How To Increase Traffic To Your Website: 9 Guaranteed Ways

By James Robert- May 18, 2022 266

Having your own website to grow your business is an obvious thing. And businesses are in the process of digital transformation so as not to lose the answer. 

But is having a beautiful website enough to make it work? Obviously, it’s not that easy. Having a website without traffic is like opening a store in a basement where no one goes. Without traffic, on your website, you will not be able to get customers or sales and it will be a common ornament. 

"How to increase traffic to your website?" The answers always depend on different factors. There are easy and difficult ways. Methods that need investment and methods that require technical knowledge and the latest digital marketing trends. 

It is convenient to evaluate your potential and the performance of your competition to establish the most effective methods for your business. 

Some of the nine methods we have presented in this blog post may be familiar to you, others may surprise you. We'll look at ways to increase traffic to your website and encourage inbound traffic from more valuable, high-quality visitors.


What is web traffic?

As you well suspect, this is not a traffic jam on the high road. In fact, when it comes to web traffic, the better. 

We call web traffic the perimeter of your website or blog, all the visits, and impressions of your website. That is the time when people from different internet sites enter to see your content.


Why do you need to increase traffic to your website?

Increasing traffic to your website is essential for achieving conversions. A conversion can be any purpose for you: purchase, subscribe to your newsletter or download a file. But in general, all strategies have one purpose: to convert your visitors into customers. 

Typically, a small number of visitors convert customers. But if you live in a vast environment like the internet, you need to attract a lot of visitors so that this small percentage covers your sales objective. 

An obvious example might be the work of a photographer. A professional photographer can take hundreds of photos in one photoshoot, but will only give you a small fraction.



It's easier, with more photos you have a better chance to capture a perfect moment and just choose the best shot. Just like you with web traffic. You attract a lot of visitors, but only a small portion of visitors who are very interested in renting your product or service. 

Not necessarily because they are not interested, but it may not be the right time. The conversion rate will directly depend on the quality of your visitors. For this reason, it is very important to choose the right source to increase the traffic to your website.


The top 9 of how to increase traffic to your website


1. Use marketing channels that your competitors don't use

It's normal to analyze your competitors' websites with tools like SEMrush. You can find out how they generate web traffic and which channels give them the best results for copying their strategies. However, it may be that there are other less fulfilling traffic sources that you can take advantage of to get more market share of web traffic.


2. Develop a blog strategy

Having a blog on your website is a great way to increase traffic to your website. You can create content with themes related to your business activities. It is easy to attract and increase traffic to your website through quality articles. 

The public is not forced to buy anything, they are just looking for information, and it is much more acceptable to view a post than a sales page. Once communication is established, your marketing strategy is to convert these audiences into customers. 

Besides this: 

      Partner with other websites - Posting your articles on other sites will bring you traffic, increase your website authority and get backlinks.

      Invite bloggers to the blog - Guest bloggers can link and share their articles with their followers on social media.

      Take good care of your post's SEO - pre-analyze keywords, set a title structure, and answer frequently asked questions

      Publish your posts on content sharing platforms - take advantage of platforms like Quora or Medium to spread your content


3. Take advantage of influencer marketing

In recent years Influencer marketingis the fastest and market growing marketing channel. It is expected to become a $10-15 billion market by 2022. 

What to keep in mind? 

      Number of followers - a factor that will affect the cost of collaboration

      The values ​​they represent - it’s important to consider so that your brand is not harmed and the adjustment is normal

      Choose influencers according to the channels they have - the channels that interest you the most and where your target audience is located

      Followers Profile - Analyze followers to see if they can be your potential clients


4. Expand the reach of your publications with social networks

Social networks are an undeniable source of increasing traffic to your website. Share all posts and be proactive in getting more followers.


What else can you do? 

      Use hashtags - this allows users who don't follow you to find your content and, in addition, you can reach more readers.

      Engage your audience - Encourage your audiences, such as asking questions, requesting comments, taking a quiz, or a raffle. Respond to every comment.

      Participate in forums and discussions - don't limit your activities to just your page; Show your experience in the group and comment on other posts.


5. Establish your paid ad strategy

The paid ads are a prominent online advertising method for businesses. Unlike SEO, for PPC (pay per click) it is essential to focus on the exact keywords. 

Calculate your maximum CPC (cost per click) - often targeting long-tail keywords with the highest relevance to your target market helps keep advertising costs low.

Share well with your audience - your ads target the right audience, critical to your ad's effectiveness and conversion rate.

Create compelling ads - Hire a graphic designer and a copywriter with a persuasive copy of the ad to create compelling and compelling ads.


6. Create posts with long-tail keywords

Adding highly relevant specific long-tail keywords can increase traffic to your website. Find the exact phrases your visitors type in search engines. 

Most companies focus on keywords with high search volume, which are often short-tailed. For long-tail keywords, there is a good chance of ranking higher and generating highly relevant traffic. 

For example, you can create an article about online marketing (if you have a marketing agency), and instead of focusing on the short and highly competitive keyword "Marketing", you create a separate article on "best online marketing strategy".


7. Update and renew your existing posts

This is a method that we sometimes forget in our content strategy. Many times we constantly focus on creating new content. However, reviewing your old posts and updating content, adding new information or updating can be a great way to increase your website traffic without much effort. 

Search engines are always crawling web content to make something new, and updating an old post or content is like creating a big sign that reflects "New!". Also, to make it more responsive you can share or post it on your social profile again and save valuable time.


8. Improves the internal linking structure

One of the on-page SEO strategies is internal linking. Attach your content to relevant posts to expand the information. Also, you will have the opportunity to spend more time with visitors to your website. 

This is a strategy that helps Google rank your web pages better. Links (internal and external) determine the value of a page.


9. Optimize your website to the maximum

Having an optimized and fast website is very important. Also, think about the users who access your website through mobile devices. Mobile represents 52% of all traffic we receive on the web. 

A bad user experience can prevent you from coming back and increase your bounce rate. Increasing traffic to your website with a fast and optimized page for all devices is a classic among SEOs. 

The ultimate conclusion on how to increase traffic to your website

We've already seen how to increase traffic to your website. Without visitors, there is no alternative to moving forward, transforming, and achieving goals. 

If you want to get a functional website, it is best to hire a marketing agency and invest some budget in advertising, SEO, and website optimization. 

Contact us and request a free audit of your website to identify areas for improvement and establish a marketing strategy to gain new customers and increase sales.