Earn Money Online: Best 5 Ways to Make Money on Instagram

By James Robert- May 23, 2022 260

Instagram is a social network that has conquered the world. The idea of ​​easily sharing pictures with friends has found a place in the routine of many. 

The success is so great that in less than 10 years the app has reached the milestone of 1 billion active users in 2018. The platform drew the attention of this huge number of viewers to the idea of ​​monetization and the search for entrepreneurs. Thus, some content creators become influencers, or digital influencers, using their reach and influence on platforms to make money. 

Over time, more ways to make money on Instagram became popular and the app adapted its use to become a source of income. 

Check out our article and find out how you can make money using your Instagram.


What does it take to use Instagram commercially?

There are many ways to monetize your profile on social networks. But, knowledge of the features provided by Instagram and the strategies to implement them is essential in every monetization concept. 

If you want to know how to optimize your social network and start using it commercially, consider becoming an expert on the platform. If you would like to take this study online, we recommend the Insta for Business course. It creates business accounts for your business through content strategies.


How many followers does it take to start making money on Instagram?

To start making money on Instagram, you need to have lots of visits and engagement on your profile. 

The number of followers to reach this goal may vary depending on the segment you work in. 

Influencers who have a huge following can earn up to thousands of dollars per post. But profiles with more than 5,000 followers and great engagement metrics can already start monetizing your content.


1. Work as an influencer and make sponsored posts

Influencers are those who have gained viewership and fame by creating content for social media. 

Basically, they are influencers who communicate directly with their audience and have a big impact on it. Some brands take advantage of this direct connection between influencers and followers. Through partnerships and advertising actions, they advertise with sponsored posts for their products or services. 

To answer your question about how to make money on Instagram using sponsored posts, we explain how the process works in a few steps: 

      After consulting with a company, create content for a sponsored post.

      Specify the brand or use a promotional link and include your hashtags.

      Share content with your followers.

      Accept combined values ​​for publication. 

Importantly, brands don’t just follow a huge number of followers. According to a survey, the relevance of your audience is most important for companies that want to advertise with influential people.


Finding brands to work with you

After better understanding the work of an influencer and counting thousands of followers, you need to find brands that want to work with your profile. 

A quick and easy way to do this is through marketing platforms and websites. Some of the best companies like Famenetspecialize in connecting brands with influencers. Although there are many options, registration can be a good strategy to increase the chances of closing a partnership. Each platform has its own contract and contract guidelines, but they have a great opportunity to expand your networking. 

Another option is to talk directly to the company related to your content department in search of a contract.

If your profile has a relevant amount of followers, maybe they will reach you first. 

Produced content can be placed directly on this business page. But usually, such publications are done on the influencer's own account. An important tip to maintain the trust and respect of your audience when creating these posts is to let them know that the content is being sponsored. 

To check out what other influencers are doing and look for content ideas, browse #public and get inspired.


Learn how much to charge as an influencer

Transactions can be done in different ways. Charging is the most common way to earn commissions or commissions from sales through trackable links. Rate and check the various formats to find out what is the most effective way to make money on Instagram with your profile. When you see a company willing to take your services, make sure they have received your metrics report and data. 

In this way, the companies will evaluate the results of the partnership. If it is convenient for the business, then new opportunities may arise for the sponsor position. A relevant piece of information for your discussion is that your page will not only provide access for the brand, but you will also create valuable content with your identity.


2. Join an affiliate program

Another way to make money on Instagram is to connect with a brand. This is a great option for those who don’t always want to be in the spotlight as influential. 

An affiliate’s activity is associated with generating traffic and sales to partner brands. Typically, a promotional code or a searchable link is used to earn commissions on purchases generated by the links you share. 

Since Instagram has banned the use of links on its platform, try working with only 1 brand in your bio. If the results are good returns as an affiliate, then creating sponsored ads with your links can be a great strategy to increase your revenue.


How to become an affiliate

To start practicing this activity, look for brands that offer and implement an approved program. 

Usually, their websites have a dedicated page called “Affiliates” or “Affiliate Program”. 

After its approval, think about strategies, create content and promote your partner, and ensure good revenue through commissions. 

You can now get started with our own affiliate program. Access and see the benefits of working with us.


3. Create a professional biography

Having a good biography makes all the difference, especially because in it you have the opportunity to insert direct links to your communication channels or to your page. 

You can, for example, include a direct link so that people can contact you on WhatsApp. To do this create it via a link generator. If you are unable to do this, you can contact us, we have a tool that does this for you. 

Now, to create a professional biography for you, it is best to use the tools designed for it. We recommend Apptuts.bio which helps you put multiple links on a single page and post that link on Instagram or other social media. 

You can even post a video, form, or Facebook pixel, it's worth using so you can engage people and show people who visit your profile what they can expect from you.


4. Sell Access to Your Close Friends

Close Friends is an Instagram feature that lets you share unique stories with a select group of profiles. Each person has the autonomy to add or remove followers from the list at any time. 

One strategy that individuals and influencers use to monetize their profiles is to charge a monthly, annual, or fixed fee so that their users can access this exclusive content.


5. Become a brand ambassador

Influencers who already have a well-established profile can become ambassadors for a brand. A partnership is established with a company that creates content related to its brand within a specified period of time. 

For this to happen, you need to have a profile with many followers and committed engagements. 

After all, companies willing to find an ambassador for their brand are looking for relevant results in the short and long term. 

A good strategy is to invest in a certain niche. If your profile focuses on a theme like travel, cooking, and marketing among many other options, then you can find a brand willing to provide a successful partnership. 

We hope our content has helped you find ways to monetize your Instagram. We want to bring only legitimate and profitable alternatives that can support your income or be fully operational. For more marketing tips and strategies you can join us. We will try our best to grow your business with solid planning.