Email Marketing Tactics: Convert Subscribers Into Customers

By Gretchen Clarke- Dec 22, 2022 131

Despite the increasing diversity of digital communication channels and internet marketing strategies, every successful entrepreneur will ensure that email is one of the most effective marketing tools. 

It is widely used in e-commerce for direct sales, customer retention, and increasing existing customer loyalty. 

Email marketing is known for its high return on investment, and with nearly 4 billion active email users, this strategy provides a large potential audience who might potentially be interested in getting your newsletter. 

Sending emails requires a comprehensive approach. 

Everything is important here, from the moment the newsletter is sent to the devices on which it can be opened. 

Some marketers believe that an email is an art form, with complex plots, creative themes, and compelling ideas. This article explains how to create campaigns with relevant triggers to improve the performance of your email marketing strategy.


The subject line is essential

Even if you want to send informative emails with more useful content, it's not worth sending them with the wrong title or subject line. 

Use emotional words to provoke feedback from your customers. Depending on the type of message you are sending, you can try a more casual style. For example, you can add emojis or words that encourage the customer to open the message. 

People get lots of newsletters every day, so to open the message for them, the subject line must be interesting and eye-catching. 

Conciseness, plot, originality: This will force the customer to decide to open your newsletter. 

People hate the feeling of abandonment. Thus, phrases like "limited space" or "only today" will help arouse curiosity.


Personalizar emails

Personalization means incorporating and using customer information in campaigns (names, interests, important events) to differentiate yourself from competitors. 

For example, Amazon makes 35% of all its sales through personalized messages. 

But, personalization doesn't just mean adding customer names. We have to get out of this. The best thing is to apply a user segmentation strategy according to date of purchase, geography, or product type and provide unique and unique content to each customer.


You cannot neglect the design

Proper design can replace the physical shopping experience with something similar in the digital world. 

First, a person perceives the visual elements and only then chooses whether to continue reading the text. Newsletter layout, images, text formats, colors, readability on mobile devices - all determine the recipient's other activities. 

Images, infographics, and images are an integral part of email marketing campaign design. Well-chosen pictures help to express mood, emotion and define your copy style. However, it is important to be careful when adding images: image size, quality, and quantity also affect distributability.


These are the things you should consider first: 

1) Make sure all items are displayed correctly on all browsers and all devices;

2) You can't visually overload the message; This will increase the risk of being identified as spam;

3) Adapt messages for mobile devices.


Verify and review the final version of the message

The content of the email does not only affect the readers. 

Messages with errors and mistakes can be blocked by ESP. These newsletters are often sent directly to your spam or junk mail folder. 

Therefore, all aspects of your promotion should be reviewed. It's important to set the right tone and play with the emotions and feelings of your readers. But you also need to check the links, pictures, and grammar of the email, as all of these will affect the final results of the campaign. 

The help of a professional copywriter is especially helpful to ensure that the email is well written and does not give rise to suspicion. 

Find a freelancer with email marketing experience or an organization that specializes in creating marketing campaigns. 

Also, it is useful to follow the following rules: 

      You can't capitalize (it makes the message less readable) and don't put more than one exclamation mark in a line;

      Avoid using words that may generate suspicion of spam in a newsletter, such as "subscribe, or "free. "


Add compelling calls to action

The first look at the CTA (Call to Action) is essential because it enables the newsletter recipient to understand exactly what the sender wants from them. 

You should avoid hints, long and unorganized sentences, and vague formulas. 

Here are some key secrets on how to make a call to action work: 

      First-person call-to-action is most effective. In this case, the people themselves decide what to do: "I want to participate", "I want to ask", "I want to get the report".

      Explain to potential customers how they will benefit from a product or service in the most specific way possible.

      Call to action which provides better results by highlighting the benefits of a product/service.

      Use the fear of losing something important. The concept of scarcity (limited edition products, short-term promotions, temporary bonuses) accelerates the decision-making process.

      You need to add data, numbers, and guarantees to convince customers to click on your CTA.

      Customers who open the newsletter must first see Call to Action, so this element must be highlighted in the content of the message. Pay special attention to details: use contrasting colors, fonts, images; There is no single rule here, you just have to experiment with different options.

      Don't overload the newsletter with too many CTAs. This unnecessarily confuses users and prevents them from making quick and spontaneous purchases.


Why not send out congratulatory messages and thank you newsletters? 

      Holiday newsletters offer a unique opportunity to build a strong emotional connection with potential buyers. They help build trust, maintain loyalty, and increase customer engagement.

      Creating an email calendar for the next 12 months is useful for sending messages at the right time and not falling behind in the competition. You can add reminders to prepare special campaigns. Because if you forget to send a newsletter, you will miss a great opportunity to sell more or create more interaction with your customers.

      In the case of email marketing, the most relevant time for many industries is the end of the year, because many customers are going on vacation or spending more to buy gifts and travel packages.

      It is important to send a newsletter on these dates to ensure retention, a fundamental step in each client's life cycle. Also, it will significantly improve the brand image in the eyes of the buyers and increase the chances of further interaction.


Automated Email Marketing Campaign

It's no secret that ads based on user personal and behavioral characteristics are the most effective and with the highest ROI. 

Why not use email marketing automation tools and kill two birds with one stone? 

This allows companies to save time and labor, as well as sending thousands of subscribers personalized messages in a fraction of a second and schedule newsletters a few weeks in advance. 

Automation can be used successfully in email marketing to generate additional traffic, attract new customers through new promotions, make purchases and motivate them to build long-lasting relationships with customers. 

Sending a newsletter at the right time will make a difference in the results of a campaign

There is no doubt that the right time to send a newsletter is one of the most important parts of any email marketing campaign as it increases the chances of opening a message. 

Studies show that the best day to send emails is Tuesday, while the most efficient time would be from 20:00 to 24:00. 

But, each marketing campaign has its own characteristics. So it is important to check different days and times to determine the most effective time slot for customers. 

After discovering the best time to send your newsletter, the number of views and clicks will increase, especially if you send a message when there are few other emails for subscribers to read. 

Another option is to offer free products or services

We all like to win something, especially without too much hard work. 

Depending on what you're selling, offering a free trial or demo version won't hurt your business. But it can easily convert customers into customers.


Small regular gifts increase conversion rates. 

Also, you should reward loyal customers. These people help to grow and promote their business by sharing positive comments about the products or services they provide. You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


Reactivate passive subscribers

Before sending a series of messages to inactive users, it's a good idea to try to investigate the issue and find out why they stopped communicating with your brand. Some customers may lose interest in the product, others may no longer need the service; This is normal for all businesses. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. " 

However, it is possible for these clients to recover them with a well-prepared email and exclusive content. You can offer them something useful (a gift or exclusive discount) to try to persuade them to contact your company again. 

Remember, sending fewer emails is better but regular. Because consistency and regularity are key elements of successful email marketing.