Easy Tips: Increase Your Sales With E-Commerce

By Mike Reiss- Jan 30, 2023 84

E-commerce has exploded over the past decade and the epidemic has taken it even further at record speeds. In 2020, more than $861 billion was spent online with retailers, an increase of 44% from 2019. Globally, the e-commerce industry will reach 4.9 trillion by the end of this year. E-commerce generates 10% of all retail sales, with an expected annual growth rate of 15%.


Estimates show that there are more than 24 million e-commerce sites and there is high competition. But with the right strategies and a strong index growth marketing strategy, it can lead you to a variety of ways to build high-quality traffic to your online store, convert new visitors to customers, and achieve a solid online position for your brand.


No matter what type of product or service you sell, we've designed this guide to show you an easy way to market your business online.


The best strategy to increase e-commerce sales

To increase your sales this year, you need to develop some marketing actions that follow your business plan. Here are some tips that will help you in your daily life.


Conduct campaigns using Fameinfinity

Who doesn’t love to invent new brands in a reliable way? It's possible! By running advertising campaigns through a native advertising platform like Fameinfinity, you gain credibility from popular publications and bring your brand to a new audience.


With this system, you will be able to forward your potential customers and show them the original content without disturbing them. Everything will be done in a non-invasive way so that they can engage with your publication.


With Fameinfinity and its effective marketing campaigns, you will be much more successful. It is already in its DNA, a way to increase sales, always using different ingredients.


Build awareness of your brand

Creating brand awareness building is about letting people discover your business and recognize you again in the future. To do this effectively, post regularly through social media management, add organic content to paid promotions.


Every good e-commerce site should come up with a strong SEO strategy, so when consumers search for products or services, your content will appear on the first page of search engines.


Fameinfinity is starting an exhibition campaign. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and with all these strategies together, you will be ready to increase sales.


Build your email list


Trust it: Email is still a high-performance channel. According to a survey conducted in 2020, 59% of consumers still shop through email marketing. Part of the advice we offer is to create a marketing strategy to capture these new leads. Because that's where you get your customers' information.


Hashtag Digital Marketing Tip: Be sure to include an email capture form on your website and add one during the checkout process. Increase the subscription with something in return, such as a discount code, an e-book, free shipping, or other valuable offers.


Start with a few email campaigns each week, but check with Frequency to find the right balance between high open rates and low unsubscribe rates. Create a nice visual identity with relevant content so they can visit your e-commerce and find out what your brand has to offer.


Optimize your website for mobile


This is nothing new, but there are many brands that allow this detail to pass. In the UK, more than 61% of e-commerce sales are made through mobile devices. It is an inclusive tool that allows small retailers to achieve 30% higher mobile conversion rates than larger brands, which is why an optimized mobile experience is essential.


You need to have a responsive website so that it automatically adapts to different sized devices. Buttons are easily clickable, content is displayed correctly and scrolling is a breeze. Try simplifying the browsing, search, and checkout processes with autocomplete suggestions to improve the customer experience.


Collect testimonials and feedback


Positive testimonials about your brand are invaluable to Internet users who access your e-commerce. There are surveys that say testimonials and feedback can increase conversions by 270%, and most consumers say that reviews influence their decisions.


Once you've finished creating the site, request a commercial review right after the checkout process and include a pop-up with a clickable star rating option to make the complimenting experience more enjoyable without being forced.


For e-commerce product reviews, email customers if they have enough time to make their purchase. Encourage participation with a discount offer, but make sure the customer understands that you are asking for an authentic testimonial, not a purchase.


Also, check if users have commented on third-party sites like TrustPilot or even complain here and highlight them (positive) on your site.


Create Social Media Campaigns


You can't wait to find customers through search engines, can you? Thus, it is essential for professional use of social media management that allows an active approach to your end customer.


Show your content in the feeds of your potential customers by promoting Facebook ads. Video ads have a high conversion rate - they surpass Facebook photo ads by 10-30% and are three times as busy on Instagram.


Instagram, in particular, has invested heavily in its e-commerce capabilities. Purchase posts generate 130 million likes per month. Try using all of the social network's available features: Your feed, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, IGTV, and Reels.


Most popular products on the market


It is not surprising that the best-rated products in your e-commerce are popular when selling. That way, we highlight them in the landing pages, in the recommendations section, and in other contacts. You will sell more of them, especially when you show all the positive testimonials that other customers have reported.


Continue to encourage shopping and create a sense of urgency and deprivation using an e-commerce pop-up notification system that warns visitors about what other customers are shopping in your store.


Uncompleted Sales Remarketing

Most users abandon 70% of e-commerce shopping carts, leaving companies with less than $18 billion annually. There may be an idea to recover some sales from users whose emails have not been converted for canceled carts.


Make redirect or retargeting campaigns part of your core generation strategy. Use these promotions in social media management to show ads to viewers who have seen the product but have not purchased it. Even if it doesn't lead to direct purchase, you will at least increase brand recognition.


Run Promotions


Who doesn't like publicity, right? A promotion or free bonus in e-commerce can be largely responsible for opening an impulse purchase. Once you have a visitor to your site, the best way to help them drive sales is to offer them attractive prices. And, the best way to buy them at that time is to make them available for a limited time only


Now tell us: what kind of promotion would best compliment the products you want to sell through your e-commerce?


Buy one, get the other - for the high-volume items that people often buy one by one. This promotion is also great for overstocking or cleaning up last year’s models or styles that need to make room for new parts.


Free Shipping - While shipping costs aren't always free on your website, providing free shipping can be a great promotional option. Similarly, if the customer has purchased a certain amount or more, you can set up free shipping to be effective.


Free Gifts - With every purchase a free gift can be a fun way to add some more connection between your brand and your customers. It could be a simple trinket with their logo or a little surprise from the catalog that complements the item they are buying.


Sale Price - You can't beat the old standby. Putting a "20% discount" next to the reduced price of just one item can often be what it takes to sell.


The key to good e-commerce promotion is to see through your audience: would anyone consider buying this item worthwhile? This is a question you should always ask yourself. He is the key to success!


Improve conversion rate through A/B testing


 A / B testing gives you a way to improve your website and create a better overall shopping experience, which in turn increases sales. You can check A / B product photos, titles, CTA copy, and button design, product copy, page layout, promotion, and much more.


Check only one item at a time, create two variations and send traffic for both. With Google Analytics or similar tools, it is possible to determine which changes lead to optimal conversion metrics, such as CTR, email opt-in, or sales.


Want to know more tips?


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