How to Manage Your Business's Social Networks

By Gretchen Clarke- Mar 08, 2022 15436

Online channels are a universe of corporate potential. But the decision to bet on digital marketing and stay on social media needs to be very strategic. 

For this, there is the management of social networks. This is a way to plan your activities according to the purpose of your company. It can help you so much so that you can get better results. 

If you still don't know what it is, stay tuned, because in this lesson we'll explain in detail how to manage your business's social networks. To start this conversation, let's take a closer look at this idea.

What is social media management? 

Managing Social Media Fully manages your social business activities. 

The process includes advanced plans and strategies that incorporate brand values ​​and aspects that customers want to convey. The possibility of communicating every step of the way online, thus, being in networks is also a way to nurture the relationship between brand and customer. 

In addition to planning, social media management involves preparing an editorial calendar, monitoring metrics, and analyzing results to understand the skills of the strategies and what can be optimized.

All of this can be done by a social media manager with an internal team or even by a contracted specialist company – such as FameNet!

How to create strategies on social media? 

Knowing what social media management is, now is the time to understand how to create a good media strategy. 

The first step is to establish your goal. Social networks can serve as a lead-generating portfolio or as a channel to educate the public to further develop brand branding and further strengthen the relationship between your business and customers. 

It will be easier for you to set your goals and choose your brand's existing social networks to get to know your audience and their personalities.


Which social network should my business be on? 

To understand which social network your business should run on, just think of one question: Where is your audience? Possibilities are many: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. 

Analyze which one best fits your business audience profile. For example, LinkedIn has a more serious and professional format that can be effective for B2B sales, where it seeks market services to other companies and/or entrepreneurs. 

TikTok has a younger audience. If this fits your brand, it can also be an excellent option.


What to post on social media? 

Another thing to think about a social media strategy is the possibility of different formats of publication. 

In this case, the personalities of your brand will determine which type of publication and format is most interesting, such as: 












If your goal is to educate people, tips, lessons, and caravans can be helpful. If your profile serves as a portfolio on networks, images and videos should be a great option to grab attention and delight the public. 

Polls can be great for interacting interestingly and positively with people, as far as you are concerned. Other formats, such as exploring storytelling techniques, can help with branding.


What is the standard frequency of publications? 

Maintaining a certain frequency of publications is very important in your social media strategy. After all, while on the networks, your brand begins to be committed to the people who follow your updates. 

Networks have different approaches to optimal frequency-related networks. It is possible to create a strategy for daily expressions or with a minimum frequency, for example, at least 3 times a week. 

In short, the essential thing is to always maintain the quality of the publication without putting too much pressure on the publication. Concentrate on being present, interacting with the audience, and most importantly, adding value and creating content that is consistent with your goals. 

One of the possibilities for organizing publications and maintaining routines is to create an editorial calendar.


How to create an editorial calendar? 

To develop an editorial calendar, first set the frequency of publications and set up a content production schedule. 

List other important details, dates, responsibilities, content format List This can be done, for example, through a spreadsheet that organizes and supports the entire production.


What is the best time to post on social media? 

Concern about the appropriate time to ask a common question when managing your business social network. 

There is no official answer. Again it will depend a lot on your audience. So, to find it, check out the best thing! 

On some networks like Instagram, you can analyze what your visitors do online when they get "insights" on their profile and then "see all" next to "your viewers" online. In this tab, you will find the most active periods for each day of the week and you will actually be able to create some insights for your strategy. 

In other cases, you can consider the lifetime of the post on each social network. On Instagram, a feed post lasts about 21 hours. This means it appears to followers within a 21-hour period. 

On Facebook, duration, on average five hours. In other words, if you make a post at 6 am, it may not be visible to anyone else at 11 am. Then consider how to better understand your audience's activity as you browse the web. 

Tools for automatic publishing

One of the possibilities for your strategy for social networks is to use a few tools so that you can schedule publications so that they are automatically created on a set date - which can greatly optimize production. 

If you choose only Facebook and Instagram, Facebook itself provides Creator Studio which lets you schedule publications for both social networks. 

How to analyze the results? 

In this universe of social media management of your business, know that icing on the cake is analyzing the results. 

If you don’t know what you’ve done and what needs to be improved, there’s no need to put so much effort into implementing and creating it. So, pay attention to the metrics that social networks offer. 

Tools like Instagram bring great accessible data, including engagement metrics, publications, content interactions, among others. 

With all of this, it’s possible to understand what kind of content is more successful and if it really brings results. 

So, try to understand what each metric means and consider other data and indicators such as return on investment.


Choose your Social Media agency

Network management is a long-term project, so it is important to make the right choice for your partner. Here are our tips for choosing a social media agency: 

      First, define your needs and expectations

      Choose all organizations according to their experience, success, and portfolio, client portfolio, client reviews ...

      Contact the selected agencies and see that they tick the boxes, especially as promised

      Set a budget and compare it to finding a supplier that matches what you're looking for


Your digital image depends on it. So make the right choice. 

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