How to Create A Solid Digital Marketing Plan

By Mike Reiss- Sep 18, 2022 350

A well-planned and complete digital marketing plan can bring success to a business. Do you want to learn how to make this strategic plan for your company?


After all, a company that doesn’t grow in a digital environment nowadays doesn’t grow, that’s a fact. The Internet is where new potential customers find your business and use it to communicate with your brand. Thus, a well-planned plan is more than essential.


Marketing has changed rapidly in recent years, with flyers, billboards, and television advertising already the old means of communication. In order to stay close to your target audience, you need to be on the Internet.


Most people have access to the Internet 24 hours a day, right in the palm of their hand. That is, we are always connected. Thus, we emphasize that promoting a company on the Internet is essential for its growth.


In this content, you will learn everything you need to create a complete digital marketing plan for your business.


Don't stop selling, keep reading and see the best tips to ensure the success of your business!


What is a digital marketing plan?

Before creating a digital marketing plan, you need to fully understand it.


The type 1 marketing plan is a document that contains basic information about your company. The focus of this document is action, so it should be direct and objective. Doing it right will give you many benefits.


In this document you will:


      Define personality;

      Get to know your target audience better and understand how to reach them;

      Record realistic goals and objectives for a period of time;

      A description of the strategies that will be applied to achieve these goals;

      Analyze competitors;

      Identify the advantages and disadvantages of competing over competitors;

      Create a clear picture that lets you see where the company is in the market in terms of competition;

      Define the tools that will be used;

      Investment fairness;

      Consider selling the funnel more explicitly;

      Achieve complete mapping of actions, performance reports, and assessments and facilitate the definition of future strategies;

      Focus on information in just one place, which helps in team organization and communication.


Importance of a digital marketing plan

The online universe is huge and changing. There are many options available and in constant mobility. So it is essential to have a plan and a good digital marketing plan to ensure success and proper investment so that you do not lose money, sales, or credibility.


The plan enables better reasoning for investment discussions and project presentations. Because when you have a complete digital marketing plan in hand, you are able to project results and present arguments for action.


How to make a complete digital marketing plan

Now that you know in detail what a digital marketing plan is and how important it is to ensure your company’s success, look at your defined steps to move forward.


Digital marketing can be planned to build a brand, a product, a service, or customer loyalty, for example. It is like a compass, which indicates the strategic action so that the company achieves the desired result.


Any effective digital marketing plan must start with research and be completed by analyzing the results.


It's time for practice, shall we go?


First of all: search

This should be the first step in a digital marketing plan. Because it is not enough to guess the purpose that your company needs to fulfill, but also to monitor the external and internal opportunities.


It is essential to understand the scenario that it manages and to focus on the objectives of the competitors in the segment. As well as analyzing how companies are winning their place on the Internet.


Be sure to study who your audience is so that you can notice your communication as consistently as possible. Your marketing activities must be tailored to the language of these people, to understand and meet their pain and needs.


The research to prepare a digital marketing plan involves a series of definitions and analyses:


      Definition of goals;

      Definition of the persona;

      Customer journey analysis;

      SWOT analysis;

      Competitive analysis of the market.


Action plans

Let's go into details about a series of definitions that will qualify your digital marketing plan:


      Goal setting;

      Definition of KPI (Key Indicator);

      The definition of the professionals involved;

      Definition of major strategies;

      Definition of the implementation schedule.


What is a digital marketing strategy?

It's time to learn about digital marketing strategies to determine what should be included in your plan to ensure the success of your business:


Branding Strategies: This point is very important for companies in any segment. Because it refers to your brand identity, such as how consumers view your business. It is essential to differentiate your brand from the competition.


Organic traffic strategies: Increased lead capture, higher conversion rates and enable the brand to be more assertive because the customer who comes in organically is the person who naturally finds the solution to their pain or problem in your company.


Content production strategies: To get organic traffic, you need to have a good website and provide quality content. Because, in general, the consumer follows instructions, solutions, tutorials, information, and news, when he comes across a product that interests him.


Social Media Strategies: This is where most of the consumers are present. Posts must always be consistent with the latest events and trends on the internet and in the world. Need to provide diverse and relevant content like tips, tutorials, videos, and images. Understand what the public likes the most and see it unless they are relevant to the brand and the segment in which they work.


Email Marketing Strategies: First, ask the consumer if they want to get an email from the company. If the answer is yes, avoid sending every day, the frequency can annoy the user too much. Try to limit yourself to weekly, fortnightly, or commemorative newspapers, but don’t forget to inform about major promotions and company milestones. Also, provide a visible unsubscribe link to all emails.


Paid traffic strategies: These strategies are very important for digital marketing, as many new customers can reach your company through advertising. This campaign needs to be planned very carefully. Consider your target audience, hashtags, keywords, page likes, and recent e-commerce searches. The return on investment (ROI) will help you determine the results and know where to continue investing.


Info product strategies: These can be sold, but they can be free content, such as e-books (digital books), guides, tools, spreadsheets and form templates, video classes, and more.


Growth hacking strategies: A set of digital marketing strategies aimed at fast results, where strategies or hacks are seen to grow in creative ways. So, at this point in your digital marketing plan, it’s important to take the moment.


How to design your business's digital marketing plan

To do this, follow all the tips in this content and record all the information in a document. Digital marketing plans usually take the form of reports.


Get started today to incorporate this information into a document and customize the look of your business.



The digital marketing plan should be divided into a few different steps to help organize, execute and present it. Check out:



      What is the goal?

      What is the market scenario?

      Who is the target?

      Who are the personalities?

      What measurements will be used?

      Whose competition?

      On what basis was the decision presented?

      What are the goals and expected results?


Action and planning strategies 

      How is your team formed?

      What channel to use?

      What will be the content strategy?

      How do strategies relate to branding?

      Which format to use for content?

      What SEO measures will be taken?

      What will be the investment strategy in advertising and partnership?

      How much will the total and monthly campaign cost?

      How will the results of this action be monitored?

      What timeline is associated with these actions?



      Real-time reports for monitoring actions;

      Targets and cost estimates;

      The campaign is currently underway;

      Improvement and improvement projects.

      If you need to include any more information, enter one of these three main steps.


So, how do you like the content of your digital marketing plan?

With this document, you already have everything you need to know about expanding, assembling, and implementing a successful digital marketing work plan.


Besides facilitating the preparation of reports, monitoring of results, and good communication between different sectors of the company. If you still have any doubts, check that coffee with the agency staff.


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