Everything You Need to Know to Apply Digital Marketing in Your Business

By James Robert- Sep 24, 2022 90

Nowadays, it is impossible to think of starting a successful business without the internet. Until a few years ago it was still possible to benefit from conventional marketing strategies to gain fame and sales.  But that time has passed and from now on only those who have the knowledge and apply digital marketing strategies to their business will be able to continue growing. Okay, you may already feel that this digital marketing thing isn’t a joke, is it? 

So read this article carefully till the end to know everything you need about digital marketing and apply it in your own business.


What is digital marketing?

Well, in short, digital marketing consists of strategies that, if implemented, will create uniqueness, value, recognition, trust, and credibility for your business sales.


After all, in the end, what we want is to sell.


Don’t forget that in addition to the strategies we’re going to pass from now on, you must understand that if you want to gain credibility, the first step is to think about quality products or services.


But we continued. Every big company that is stuck in the progress and expansion of its business is bound to the Internet.




Simple, if you want to sell your product, you need to be where your potential customers are.


In the past, this was achieved by creating and storing advertisements in big city centers, shopping malls, and national networks.


Today it’s so much easier, you just have to be on the internet, because that’s where people are. Advances in technology have changed the way the market is managed.


All you need is a cell phone and that's it, you can search for whatever you want on the internet wherever you are. That's why everyone is adjusting their business. Never before has it been possible to show your brand to so many people in one place. Everyone wants a piece of their pie. And of course, competition exists.


The market is huge, but the sun is shining for everyone, there is no way. Everyone wants to win as many customers as possible, this is how it works. And they can do this by applying digital marketing strategies. Then let's move on.


Digital Marketing Strategies


  1. Social networks

This is by far the most widely used technique.


Every big brand has a profile, be it on Facebook or Instagram. And it's very simple, it follows exactly what we mentioned earlier, you have to be where your customers are.


All the people who like a particular brand want to follow it on social networks, find out what’s new, or stay in the promotion. And the interaction between the brand and the customer is much greater.


Companies are able to get much more accurate feedback than their customers. See what they're commenting on in the posts. In addition, the company itself can respond to comments that make more connections with people.


The power of social media is huge and many have no idea. If it is possible to apply what we have mentioned so far, the results of your business will already be incredible. But social networks still allow us to use paid advertising tools like Facebook ads and Instagram ads.


Have you heard about it?


These are the ads that appear on the pages you follow in your feed. These ads are very important to attract new customers. They replace old ads on national networks. And it only has the advantage of showing people who are potential customers, who are looking for what you want to offer.


That's great!




  1. Content Marketing

This is a very important strategy in digital marketing because it builds credibility and security for your customers to buy from you.


The most used medium for today is a video review.


But how?


You create a video showing your product in detail, the positive things and features that set it apart from the competition, and that’s it. People used to feel calm while shopping.


Content marketing is also what anyone wants to sell digital products. In that case, you will nurture your customers with knowledge.


Videos teach something they want to learn, something that will add value to their lives and thus build credibility and authority in the subject so that you can sell your product.


A very good platform for this is YouTube. Like Google, today when we have a question about a topic, we search YouTube and find explanatory videos. So, if you have something that answers your potential survey, he will find you and the chances of selling are very high. Another way is to use the YouTube ad tool to advertise at the beginning of the video if people can't find you.


This way you can reach a larger audience and also generate sales.


  1. Copywriting

All of the above strategies work very well. But you have a way to improve the way you communicate with people.


A persuasive communication that fascinates people and makes them want to buy from you. Copywriting techniques have this function and you must have been affected by it several times.


Uses persuasive communication to sell any ad. This is a strategy that is not exclusive to digital marketing, it has already been used for a long time.


But it’s still nice.


The use of texts to create feelings in people and to touch the unconscious became art for their developers. The main process of breaking objections and emotional triggers. You show your customer that he doesn't need to be afraid to buy from you, he can and should buy. Basically, you discover that your customer needs your product and doesn’t know it.


  1. Website/Blogs

Finally, we will show you how you can get more customers from a website or blog.


In the previous case where people searched on YouTube to solve the problem when searching on Google, people first found blogs and websites. So it's important to be present in Google searches as well.


If you avoid using this technique, you are leaving money on the table and it is useless.


Well, the good thing is that people here find you on their own and it's called organic traffic. This means you did not pay for those visitors. And in addition, when someone finds you on their own, you are classified as qualified traffic, where the chances of selling are much higher.


But not everything is perfect.


Surveys show that 90% of people who search Google click on one of the top five recommended sites on the first page. And that’s where the clever part comes in and needs more attention.


To be able to position yourself, you need to apply SEO strategies to your website. It takes some time, but it gives good results in the future.


Finally, like all previous platforms, Google offers paid advertising. With Google Ads, you can put your site first in the proposed results and also appear on partner sites on the platform. Unlike organic traffic, here you will get paid traffic. It generates low ROI (return on investment), but it is very important.