How To Cast Influencers! Explain The Cost And Benefits Of The Agency

By Mike Reiss- Mar 12, 2023 117

Influencer marketing is getting more and more attention now. Because more and more companies are rapidly adopting effective marketing.


At the same time, when conducting influencer marketing, influencer selection and casting can be a problem for many people.


We will introduce and explain how to cast and the points when casting.


It also introduces agencies, so this is a useful article for those who are thinking of using agencies, so please read this.


What is Influencer Marketing or influential marketing?

We speak of influencers who have a lot of charisma, who have a persuasive voice, truthfulness, and a large number of followers on all their social networks. Some are even able to gather millions of followers on social networks, such as Instagram, who interact with them day after day.


Influential people can thus be defined as opinion leaders who have gained great credibility from users on a particular topic, be it fashion, sports, or video games, among others.


This makes them the perfect messenger for influential brands. Because they serve as another way or channel to promote their products or services by sharing them with all their followers. It only takes a simple critique of them, to give their opinion or to use the product. So that the sales are skyrocketing and the product or service can position itself at the top of the market.


Thus, the purpose of brands is to take advantage of these social influences to gain importance among users and increase engagement with their products. To achieve this, but, it is necessary to first create an effective marketing strategy.


Advantages of Influencer Marketing

But why do companies choose effective marketing? Mainly due to the level of branding and sales, they provide a significant increase in visibility, reliability, and sales of their offered services and products. Also, another advantage they bring to brands is that they can reach much more committed goals, due to their confidence in the influencer.


Thus, campaigns with influencers can be more effective and contribute to the brand’s reputation and status. Another benefit of campaigning with influencers is that they can increase conversions and help drive quality traffic to our website. This is important because, many times, quality connections with visitors count far more than the number of our users.


What is influencer casting?

Influencer casting is the selection of influencers that are suitable for brand and corporate purposes in influencer marketing.


Selecting influential people with high relationships with corporate brands and product image is an important process for improving marketing effectiveness.


Unknowingly the company is more likely to not get enough results to understand.


If you don’t have company knowledge, you can ask a particular company to use an influential casting agency, so let’s consider this.


Influencer casting method

So what are some ways to influence influencer casting?


Here, we will introduce the following three methods.


1.    Ask an influencer casting company

2.    Contact the office directly

3.    Contact influencers directly


Ask an influencer casting company

This is a method of asking a casting company that lists and proposes influencers according to the conditions.


Of course, it costs money to request, but since you can easily move forward with casting knowledge and progress management, you can reduce your company’s burden.


This service is also recommended for those who do not have sufficient manpower or who want to give the necessary effort and time to select influence in other work.


But, casting companies are companies that have a lot of knowledge about casting and do not have close relationships with influential people.


So, please understand that there is no guarantee that the influencer you want to request will be hired.


Contact the office directly

It is a method of communicating with the office or production where the influencer resides directly.


Offices and productions handle direct influencers, so if you have an influencer that you really want to request, it's best to contact the office directly.


Contact influencers directly from social media and matching platforms

This is a method of requesting a person's account directly from the company's account through DM etc.


You can request influential people who do not belong directly to the office.


Since we communicate directly with influencers, there is no cost because we do not ask companies, but we have to manage some progress inside and outside.


Learn how to deal with problems at home, such as immediate cancellations or loss of communication.


How much does it cost to cast? ??

It depends on the SNS and the size of the followers, but in my experience, TikTok costs about 2 dollars per follower.


Thus, if you ask for 100,000 followers, it will cost at least 200,000 dollars for 100,000 people x follower unit price of 2 dollars.


If you become an influential influencer with over 1 million people, the unit value of followers will increase accordingly. Be sure to consider cost-effectiveness when casting.


The cost of requesting an influencer is explained in detail in the following article.


Introducing points when casting influencers

Based on our influential casting experience we are creating some ideas here to increase the acceptance rate.


     Exchange messages in consideration of the context

     Tell the posting date with plenty of time when casting


Exchange messages in consideration of the context

When sending the text of a request to an influential person, the number of messages sent will be much higher, so it is recommended to send them all at once. But, be aware that sending a message without considering what you have exchanged in past conversations can damage the credibility of influencers.


Sending a message will reveal more politeness based on previous message exchanges.


For example, if you have already requested another project and you can send a sympathetic sentence to include that fact in the sentence, the response rate will continue to increase.


Using the template can also improve the efficiency of the sent work, but let’s consider sympathetic communication when considering the context.


Tell the posting date with plenty of time when casting

The most influential office workers or students without the influence of power. Thus, due to work or personal schedule, posting may be delayed by a few days from the scheduled posting date.


It is better not to think that it will be posted on the requested date, but to make a request with a margin of about 1 to 2 business days just in case. If you request a little before the date you want to complete the posting, you can give yourself more time to move forward.


Also, when you get a response like “it’s a bit difficult on that date”, extending the date can be taken as “extended”, so please read this.


Three benefits of asking an influencer casting agency

Influencer casting is one of the most important processes in influencer marketing.


But, there are many influential people nowadays, and it takes a lot of labor and time to choose an influential person with high alignment with them.


If you want to outsource the coordination work and focus on the upstream process, ask a specialized company for casting.


Benefits of using a casting company

Using the casting service has the following advantages.


     They will select the influencer that suits the product

     Based on past achievements, he will come up with a plan that is suitable for his purpose.

     Supports reflection of subsequent measurements from analysis


Finding the right influencer for a product or service is not easy for many influencers.


In this case, it is a qualification to use the service that professionals select the appropriate influencer according to their wishes.


Also, of course, the companies that provide casting services are influential marketing professionals.


Since we have had many achievements in the past, we would advise you to select and manage a reliable influencer based on the accumulated data.


Depending on the company, not only the selection of influencers but also the management system can be continuously assisted in impact analysis and improvement. So it is advisable to use the service, especially for companies with little knowledge of effective marketing. We can do it.


Otherwise, the time and effort that goes into choosing one can be focused on other tasks and streamlined, so it is worth spending to take advantage of the service.



In this article, we have introduced and explained influencer casting.


We also present the actual casting company and the ideas to make it at home, so please read this.