provide proper advice as a third party. Hence it will be an important presence in the company's digital marketing campaign.


Choosing the right support company is important.

As mentioned above, there are different types of digital marketing, but the types and characteristics of support agencies also differ.

Before using a support agency, clear your company's problems and for what purpose you want to practice digital marketing. It would be better to clean it up

By doing this, are you trying to do digital marketing in your company? What and where do you request? 

First, after clearing the above, let's look for a support agency that can solve your company's problems by referring to the types of digital marketing support agencies introduced in the next chapter.


Types of digital marketing support companies

The types of digital marketing support companies are organized into the following four types. 

      Support company strong in BtoC marketing

      Support Company strong in BtoB marketing

      Support company strong in web production

      Support company strong in customer attraction measures 

From here, we will explain the characteristics of each supporting company one by one.


Support company strong in BtoC marketing

BtoC is an acronym for "business to consumer" and refers to businesses targeting general consumers. 

Characteristics of BtoC include a large number of leads, short lead times, and instances where engagement leads to a purchase. 

In BtoC, it is important to understand consumer buying behaviour and implement marketing measures. From content marketing to influencer marketing, there are various marketing know-how and how-tos.


Support company strong in BtoB marketing

When dealing with BtoB marketing, it is important to understand that the characteristics differ from BtoC marketing.

In BtoC, "buyer = user" is basically the case, but in BtoB, in most cases, buyer and user are different.

In addition, the number of people involved in the introduction of products and services varies greatly, so the decision-making time tends to be much longer than in BtoC. 

In this article (What is BtoB Marketing?), to promote B2B marketing, the selling style must be shifted from the traditional "sales-led type" to a "marketing-led type" where marketing attracts, nurtures, and selects. Potential customers. This needs to be changed.  

For that purpose the use of digital tools is essential. When choosing a support company strong in BtoB marketing, an important selection point is not only the support for BtoB marketing systems and processes and systems creation but also whether they are proficient in managing such digital tools.


Support company strong in web production

A web production company is a company that produces all kinds of web-related products. Like website building and web application development. 

Depending on the size of the company, there are companies that offer a wide range of support. From creating corporate sites and service sites to creating LPs and banners, EC sites, recruitment sites, and owned media. 

Web production companies can vary in terms of design and planning capabilities depending on the support company. So it is important to check the support record, service material, sample material, etc. in advance to get the image of the company.


A support company that is strong in attracting customers

Examples of measures to attract customers digitally include SEO and listing advertisements.

A support organization that will be strong in attracting customers is a company that knows how to attract customers on the web. 

In SEO too, there are many companies that help and specialize in creating strong content against SEO measures. And this is the feature they excel in general web marketing. 

Since there are many methods of web marketing, it is necessary to conduct appropriate marketing according to the latest trends and market changes.


How to choose a digital marketing support company to avoid failure

If you try to do digital marketing in the dark, you will be stuck without knowing where to start and there are many areas where video marketing, influencer marketing, etc. are popular right now, so you will jump in and fail.

First, clarify the purpose of working with digital marketing in your company and then select a support company.

In order not to fail in choosing a support company, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points.

      Confirm the company's support record and support in advance

      Create a proposal of your own

      Receive service materials and sample materials from prospective ordering parties in advance

      Compare the offers of at least two or more support companies


We will explain them one by one. 

1.     Check in advance of the company's support record and support case. If it is a consulting firm, it will publish examples of the type of companies it has supported so far on the company's website with many cases.

If there's a support organization you're interested in, it's best to check published cases beforehand.

Are your support cases on the same scale or industry as your company? It is recommended to check if you can get an image of the support. 

2.     Creating an internal proposal takes time. But by creating a Request for Proposal in advance, it will be easier for the digital marketing support company to understand for the first time what you want to implement in your company. If creating a proposal seems difficult, it is a good idea to clarify what kind of target digital marketing you want to implement. 

3.     Receive service materials and sample materials in advance from candidate ordering companies. While this is up to the support company, it's also important to let them show what the delivery will look like, such as production and sample reports.

If it is a consulting company, what is the content of the report, etc? If it is a web production company, is the design beautiful? It would be a good idea to check for any bugs.

Asking a support company is fine, but if there is a difference between the actual delivery and the requested content, it will take additional man-hours, so this is a point you want to check. 

4.     Receive proposals from at least two or more support companies and compare them.

As we have said that types of support organizations can be roughly divided into four categories, the "content" of support varies depending on the support organization.

It is important to receive proposals from at least two or more aid agencies and carefully compare them without making a decision based on just one proposal.

It is also important to determine whether the proposal is based on an understanding of your company's services and products.



So far, we have explained the types of digital marketing support companies and how to choose without fail. The key points are summarized below. 

      Understand the current situation of your company and why you are working on digital marketing. Clarify the purpose

      Types of digital marketing support companies are "Strong Support Company for BtoC Marketing", "Strong Support Company for BtoB Marketing", "Strong Support Company for Web Production", and "Strong Support for Customer Attracting System". 4 Types of "Company".

      Preparation is key to not failing in selecting a support company 

We hope this article serves as a reference when choosing a digital marketing support company. Thanks for reading to the end.