How to Create and Use Sales Funnels in Marketing?

By James Robert- Aug 28, 2022 128

Modern business has a clear structure. Marketing, sales, and customer communication are divided into systematic and interaction stages. 

For sales to be effective, the target audience is "hot", and customers are regular, you need to know what a sales funnel is, how to create, use, track and analyze properly. 

In addition to offline stores, sales funnels are used to provide services for high-quality online business activities and to sell products. Next, we'll take a closer look at what a sales funnel is, how to effectively create and track your funnels by the core metrics of Google Analytics. All you need to know about this useful tool for your business is one piece.


Definition of concept: What is a sales funnel and its classic scheme

The classification structure of the interaction between the sales client and the company. The graphical representation of the classic sales funnels concept is represented by an inverted pyramid. This is not a coincidence.


Classic Sales Funnel Scheme 

In the first stage of "awareness", the number of users interested in knowing and knowing the brand is much higher. Then, with each subsequent step, this amount decreases. 

A significant number of people reach the conclusion of a transaction in the form of buying a product or service. However, they will be your potential clients who are ready to make a deal, purchase a product or service. 

What the concept looks like in the diagram. It is believed that most clients pass the stage slowly. Most, but not all. In real life, there are some users who immediately find themselves in the last step, because they place an order outside the initial stage. 

They may come to the company on the basis of positive reviews from friends, acquaintances, or the reputation of social networks. Or be your client already. 

Thus, a person has an awareness of exactly what this brand is doing. The ad is viewed by hundreds of people every day. 

Those who are interested in the services of a beauty studio use the ads about the site and go there to get complete information about the services, prices, addresses, and specialists. 

On the site, in addition to information, users are instructed to solve problems. That is, for those who need a modern and fashionable manicure, Beauty Studio offers a trendy design gel coating service, which can only be done at this salon. 

To stimulate purchase, there is a 15% discount, which can be used by signing up for a manicure this month, but the number of places is limited. Those who are interested in the service will want to get it cheap, they will be pushed by the limited time and record number and they will make a purchase. Dozens of people will already reach this stage. 

For example, every 5th appointment offers a 50% or 70% discount for the manicure, or a combination of points is created, which is paid to each client after payment. It is good when these points can be spent on other salon services. This will not only retain the customer but also drive other sales.


How to use sales funnel in marketing: Explain in simple language

If you run campaigns and use different types of leads at random, all activities will be less effective. 

The sales funnel integrates all the processes used in a common system that can be monitored and coordinated.


It allows you to:

      Increase the number of clicks and subscribers without changing ad traffic.

      Evaluate sales, determine which categories need promotion and which are already selling well.

      Increase the number of regular customers, stimulate the desire to shop, again and again, organize a cyclical implementation.

      Conduct thorough marketing research to evaluate work effectiveness in all cases.

      Study dynamics and make predictions for sales and new customers.


Marketing funnels increase customer confidence with each new stage, only if they use properly crafted content that: 

      Carries only useful and valuable information without water and sound.

      Has an aesthetic design, attracts attention with bright colors and highlights.

      Indicates product advantages and unique features.

      There is action to call.

      Healthy! This is necessary so that the content can attract a large number of listeners


After eliminating the negative points, the experience gained can be used in advertising, indicating that the product or service has improved at the request of the customer. 

There are many funnel templates out there, but for maximum efficiency, the following are even better: 

      Analyze the market independently and target the audience;

      Create an individual marketing project;

      Work on specific proposals.


The main stage features of the sales funnel

Many experts use their own names for the stages of the standard sales funnel, so you can find different variations of the classic scheme. But the essence of each level remains unchanged.


1. Awareness or communication 

Before the user starts searching and studying information about different brands and stores, he will encounter a problem. Experts often refer to client requests as pain. 

Example: Every home has a washing machine. It fails due to an expiration date or breaks. A person needs to buy new equipment, but at the same time, he does not know the technical features, manufacturers, or additional options that he will need. 

To find all the information he needed, he turned to the Internet. To find what they need, the user will use a search query. And it is important to include logic here. It is unlikely that a person who does not understand the structure and parameters of the washing machine will look for them by spin speed, drum loading volume, or type of bearing. Perhaps, his request will sound like the top or most reliable modern washing machine of the best or quality washing machine. 

Knowing this information, you can compose content and landing pages in such a way that the site is in the top ten for Bing or Google search.

Key Skills Policy: 

      Using a marketing sales funnel;

      Increase search engine rankings by investing in SEO;

      Make information about the site as accessible as possible. 

At this stage, there is no point in creating content for sale - the client is not ready to buy yet, he is just collecting information. Thus, it is important to provide users with a lot of information about the products sold, to show them what problems they can solve.


2. Interest 

At this stage, a group of people who are close to the company's opinion and the services provided is allocated from the target audience. Most users follow the news, subscribe to the newsletter, or regularly visit the store's official website. But they are not yet ready for shopping, so they value communication and informative content. 

At this level of the sales funnel the interaction with the buyer is even closer. Many seek advice, leave questions at the bottom of posts and stories. 

Content may include information about seller benefits and the uniqueness of the firm's products or services that are not available to competitors.


3. Solution 

In this time of sales funnel, users have already gathered a lot of information about the products they are interested in. 

To push a client towards an order, it is worthwhile to organize an offer that is more profitable than the competitor's offer.

Example: a gift for the main product in the form of an accessory, discounts for new customers.


4. Purchase or action 

It is at this level that the moment of profit comes. The client places an order, pays, receives a product or service. All parties to the transaction take action. But sales are not the only goal of creating funnels.


If all the steps in the sales funnel are done correctly, and a certain customer has not bought something, he will recommend the site or product to his friends and acquaintances. Thus, it is possible to attract new users and potential buyers without investing in vendors.


5. Hold 

This stage is not always indicated when creating a sales funnel, but it does not deviate from its importance. One-time shopping is not profitable to attract customers.


To retain customers, the following are used: 


      Technical support department and hotline development;

      Delivery quality control;

      Loyalty Bonus Program.