How do Influencers Start a Marketing Strategy with Their Skills?

By Gretchen Clarke- Mar 16, 2023 116

The start of influencer marketing was in the digital environment in 2010. The blog format has been growing since 2005, but it hasn’t felt strong since about 5 years ago. Once influential profiles are created in a digital environment, effective marketing with social networks increases.


Under this foundation, the influential sectors were introduced through blogs, and later through platforms like MySpace. In general, with the first channels where content can be posted on the web and users can respond in an easy way.


Today, from our perspective, the most powerful social networks are Instagram and YouTube, because they are the most visited and where you can find the most influential people for your brand.


What is an influencer?

A person who stands out in social networks in which he has created a community, expresses his opinions or promotes products, and exerts great influence among the people who know him.


What is influencer marketing used for?


Everything like for


     Product or service launches.

     For events.

     Attract new customers.

     Loyalty customers.

     Gain followers through social networks.


Word of mouth is always one of the most effective marketing methods. As this idea shifts to the digital age, impact marketing is born. It is based on the same strategy where there are influential people who have many followers who spend most of their time aware of their network or have a community, thus helping to promote their brand and grow it.


Benefits of using influencer marketing

Gives more confidence. Consumers trust people more than brands, in fact, it is said that 78% of Europeans trust recommendations from people they know, and 60% trust people they know. Recommendations from reviews posted by online influencers.


They have convincing power

Influential people, as we mentioned earlier, have a community where they have a wide influence. Because they are people who attract a fairly large audience. Since they are accessible people with whom you can communicate directly via message or comment, everything is simple and reliable.


Content creation

There’s a bit of a mix of all sorts of influencers, fashion, restaurants, beauty, sports, and sometimes everything. In this way, they conduct a comprehensive investigation of the people who follow them and thus create content based on the user’s preferences, in some cases influencing the brand much more than purchasing.


How to start a marketing strategy with influencers?

The first thing is to start with the right plan and organization, so we need to look for influential people who are most relevant to our brand. We can do this search with hashtags or keywords.


Once we find influential people who want to be part of our brand, we need to bring them in to promote and promote their products or services.


Good results are also achieved by inviting influential people to events, webinars, or exhibitions organized by us.


Influencers' actions that should be carried out

Once influencers are identified, whose followers are like the brand's target audience, the influencer is asked to do something, such as:


1.    Mention the brand or product

Influencers mention the brand in their publications so that it creates recollection and interest.


2.    Interaction with the brand or product

Influential people use something related to a product or brand to create interest in their followers.


3.    Experience with the brand or product

The influencer shares his experience with the brand or service, with the aim of verifying it and giving it credibility. So, its followers, fans, or users depending on the brand that influencers give it.


4.    Brand or product recommendation

Influencers publicly recommend direct products or services, attaching all of their credibility as brand influencers. This implies a greater responsibility of the influencer towards the brand.


Once an agreement has been reached with the influencer, a publication schedule with detailed steps should be created. Which must be confirmed by email for a contract, or a commitment to the provision of services. Thus, a formal commitment is made between both parties, brands, and influencers.


How do you measure the productivity of Influence Marketing?

To have Influencer marketing, it is necessary to determine what factors will be measured to determine the success or failure of this strategy. We need to have a plan with measurable and achievable objectives that will help us in two possible situations: least achievable and most achievable. Considering the minimum that a brand should achieve based on the estimated average reach per influential publication.


Indicators to be considered for Influence Marketing.


It indicates how many people or users we can influence, and who will receive a message from the influencer that will create the stimulus needed to achieve sales and conversions. Opportunities need to be estimated to justify advertising investment among influential people.


Cost per thousand

This factor is not often overlooked by brands, but it is important that brands have a reference to cost per thousand. Thus, it measures the efficiency of the influencers compared to their normal cost. These costs can be deducted from your regular investment in the platform you want to influence.


Engagement and Relevance

It’s important to be clear about what percentage of the brand is influential. Likewise, your followers do not like, comment, or share how they respond to your posts. The brand needs to know about the quality of the content published by the influencer and its relevance with other influencers. This way you will be able to determine the average index and the value of the influencer in your community.


Thus, it is not enough to communicate with the publication, but what kind of interaction has been achieved. Well, if the interaction is about a product or service, it is more valuable than the condition of the influencer.


Price and Budget to hire an influencers

Before starting with this point, it is important to know our budget because most influential people want financial rewards. Although there are others who do it because of friendship or because of the exchange with the brand, which would be an exchange method. This is why we must be clear that the investment is determined by the number of followers, reach, and engagement that influencers achieve through their publications.


A deal with an influencer under exclusivity can be just as expensive as a marketing campaign. For this reason, a reference cost cannot be paid, but the first contract can always be open or uncertain. Thus, after measuring the results, you will get a clear idea about the value of the influencer of the determined brand.


Measure the Results of the Influencer Marketing Campaign

As a final step in completing a good impact strategy, influencers need to be measured or asked for all indicators of the steps they have taken. For this, the influencer must act responsibly and provide transparent data. That way, the brand’s things will be clear and they will be able to see their return on investment. Although it is clear that this efficiency factor must be considered in time, ideally it should be within 30 days of each month. May be up to 30 days after the first step.


Conclusion on Influencer Marketing

Campaigns with influencers can be a quick way to introduce our brand to channels where we didn't have much presence. We must remember that the most important thing in campaigning with influencers is to create sales and conversions. Brands are out of the value that can be created as a result of activity within an influential community.


Impact marketing is guerrilla marketing that often does not have a stable index. Because it will depend on the judgment of the influential selection and the treatment done with it. It makes no difference to a successful social media strategy with a Facebook ad campaign or community manager. The results are often situational at the moment the trend is affected.