Evergreen Content: How To Exploit It In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

By James Robert- Nov 20, 2022 139

Do you work on content marketing, copywriting, SEO, or designing your digital marketing strategy? You've probably heard the word evergreen content before. 

Or someone told you that your site must have evergreen content. Today we want to explain to you what we mean when we talk about an evergreen article for a company blog or website. 

How can evergreen content help you target your product or service? But above all, how is evergreen content created and updated? 

Are you ready to learn and deepen your knowledge of evergreen marketing? Let's get started!


What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is a publication that deals with trending topics for a longer period of time or for a specific period of the year.


Evergreen content is web content - often optimized for online search engines - that is consistently relevant to a specific topic. It stays "fresh" for users who read it for an extended period of time, unlike any other standard web content.


Periodic updates on evergreen content data or dates are required.


We already know what you're thinking.


Do you think that, after all, all online content can be considered evergreen and therefore "evergreen"? After all, a blog does not disappear after publishing an article. Just update it with a current date.


In reality, evergreen content is different. Evergreen content tends to be relevant long after the release date. And the amount of web traffic increases over time.


Features of an Evergreen Item:

      It contains macro-topics (s) that are always present or searched

      It answers a simple, clear, and limited question

      It can be easily updated and updated


Why it is called "evergreen content"

Like an evergreen tree, in content marketing, evergreen content means an article, page, or blog post that uses sustainable and lasting ideas and strategies.


The evergreen tree retains its leaves throughout the season or at least does not lose them completely. Like trees, evergreen content is considered to be sustainable and long-lasting for the digital marketing of a company or brand.


Now you're thinking: OK, so it's true that all online content is sustainable! Articles and blog posts don't go away! But when we talk about an "indefinite" or "evergreen" blog article, we're referring to the subject matter.


What it contains is something that becomes relevant as soon as it is published. Because of this, the view increases over time.


Why You Should Create Evergreen Content

Where does the need for evergreen content for your digital marketing strategy come from? And why should an SEO copywriter consider such blog articles?


A big part of your content marketing strategy is tied to evergreen articles. These are content that is capable of tackling a problem through a method designed to never get old.


Evergreen content never goes out of style and, above all, never gets old. You are publishing something that has no fashion and no time. And users will continue to search for information on this subject over time.


We hope the biblical reference is clearer and more explanatory.


What you are doing is building a house on stone, not a house on sand. The information you share in an evergreen article is - roughly - always the same.


These are rarely modified or easily upgradable.


Here are some common evergreen layouts you might want to consider:


      Listicles - articles in the form of a list or ranking


      Illustrated content

      Product Reviews

      Video tutorial



Writing this type of web format will not automatically make your content evergreen or "evergreen". Undoubtedly, although I have been able to experiment with my work, such articles, posts, and content easily lend themselves to evergreen writing.


Much more than other formats. For example, instructional videos - so-called how-tos - that provide useful information, such as how to replace a part of a washing machine, have a longer lifespan than a less practical video.


What Evergreen Content is NOT

It is always best not to confuse evergreen content with this type of web content:


      News articles

      Numerical statistics or ratios that may change over time and become obsolete

      Details about a specific vacation, tour, or travel activity

      Articles focusing on a current trend or pop culture fad

      Clothing and fashion latest trends


Again, there are exceptions. We have personally experienced in some articles on my blog that despite working on pop or rather "temporary" topics, they generate traffic over time.


That's true. Evergreen content has no expiration date (probably). And ideally, they will maintain their value in the long run.


For example, any article on the US presidential election is not indefinite.


There will always be someone looking for information on this topic. Maybe in a certain way, because it requires certain information (probably of a chrono-historical nature).


But after a few months, the article will become obsolete. The post will be outclassed by many keywords and more targeted and updated content related to that topic. And the article could end up in Google's graveyard soon. No more web traffic.


How to make and update Evergreen Content

Now that you understand some of the key issues that characterize evergreen content, here's how to get your hands on it.


What might be missing from an evergreen article:

      Answer frequently asked questions of your users/customers

      Offer art tips, explanations, or "how-to" advice

      Explain general art concepts that may be confusing to readers


Ideas for creating evergreen content

Of course, it's important that you address evergreen topics that are relevant to what you do and the audience you talk to.


For example, if you sell office supplies, the relevant evergreen content might be "how to organize your desk" or "all kinds of fountain pens and how to use them".


If you want to lead the generation for your landscaping firm, a blog post about what kind of plants are best suited to the indoor climate will be valuable evergreen content.


The Evergreen Article Block

The problem with finding good evergreen ideas is that it is often assumed that the best topics for evergreen content are already covered. Maybe too much.




Didn't say enough!


No one can say enough about a subject. There will always be something for your competitors to add something better than what they are already doing, highlighting, sharing, and presenting to the public in a new light!


4 Tips & Tricks for Writing Evergreen Content

1.     Don't write for the experts

How many times have you thought: Now I am writing a technically complete article to show how experienced I am in this subject. If you want to write evergreen content that works, ignore your indomitable desire!


Writing a super-technical blog post can be a big mistake if you have an evergreen article in mind.


Because? An experienced person is less likely to seek help on the web. Your target audience is mostly new and wants to find content to help solve problems or retrieve information.


2.     Narrow your topic

If you write about a very broad subject, your part will be too long and it will probably lose the interest of the readers.


Common topics use short keywords or dry keywords. These types of keywords usually have high competition. Also, writing an article dedicated to a larger macro-topic is increasingly complex for a copywriter or blogger.


3.     Link one evergreen content to another

If you create a complete guide to a specific topic, for example, "Final Guide to Bike Care", divide the main topic into a few sub-topics or evergreen content.



This is a great SEO strategy - it allows readers to fulfill an informative search intent while driving to more relevant articles. This increases user time on your company's website or blog.


4.     Use facts or events to create new evergreen content

The best way to get inspired to create evergreen content is to tap into reality.


Always keep the pulse of the situation, constantly checking what people (even better, your goal) are happy to discuss. Both online and offline. From these discussions, related evergreen issues often come up. Why update Evergreen content

Very important!


Also, in order to highlight your content, you must make sure that they are up to date over time.


Even if you feel you don't have much work to do to update your evergreen content, there will always be new discoveries, new posts, or blog articles that you can link to and hyperlink with new developments in the topic.


Also, you should know that content updates and evergreen article publication dates help your site rank in search engines.


Many case studies show how updating evergreen content can increase the SEO ranking of your blog post or site.


Of course, after updating your evergreen content, let your social community know that you have important updates for them! Promote your refreshed article as if it were full of new unexpected information.


Why is it important to update your evergreen content? 

Very easy! Because if they remain obsolete and old, they will soon be outclassed by much more updated and new content. Which will satisfy your users' search intentions much better than you do.


Many companies create their blogs with quality evergreen content but are buried by publishing new blog articles. Go out of your way to refresh the evergreen posts so that they are immediately noticeable to new visitors.