How To Grow Your Business By Working With Influencers

By Mike Reiss- Sep 18, 2023 12

Working with influencers has been in fashion for years to increase a business's visibility and influence. However, there are so many brands available that you need to be careful and know when it is appropriate to collaborate. Regardless of how many followers an account has, inviting the influencer and his friends to spend the night at our hotel is a very generous gesture of solidarity and may result in zero results.


How many times have you asked an influencer to collaborate in exchange for giving away their product or service for free? While this may sound unbelievable, it is a task that many people take advantage of due to their ignorance of what influencer marketing actually entails.


How to run influencer marketing campaigns that are truly effective and profitable? We explain it to you in this article.


Work with influencers to help your brand

Influencers are people who influence a specific audience to make decisions related to a specific sector: food, video games, travel, fashion, electronics, etc.


The growing trend of developing strategies with influencers makes many people demand an influencer and deep down, they just want our services for free. And, on the other hand, the digital marketing ignorance of the owners of those accounts with numerous followers means that many collaborations have very few results.


However, if we know how to choose an authentic influencer related to our brand, we can add a significant number of followers and benefit from multiple benefits.



      Fame and popularity increase

      Connect better with our target audience and reach new market segments

      Extended conversations about our products and services

      Increase web/social network visits and conversions

      If done correctly, advertising has a good return on expenditure


How influencer marketing works

Influencer marketing is a marketing method that establishes coordination and collaboration agreements between companies and influencers. In other words, companies, and individuals who are considered influential in a particular sector or topic, can spread a message.


On the Internet, there are a series of social platforms where the visibility of famous people dominates and is a reference for a large number of users. These platforms are usually YouTube channels, blogs, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook...


Currently, there are many ways to develop influencer marketing:


      Create publications on social networks, either through sponsored posts or more or less hidden presence of products or services in influencer content. These collaborations are usually accompanied by photos, stories or videos that are published at a certain time or with a certain frequency.

      Sponsored blog posts that usually include a commercial aim by inserting a CTA, as well as guest posts that allow us to write an article on the influencer's blog with a link to our website.

      Banner ads on influential websites.

      Contests and raffles where influencers encourage users to follow company accounts.

      Promotion of discount codes for online shopping promotion in business ecommerce.

      Invitations to be active on their online social networks at events held by companies and influencers, etc.


What to keep in mind when hiring influencers?

To choose an influencer to agree to collaborate with, follow these recommendations:


      Define measurable and specific objectives that you want to achieve and if they are linked to your online marketing action plan.

      Analyze the profile of influencer followers: gender, age, country...

      Beyond the number of followers you have (which can be bought), not only on Instagram but on other platforms where you are present, check what interactions you get on most of your posts: blogs, YouTube,… Are there comments from users who recommend tips or influencers? Have you applied the product?

      Analyze the type of content you publish on your social networks and blog: what tone and communication style you use, what values you maintain, your brand image, how you respond to other users' comments,... with whatever you want. fit? Convinced by your brand?

      If you cooperate with your competition, cooperation can be somewhat forced.

      Ask for your quote. Influencers with a large number of followers (for example, over 50,000) will offer you more expensive rates that you may not be interested in. Instead, look for NANO or MICRO influencers, those with around 10,000 followers, stories that can be linked, and who can make a significant impact.

      Ask him to show you his Instagram profile or his channel stats or success stories of his collaborations with other brands. This way you will know for sure how the influencer works and what you can achieve with your campaign.


6 Steps to a Marketing Campaign with Influencers

Once you've contacted the influencers you want to work with and they show a favorable trend, you need to define an influencer marketing campaign. To do this, follow the steps below:


      Define the goals you want to achieve with this campaign: reach, web traffic, lead capture, sales…

      Specify the target audience you are addressing and the most important information you have about it: gender, age, location, and hobbies... Does it match the profile of your community of followers?

      Define in detail the campaign you want to run with cooperation, what steps will be taken, and with what kind of strategy: number and frequency of publications (not just one!), using hashtags, using investment campaigns, etc.

      Agree on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) against which you want to measure performance and track the results of each activity. To do this, decide which tools to use (we mainly recommend Google Analytics and Metricool). The most important thing to remember is:

      Reach Sponsored Content (Unique Views)

      Interaction rate: Number of comments, mentions, publications shared...

      Number of clicks on links

      A number of conversions (downloads, registrations, purchases...)

      Set a budget: This is the most important part, but you can agree to a flat fee and cover the cost of paid advertising yourself.

      Launch influencer marketing campaigns and start promoting. Remember that, being a collaboration, you must promote and share the content uploaded by the influencer so that your followers are aware.

      Analyze and measure how profitable your influencer campaigns are proving to be.


Why should influencers work for your brand?

This provides an interesting collaboration for both parties.


Is it clear that the influencer is interested in financial compensation? Before demanding how the influencer will benefit from the collaboration, present them with a useful offer that you can afford.


A very common example of collaboration with influencers is a free shipment of the product so that they can give their opinion about it.


There are times when a discount voucher for a certain period, access to a part of our service, or, for example, a visit to our facilities in exchange for trying the product may be worth more money. Later, the influencer himself speaks of the experience and that opinion has considerable influence on our public decision-making. For example, you record a video that shows you using our products or services, and thus, we may use that video for our website or share it on social networks.


Analyze marketing statistics.

Influencer statistics are the same thing: you can start publishing on social networks without analyzing the data, but how do you know that your activity is going in the right direction?


You just don't have to know. And you can't achieve any of your goals.


In other words, extracting and analyzing influencer statistics is essential if you have a company or personal brand. Because they help you check how your strategy is working on the platform so that you can improve its performance and meet your goals. For example, reach X number of followers and get X impressions…


In other words: without statistics, you will blindly continue your project and in the end, you will be shipwrecked!


If you want to learn more about this topic, we recommend joining one of the top marketing platforms for working with influencers: FameNet. You can definitely increase your learning and experience from it.