Finding New Customers: The Best 7 Online Marketing Strategies 2022

By Mike Reiss- May 08, 2022 189

In order for their business to survive and not lose out on the competition, every entrepreneur needs to find new customers. First, you need to understand how to find contacts to sell your services. After which commercial negotiations begin, which can be concluded through a temporary test of the service or an actual sale. Someone will try the product or service only once, others will discover the brand and follow it for the next few years (loyalty process). 

In all cases, the time spent searching for new customers should not be at the expense of other professions. Today, every entrepreneur can choose from a wide range of effective methods and tools. There are many options like job management, relationships with suppliers, etc., offline or in a digital environment. The first step in determining where to go and how much to spend is to set goals, objectives, and operational areas. 

Today, every entrepreneur can choose from a variety of methods and tools. All these are effective in offline or digital environments. In our day-to-day experience, through an ad hoc study, we have helped find new companies and service companies. And we serve people and much more. In general, each sector has its own characteristics and requires different communication strategies. This leads to potential customers. Experience has allowed us to identify an integrated approach. It then adapts to specific situations, allowing our customers to get important customers. 

Thus the company's transactions increase. Establishing goals, objectives, and operational areas is the first step in determining which direction to go. And how much to invest, the eye is always focused on ROI(return on investment). Because it’s not only important to gain customers, it’s also important to make it grow and be balanced.


Finding customers online: Internet marketing strategies 

Now there are many modern marketing strategies online. They will help you get requests from potential customers. All are known as internet marketing strategies. It is also important to remember some conventional marketing tools. But today we bring you a list of the best online marketing strategies. Although it may be too long to explain them all in one article, we have listed only six popular strategies.


1) Personal Branding And Digital Public Relations

The first strategy that comes to mind is personal branding, including online PR activities. The personal brand in this sense should be understood not only as of the promotion of the “individual”, but also the brand and thus the company. Entrepreneurs lead the brand through social channels, emails, and apps. However, partners and employees, partners and retailers can do personal branding. The offline promotion has limits and the unknown is valid. For which cool communication, long-term relationship healing, and ROI are difficult to measure. A reasonable solution for a highly structured organization with a team of dozens of people. 

The best part: low costs, huge potential audience 

The tough part: ROI is difficult to measure, reputation to build, you need many people who work in synergy


2) Affiliates Marketing On Portals, Sites, And Blogs 

For those who own a website or e-commerce, it is possible to invest in affiliate marketing. It is a promotion system where advertisements are given through brand portals and other sites or blogs through banners or links. In principle, whenever a user clicks on a banner or link, they come to the site for promotion and take a step (book a room, leave email, buy a product, etc.), earning an approved percentage. This is why all members of the program are encouraged to give the registered company maximum visibility. Market in the hands of a large group of platforms. But above all foreigners, where you have to register and participate at certain conditions and rates. Here the measurement of ROI is mathematical, on the other hand, the competition is high and intense. 

The best part: Ease of management, speed, worldwide distribution, measurable ROI 

The tough part: high competition, risk of damage to the image if links and banners are placed in the wrong contexts


3) Continuous Social Media Management (With Adv) 

Another solution to getting new customers in the digital world is social media. It is the continuous management of one or more social networks. Pay attention to the adjective “endless”. It is not enough to open a Facebook page or Instagram profile. Every social network that starts by publishing targeted posts should have at least one to at least two to a maximum of one or two days a week. And if we add ads (paid advertising) to normal management, then all is well. It is also true that not all customers are on social networks. There are serious difficulties in creating engagement in some business sectors. So it is better to evaluate carefully that there is no opportunity to be present on those social media or among others. In terms of cost, the considered budget is quite high. Because it must include a number of items, from social media manager activity to advertising costs. 

The best part: target audience, unlimited scope 

The tough part: costs incurred, delicate planning, at least 6 months of professional management required to see the first results


4) Display Advertising, From Banner To Pop Up 

Display advertising is different from authorized marketing for workplaces and tools. Although affiliate marketing is done through specific platforms and only on registered sites, display advertising can theoretically be done everywhere. Magazine and blog traffic is especially good. This is a person who offers "virtual space" where banners, videos, or other graphic elements can be displayed. And a good display advertising specialist, considering the cost per click, will be able to optimize the marketing campaign. This is only to show ads to genuinely interested or intentional users, the so-called "eligible users". 

Alternatively, the web agency in charge may take care of influencers, hiring bloggers and references, and managing space contracts for future periods. Any tracking system depends on the quality of the offer and can define ROI more accurately. 

The best part: low prices, almost unlimited number of channels, segmentation by interests and purchase intentions 

The tough part: complex research and mediation activities, ROI not always measurable


5) Influencer, Blogger, Youtuber Sponsorship

One of the latest ways to find new customers online is to find influencers, bloggers, and YouTubers. You can sponsor them with your own products and services. Also, you can apply an influencer marketing strategyto your business. This trend develops in the fashion sector and then spreads to travel, food, and other contexts. The company that sponsors an influential character gives them the opportunity to send a free product or take their experience into the eyes of the community around them. Just a product review, relevant links in the video description that point to the company's e-commerce or business website. The effectiveness, in this case, is directly proportional to the influential fans. The breadth and continuity of the audience following Blogger, YouTuber, etc. are among the more complex campaigns ranging from zero to a few thousand euros for classic exchanges where videos and articles are created over time. 

The best part: Very specific and loyal audience, excellent brand identity potential, influential and the ability to reach the entire campaign to its marketing channel. 

The tough part: ROI is difficult to calculate, sometimes very high costs for the most famous influencers, limited visibility over time


6) Viral Marketing On YouTube, Facebook, And Instagram


How many times have you thought you could create that famous YouTube video and get millions of views? Indeed, in the age of the Internet, great technical skills are not required, all that is required is to have a good idea. Like viruses, video and viral content spread at the speed of light. It could transform into a world-famous star like a complete stranger. This is true for people but it is also true for companies. Always looking for new viral content through which to attract potential customers to the audience. It is clear that the possibility of making such videos increases with the fire potential of the business. So companies and firms that are already strong on social media have a better chance of overcoming their million view barrier. But it is also true that the Internet is a democratic tool. It is able to reward recent arrivals equally without a special follow-up. 

The best part: Low cost, great marketing potential. 

The tough part: Extensive competition, qualifications, and innovative requirements 

After reading this article you realized that a single strategy often goes downhill. If we want to find the right customer, we must create an integrated action plan. If necessary, we need to focus on search marketing and support solutions. We at FameNet -the leading influencer marketing platformhave created an exclusive service from many perspectives. We are dedicated to professionals and companies who want to serve and find new customers. We can help you without spending a fortune and with the possibility of monitoring the results and spending the budget with complete accuracy.