How Old Content Affects SEO: Keys to Identify It

By James Robert- Aug 18, 2022 135

Older content is very important in SEO because the organic position of a website or a page is basically based on it. Having the best up-to-date and interesting content is the key to attracting people and getting good visibility. After entering the Core Web Vitals stage, it is essential to update the highest quality themes on your site. 

User experience is one of the most important aspects of SEO positioning and content plays a key role there as well. For this reason, old, outdated content is often like an anchor on a page or website that doesn’t let you move forward. One of the things that the marketing team is most surprised about today is what to do with content that has been on the platform for a long time. 

Everything will depend on the type of page or question. For example, a news website must have old content for users to search for historical information. However, such content should not be associated with new topics as it may be the opposite. For all these reasons the information may be completely outdated. 

Especially in the world of technology, it is very important to stay up-to-date and leave out other content which will no longer be relevant. In this case, it can be said that the news about a new Samsung phone has already become obsolete when a new phone comes out just a few months later. The key is to adapt to the speed of technology.


The SEO positioning in blogs 

On a company page or business blog, you need to understand that any content needs to be updated and not removed, but needs to be optimized or updated. One way to do this is to give it new content or information and move the keywords to the more current ones. 

If you plan to remove the content, beware of the 404 redirect instructions, and if there is more current content, use 101. It is possible that old content will compete with new content based on your keywords. This is very common to find and means that the old content was not analyzed in SEO before the new content was published. 

Similarly, there are times when old content has nothing to do with new content being published and can cause problems for the company. For example, conflicts may be presented about themes or statements made in the past.


Importance of optimizing old content for SEO

Creating content for a website or blog on a regular basis is key. Staying at the forefront of content is very important and a good strategy is to do it at least once a week. On the contrary, it does not allow you to forget content that already exists on the website and has been published for some time. It can be a very powerful source of leads and web traffic. 

One of the important points to keep in mind for SEO positioning content is that Google has already indexed them. With age, search engines value them and their URLs rank well. Don’t underestimate the old SEO content, as they can still be a source of many visits and engagements to the company’s website.


Other important points from the above content should be considered: 

      Updating old content is cheaper than creating new content from scratch.

      It is considered to be content that does not generate benefits but will be much more valuable and better realized if it is updated.

      If it contains information that seems outdated, you will now have relevant and interesting content for potential customers.

      This is a good strategy when you run out of new topics to post.

      Website SEO is current and up to date. 


How to improve older content on a website or blog 

Old SEO content can still be very important for the success of a digital site. So, that could be the key to keeping up to date. Knowing how to identify old content is a task that marketing teams need to perform frequently to find weaknesses or opportunities.


Steps to consider when identifying and updating content include:


  1. Analyze the content of the website or blog

Repeatedly verifying that there is any content that is old or outdated. Temporarily updating obsolete content and information will give the best results to SEO positioning. Good use of old elements is to know how to compare them to work on a new subject, which will give better visibility and engagement.


  1. Add more and new information: old content in SEO

To know which content needs to be updated, it is enough to know on what date it was published and what its internal content is. Next, you can change some aspects to make them more important. Time may discover something new about the subject already discussed and it is important to include it in the archive.


  1. Old content in SEO: visual content is also updated

A very important key is the pictures and videos of a website or blog. The key is to figure out how to get the best out of it. Images can be updated for more current, incorporate infographics with more recent numbers, or compare products or services with older data. The more content is added to understand the article, the better its effectiveness from an SEO point of view.


  1. Link building

You can take advantage of the fact that the blog or website has continued to grow and you can change the internal links of said old content. This will breathe new life into the content. The idea to augment old content in SEO is to take users from one place to another within the same blog.


  1. Identify the keywords and update them

Since an article or content is posted on a web page, the company's marketing strategy, search engines like Google, or the way of communication can change a lot. For that reason, it is important to adapt the old content to the new SEO positioning rules or procedures. Changing keywords is a complete extension of words that will give good results and increase the content among the most viewed topics.


  1. Correct errors

Another way to get good SEO positioning with old articles is to check if everything is right, such as spelling errors, unimportant data, old data, or even poor optimization for mobile devices. Keep in mind that these are the mediums by which more than 65% of people connect to websites or blogs.


Keys to identifying old content: conversion funnel 

Older content often becomes outdated and so its marketing function may become outdated. A good way to find out if any old content needs to be updated or updated is through the conversion funnel. This funnel wants to create new visitors, new conversions, and a community.


  1. Attract new visitors

Creating new content will make customers feel interesting if current and interesting topics are handled. Older SEO content may be outdated and out of sight. This is a very effective way to identify which content needs to be updated or optimized.


  1. Increasing conversions

Older SEO content can have moments of pride that affect the purchasing intent of many users or customers. If these materials are not currently leading people to purchase or convert, it is possible that they are in contact with content that needs to be replaced or updated immediately for better positioning of the site or web page. 

It must be specially made to meet or satisfy the needs of the customer before taking action in different CTAs.


  1. Creating community: old content in SEO

Selling content for a website or blog is very important, but the most important thing is to target different clients to relate to their brand. If older content fulfills this function, they do not need to be updated. If not, if their marketing team has to pay attention and get down to business. 

This can be considered a very simple task, but it can do a lot of work to be able to detect old content that needs to be updated. If you want to get the best results in terms of marketing, then you need to analyze all the old content to get the best for SEO positioning. 

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