Here Are 3 Common Reasons You Can Be Banned from Twitch

By James Robert- Jul 05, 2022 187

Banning Twitch is now one of the most common disadvantages faced by all content creators and streamers. Twitch has established itself as one of the most important live streaming video games in the world. Today it competes with YouTube as a major entertainment social network. 

Trends suggest that the video game market will continue to grow over time. For this reason, if you want to gain visibility and engagement while competing in the world of streamers, it is important to have a presence on the Twitch social network. 

It is very important to know every guideline of the Amazon company from head to toe to achieve on this platform. Millions of people use Twitch streaming services on a daily basis. Thus, the platform needs to have a foundation to avoid being approved.


What are the consequences of being banned on Twitch? 

The simple meaning of the word prohibition is "banned" which means "forbidden" in English. This is defined as the act of blocking or blocking an online server, for example, video games. This affects the computer's IP and is usually associated with a breach of company guidelines, in this case, Twitch. 

Whether the so-called ban can be permanent or temporary depends on the type of fault the streamer has committed in its transmission. Whether a platform decides to ban a particular account can determine its intensity and responsiveness. 

What is clear is that the consequences can be dire. Sometimes they can ban an account for a certain period of time. In the worst case, profile removal can be permanent, with a lot of work and effort down the drain.


Twitch's dominance in the market 

Twitch is one of the most important platforms for video game streaming today. This is why the Twitch ban is the order of the day and more and more accounts or people are concerned about not breaking the rules and creating content suitable for all visitors. 

In fact, Twitch's success has made it an alternative to YouTube, especially in the world of video games. Although there are some who prefer YouTube for its broadcasts because it has some more useful functions than its competitors. Lately, Twitch has worried many users about complying with the ban. 

It should be noted that Twitch presented 17 billion hours of viewing on its platform in 2020. And it is the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the sustainability of people in their homes that has further increased the use of these entertainment platforms. That’s right, Twitch’s use has increased by 84% compared to 2019. 

These are just a few of the numbers that indicate that despite the increased use of the platform, Twitch has a few more restrictions. Now there are many users who want to know the brand bought by Amazon in 2014 to get the most out of it and avoid losing their followers, their content, and their online reputation.


Causes that forced Twitch to increase its restrictions 

For some time, the streamer platform has decided to take a firm stand against their policy violators, and the ban on Twitch has spread to many accounts. Originally, this rigor of policy began with the use of music, including copyright, on various live shows. After the first warning about this, many users have ignored this decision. 

The Amazon brand has now shocked many users who are breaking the rules by banning Twitch. And that means the rules have been updated to avoid incitement to hatred and harassment, regardless of whether you are a streamer, content creator, or user. 

The way some streamers have reached out to the general public or commented on different people is being closely monitored by Twitch. Even messages received in the chat are studied to see if they break the rules. For this reason, many now suggest using vowels and vocabulary and being very aware of what has been written.


The 3 most common reasons for a Twitch ban 

There are several reasons why you can get banned on Twitch. But the following are some of the main reasons that are divided into three general categories: hate speech, sexual harassment, and general harassment.


  1. Incitement to hatred 

In the case of other social networks, for example, insults and strong vocabulary may be banned, especially after the new rules. They will start reviewing and monitoring all the contents of an account. And, if anything objectionable is found, they will proceed to send a warning or delete the account. 

Avoid all comments about racial discrimination, xenophobia, religion, and sexual preferences. Whether it was done intentionally or unintentionally, they will be reviewed and there is no doubt about the consequences.


Other reasons related to hate speech are: 

      Discriminatory insults are used in general or against certain individuals. Other words that violate this policy will be permitted, but will not be used as a sign of affection or pride. Some musical instruments are exceptions to the rule of insult unless the song incites hatred and the content is not discriminatory.

      Promoting, glorifying, threatening, or inciting any kind of violence. Promote physical harm to people or groups of people due to their protective properties due to age, real estate destruction, etc.

      Posting, uploading, or using malicious symbols with Nazi images.

      Memos, speeches, or combinations of emoticons that promote inhumanity or perpetuate negative stereotypes.

      Content that reveals that a person with special qualities is considered inferior to other people. Physical, mental, or moral deficiencies apply here.

      Making fun of an event and its victim or denying that crimes occurred in well-documented events. For example, the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers.

      Content that makes unfounded arguments towards protected groups or that seeks to instill fear for health and safety reasons.


  1. Sexual Harassment: the ban on Twitch 

Uses any type of content that incites sexual hatred or prohibits anyone of either sex. And, like almost all social platforms, such content is banned. The most frequent are:


      Make unsolicited comments about your sexual organs or your sexual practice in general.

      Making unequal sexual progress about other people.

      Making repetitive comments is a crime of sexual harassment.

      Making derogatory remarks about a person's morality.

      Gives abusive opinions about a person's physical or sexual orientation.

      Try to encourage others to give sexual content or favors through threats, bribes, or extortion.

      Share nude or sexually explicit files, pictures, videos, or files.

      Threatening or posting another person's sexual content on the platform is prohibited.


  1. Ban on Twitch for harassment or bullying


Twitch restrictions are related to sharing certain content or violating certain rules. The truth is that for a brand, content creators should be seen as individuals who send some favorable value to society and role models to many. 

If you have a large following, you should have a higher level of professionalism and respect as you shift your responsibilities. One of the best ways to avoid being banned from Twitch is to show respect to the community. Regarding harassment, the following are prohibited:


      Other people want to be harmed or killed.

      Pride, support, or permission to express past or present traumatic experiences.

      Create an underlying threat to others.

      Conducting personal attacks on others.

      Share negative artistic or manipulated content to tarnish a person's image.

      Provoking followers to harass another person. Whether the person is on the Twitch platform applies.

      It is forbidden to contact any other company to cause any harm to the person.

      Intentionally and unauthorizedly attacking someone in a broadcast game. This includes using someone else's stream and blocking streaming in multiplayer video games.

      To follow a person.

      Create a dedicated account for harassment in the name of threats to a specific group or sector.


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