How To Know Which Are The Keywords That Most Convert Your Business

By James Robert- Nov 02, 2022 113

There are a number of basic principles that will determine the most conversion keywords for your business. Today’s brands and companies are constantly trying to position themselves to stand out from their competition. And the digital world is full of competitors, so being in the first place is synonymous with being extremely successful. 

To practice well for good results, SEO positioning is essential, and at that time keywords convert the most. It is known that various search engines in the world such as Google, Bing, Yahoo use this keyword to determine the position of the brand's website or blog. 

Keywords are an important part of a marketing strategy that wants to give brand visibility. So you need to know for sure how to benefit from using it. Choosing the keywords that convert the most should be a priority and should be included in all the content of a website to be able to rank accurately in different search engines.


Keys to choosing the keywords that convert the most


Digitization is a great trend all over the world. More than 88% of people use search engines to find what they are looking for or need on the web. The main search engine used for various searches is Google.


The words that convert the most are the words or phrases that best match the search objectives of a brand's audience. These keywords will be used by search engines to find a web page that contains information, images, and content that is being searched or needed.


The keywords that convert the most will be the key to splitting a website for both organic positioning or SEO and Google AdWords advertising. It is this segmentation that will allow you to filter quality traffic to a digital site, attracting potential customers who are specifically looking for offers.


The added value of the keywords that convert the most


This is very common with any type of related keyword, results are already being achieved. But, the truth is that it takes good initial work to select the keywords that convert the most.


Many times the customer traffic attracted to the digital space is not enough. Thus these keywords need to be modified or replaced by others that provide higher conversion rates and better results in terms of reach, visibility, and engagement of an account or brand.


Not all keywords are directed to a website or business such as an online store. There may be some reasons that very general conditions are kept or there is too much competition to get good results. For this reason, a thorough study is needed to determine which keywords actually convert the most.


How to plan the keywords that convert the most for your business


To determine which keywords convert the most, an analysis or market study is needed. All this is effective in finding out which aspects were most decisive for customers about the products and services provided.


But, in addition, it is essential to have digital tools that make this investigation easier. For example, the most popular free option would be Google AdWords Keyword Planner. You can analyze any competitor's website, see the number of searches for each term, as well as their level of competition.


Here are some steps you need to take to determine the keywords that convert the most:


A.    Know how to listen

This is a very important quality that every company that wants to be different in digital marketing today must-have. If you know how to listen to the customer, you can determine the words that are most naturally associated with a product. Good SEO relies entirely on this qualitative analysis.


One important thing is to know how different clients work when doing a real test of Google search. How will these people search for a product or service, what words will they use, what search engine will they use, and so on?


B.    Advertising

It is very important to know what syntax a brand competitor uses to advertise his product. It gives the contestant an idea of ​​what kind of keywords to use and thus determines his own terms that can or cannot be used.


But, keep in mind that this does not mean that the words used by competitors are the most important and should only be taken as a reference.



C.    Tools to find the keywords that convert the most

Since Google is the most used search engine in the world, it is reasonable to say that tools provided by the same company are used to identify the keywords that convert the most. One of these tools is Google Trends, which provides statistics that are commonly used to manage the web.


There's also Google Adwords, which, through its Keyword Planner, lets you know which keywords are best for a brand's business and the value of each. Similarly, the application is used to plan various SEM promotions.


Here are 7 tips to determine which keywords convert the most


The following are some important tips to keep in mind when determining the keywords that convert the most for a brand.


1.     Analyze the buyer person

When talking about SEO, that is, optimizing web pages for search engines, the main goal is to attract more traffic to the information or digital space. For content to attract potential customers, it must be made from the market and brand-related research.


You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


A good way to get the keywords that convert the most is to know the potential customers. The points to determine about the ideal client include:


      Know what motivates them.

      What are your goals?

      What problems do they have?

      What do you want to solve with the products or services offered by the brand?

      What is the language they use on the Internet to use search engines?


2.     Keywords for each stage

It is important to have a list of keywords for each stage of the customer shopping journey and to determine which one works best. It should always be kept in mind that inbound marketing is based on the needs of the buyers on the features of the product or service.


For example, a mobile phone company must have keywords that indicate sales of its device. These can be: When to change the cell phone? Which phone has more RAM memory? Which is better for taking pictures? Etc.


3.     Specificity of the keywords that convert the most

The client needs to analyze and determine which selected keywords work best to reach the page where the proposed products and services are located. Perhaps in this process, you will find keywords that are very common and that involve other industries or sectors.


For this reason, it is important to prioritize and specify keywords so that they generate more conversions. An example might lengthen a keyword to make it more specific. It is very common to have the word "telephone" as a keyword.


On the other hand, if the length of a keyword is long, it can be more specific and send customers to the site of your choice. For example, you can put: "Phone with Super AMOLED screen". This is known as a long-tail keyword.


4.     The effectiveness of the keywords

Google Keyword Planner is a very useful tool that lets you view and analyze the behavior of a keyword in recent customer searches. So you can know how they have been used. It also works to find out how effective it is in generating traffic to a website


These tools are very important for testing the effectiveness of keywords. Measure the keyword's attraction to buyers. A keyword analysis is a fundamental step in any marketing strategy that seeks to achieve the best results.


5.     Include keywords in titles, subtitles, and descriptions

It is advisable to include keywords in titles, subtitles, and descriptions as keywords are mostly converted to these positional elements. Depending on the type of keyword, duplicates must work so that they are included in different texts.


This is one way to get a more successful index of blog entries in search engines and increase your chances of appearing first in search results.


6.     Content-based specifically on keywords

It's easy to have keywords that convert the most if the content provided by users is 100% related to the selected keywords. It is common to see keywords that have nothing to do with the content and this affects your final position. This is why it is important for keywords to be aligned with the most converted content.


7.     Take care of the density and length of the keywords


Keyword density is a key issue for SEO strategies. First, it is a percentage that indicates the level of presence of a keyword. In other words, the number of times a keyword appears in the content. It is important to appear several times to get the best use of the keyword.


Synonyms play an important role in not meeting people with the same word across a wide range of content. Thus, the content is fresh, legible, and easy to understand. And that Google penalizes content that has too many keywords


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