How to Choose the Digital Marketing Agency According to The Size of Your Company

By Gretchen Clarke- Jul 22, 2022 259

Digital marketing is an essential practice for the proper development of the enterprise. It is becoming one of the possible ways to reach the potential customers of each brand successfully and efficiently. But, it is clear that digital marketing agencies cannot be selected randomly, but strategically and intelligently. 

That's why it's important to read in detail which of our digital marketing agencies is best for our business. And for this, it is essential to analyze the needs and requirements of our company to achieve the goal. Desired.


In order to choose a digital marketing agency, it is essential to choose according to the size of the company. That's why we will provide you with all the information you need to choose a creative digital marketing agency according to the size of your company.


What is a digital agency?

A digital marketing agency is considered to be an organization dedicated to creating, designing, and developing various strategies. So that it can attract customers and strengthen the brand in the online field.


Digital marketing agencies are increasingly being used today. Because these are essential for business success at any stage. Thanks for all the functions and features provided by this agency. They help companies increase their growth and market growth.


Similarly, they allow the target audience to be more accurately segmented. And by analyzing this information, they can create more effective strategies based on these results, thus increasing the sales and revenue of any business.


But, not only that, nowadays we see that digital companies are moving further, and over the years various strategies have been created that encourage the development of their efforts, among them, we can find 2 basic things.


The Difference Between an Inbound Marketing Agency and a Growth Marketing Agency 

Inbound Marketing and Growth Marketing are big topics mentioned and used by digital marketing agencies. That's why it's important to respect everyone who wants to hire an agency and know the main differences between them.


First, when we talk about inbound marketing, we are talking about specific content, especially blogs or podcasts. It focuses more on gaining empathy with the client rather than gaining a wider range of product services, more intuitive than process-centric.


Although Growth Marketing focuses on virality. Estimation, test design, and measurement. In this way, it is possible to monetize its interactions with users to their maximum potential by achieving a transition from free users to paying users.


The work of a digital marketing agency

Digital marketing agencies currently have a wide range of services and functions. Because they have to get a better position than their competitors. 

In this sense, you must consider an important factor when evaluating and selecting a digital marketing agency that is consistent with the size of your company. It has to do with the amount and quality of functions and services you can provide. . For this reason, below we present the most important and frequent ones so that you know which one is ideal for your business:


Search engine optimization (SEO)

There are some strategies to increase or generate more high-quality traffic to the web page. Such as positioning strategies that increase the company’s visibility or business with its consumers. As are paid search engine ads (SEM) or long-term organic positioning (SEO).


Inbound Marketing

This is an inbound marketing strategy. The purpose or result is to convert the users of the brand, product, or service into customers. This is the most organic and less aggressive strategy for promoting a brand digitally. Because it is responsible for creating content in a completely natural way and with valuable content.


Digital marketing audits

Before starting with digital marketing plans and strategies, a thorough analysis or audit should be done. The current situation of the company or brand should be accurately reported. So that the best channels and steps related to marketing are evaluated and meditated on. Digital company or brand.


Content marketing

It refers to an expansion of the internal marketing approach. The purpose here is to provide the user with the highest value through the content of interest. So that they can meet their needs or wants so that they can convert their customers.


Social ADS

Social ADS consists of advertising on social networks. So these are strategies that users use to easily reach platforms or social networks where they spend most of their time. This type of strategy has the advantage of dividing the public or audience in different ways and creating specific and effective campaigns.


Email marketing

Although it is one of the oldest strategies, it continues to present the best results regarding the level of return on investment. This is because lead breeding and customer loyalty strategies are often helped to deliver on time, without compromising the message we want to convey. 


Differences of a Marketing Agency and an Advertising Agency 

The biggest controversy or suspicion about marketing agencies is their differences from advertising agencies. 

That is why it is important to differentiate between each of them. First, we find advertising agencies whose purpose is to advertise a service, business, or product using all types of channels. It can be traditional thematic or digital to achieve the client's brand and position. 

On the other hand, a marketing company is much more diverse and comprehensive. Because in addition to running advertising campaigns, the brand handles analyzing the current situation, formulating action plans, and proposing strategies. This allows users and subscribers to use the message you want to send from the channels. 

In this sense, the difference between an advertising agency and a marketing company lies in the way they work and the purpose for which they want to achieve it. Where advertising only seeks to promote or promote the brand, on the other hand, the goal of marketing is to introduce oneself.


How to choose a digital marketing agency according to the size of your company? 

As mentioned above, it is essential to choose a marketing company based on the size of your company. Thus, when a digital marketing agency is selected to match your company’s needs and desires, goals are set. 

In this sense, various factors will be presented below which will allow accurate and timely investment selection.


Recognize your needs

When you start your search for a digital marketing agency, the first thing you need to do is set goals and objectives. With the provision of services of an agency, you can set the business or the brand you want to achieve. 

So, once the goals achieved are set, the next thing is to increase the budget based on its capital opportunities and needs. Or the goals that it will present to the marketing agency. 

Based on specific goals and available budgets, you can start looking for digital marketing agencies that respond to these two essential factors.


Agency specialization

Every marketing company has a staff that is trained and specialized in different fields so that it is able to meet all the needs and wants of its clients. Thus, an essential factor for choosing an agency is to know its features such as SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media, among many others. 

Depending on the size of your organization, there should be more trained specialists and staff in different fields. So that there is a highly skilled team that is able to set all the goals.


Agency scalability

When choosing a marketing agency, you need to make sure that it is equal to or larger than your company. This is to meet all your needs immediately. 

Otherwise, you will not have the internal resources, equipment, or trained staff to help you meet any needs. Or even reach the offer generated as a purpose and goal.


Agency services availability

Depending on the size of your company, the more marketing services a digital marketing agency will demand. Large companies have to manage a large number of users and clients in their brand, service, or business. So they need highly trained staff in various services. 

Similarly, if your company is small or medium in size, you do not need a digital marketing agency with a large number of services. Because your needs will not be so diverse, and this way, you can save some budget.


Agency opinion and reputation

Knowing the history of a marketing company is an important issue from its significant number of customers to its testimonials. In general, comments from former users or clients reveal the efficiency and effectiveness of a company or service. 

However, you can specifically guess how the marketing company will treat all types of clients. You can search for testimonials from companies or your equivalent clients. This way you will understand that the marketing company is adequately involved with clients of the same size.


Analyze company projections and marketing

As ridiculous as marketing companies may seem, they need to develop their own digital marketing strategies for their own social networks. It can help introduce them and improve their customer engagement. 

Analyzing the effectiveness and efficiency of a marketing company is a good thing, dedicating your own project.



Another essential thing to know about a digital marketing agency is its experience. This will allow us to know how it responds to any complications or problems that may arise. 

The more experience and direction a company has, the greater its degree of effectiveness and efficiency. In such a way that more creative companies will always get priority.


Agency results

Finally, a key issue is reporting the results, they will tell us more clearly about the success rate and customer satisfaction of the agency. It is important for other clients to understand that the services that marketing companies sell are not just words. 

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