How To Increase Sales In January? Check Out 4 Practical Tips!

By Mike Reiss- Feb 05, 2023 86

For most companies, the holiday season can affect sales results and consequent profits. So it's important to think about strategies to increase sales in January.


It's a fact that in the first month of the year, customer search for products and services is usually low - which doesn't mean you won't sell. But for that, you need to use the right strategy for your business.


To help your company adapt to this time and leverage sales in January, we have some interesting tips to practice right now.


Increase sales in January: is it possible?

At the beginning of the year, companies in various sectors showed a downward trend. After the end of the year, it's time for a good portion of the population to plan to pay annual taxes, buy school supplies for their children and pay instalments for Christmas gifts.


So people tend to eat less in that month. So how do you increase sales in January? Despite the difficulties this month, yes, it is still possible to find opportunities to earn your revenue.


Burning stock on Black Friday and Christmas merchandise, hoping for new customers, and trying to rekindle relationships with inactive people are some of the options that can help inspire you early in the year.


The key to good sales in January is to plan ahead for the month, and it goes beyond establishing marketing activities to increase revenue. Need to line up with the team, handle good inventory, estimate orders so there is no risk of losing items, and ensure a good shopping experience for consumers.


Also, maintaining a relationship with the after-sales customer is essential so that he will buy again. With this in mind, in December, you can contact the customer to see if everything went according to his expectations and to thank him for his choice. After-sales sales begin as soon as the contract is closed.


Whenever possible, keep in touch with the customer and be available to anticipate potential complaints. By doing all this after-sales work, the relationship with your customer will be closed and you will be able to send messages, including news, launches, and promotions from the beginning of the year, looking to close more sales.


How to increase your business sales in January?

Stopping sales is the most important thing for your company. The reason is obvious: sales are what bring you money to pay your suppliers, employees, to invest in improvement, and of course to make a profit.


Here are four tips to increase sales at your company early in the year:


Create an annual plan for your business

The company is the best friend of any organization, so it is essential to create an annual plan for business in any sector.


In some companies, especially retail, it is normal for business owners to start a campaign to "fight" with competitors just for the price. It may even work for a while, but it's a long shot. Without planning, you may not be able to use your full potential.


So before starting any sales or promotion, it is necessary to have a good plan by thinking about the successful action.


But an annual plan doesn’t just survive in publicity. This document will outline everything you want to achieve with your company over the years, such as goals and objectives and ways to measure business results.


Learn all the details to put together an incredible annual plan in this content.


   2. Strategize and set promotional dates


You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. And for that, above all, to create relevant content, buyers need to understand the shopping journey and instruct customers to buy.


For sales, you need to focus on the consumer and show the value of your product or service in terms of customer demand.


This is why choosing an advisory approach to your strategy is an excellent option, which drives the customer journey and understands their needs accurately.


In addition to strategies, you need to define the promotional dates that you want to sell or offer special terms to customers.


To do this, keep a calendar in hand and start thinking about which dates make sense for your business. Also, set some dates that you want to take special action. For example, "free shipping week", "buy X, get Y" and progressive discounts (one piece at 10% off, two at 20%, three at 30%, and so on).


If you don't understand any of these terms, we have a great dictionary with the basics of digital marketing.


   3. Encourage purchases that reflect a new cycle


Many use the end of the year to set goals for the next 12 months. And it can be an opportunity for your business.


You can encourage the purchase of products or services that encourage new cycles or use it as a motto to promote your work.


To give an example: Suppose you provide style and image suggestions, you can use triggers in your campaign such as "Start the year by improving your style?".


If you have a building materials company, you can create campaigns on your social media using themes like "New Year, Renovated Home".


   4. Invest in product and/or service promotion


Owning a business and not promoting it is like seeing someone in the dark: only you know what you are doing, no one else.


Promoting your business is essential to getting people interested, you can go and buy. There are several ways you can promote your company: from referrals to creating relevant content on social media.


Which media are most used by your target audience and need to develop their campaigns? Is it an email? Social communication? WhatsApp? To get good results, it is essential to choose the right promotion channels.


Key dates to sell in January

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable.


These dates create opportunities for all sectors. Through creativity and planning, it is possible to offer actions that bring your company closer to the customer and, so, towards better results. An example of this is the use of colors that remind you of summer in store windows, on social media content, or in your website design.


Whatever your business model, you need to prepare yourself well for these moments. So, create a strategy that works for your company, which will arouse the interest of your customers and bring sales benefits.


New Year

Use the atmosphere of brotherhood, take the opportunity to wish your customers a Happy New Year, and deepen the relationship with them.


A good idea is to offer a discount coupon or special payment terms to take advantage of New Year's Eve who has been with you throughout the last year, strengthening the partnership for the first year.


Retired Day

Retired Day falls on January 24th. As such, it is valuable to create marketing practices consistent with these people, such as discounts or special package offers, products, and/or services that are in high demand. Traveling and arranging breakfast with a round-trip ticket, for example, can be a great option.


Postman's Day and the City's Birthday

If your company shifts products across the country, an interesting idea is to use Postman Day, which is held on January 25, to create publicity about it. This may include free shipping to certain regions of the country, single shipping costs, and other activities related to the delivery of goods.


The city's anniversary was also held on the same date. Even if your company operates nationally, customers often appreciate the personalized move.


So, to use the city's birthdays in your promotion, you can target customers in the region and offer them benefits, such as discount coupons.


miss day

At the end of January, the 30th, Nostalgia Day is celebrated. So, how do you communicate with a customer who hasn't had a contract with you for some time?


Also, a great opportunity to build relationships with consumers, you can relaunch products and offer discounts for those who have dropped out, using phrases like "we miss you".


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