How to use Instagram for business and sell more

By Mike Reiss- Mar 10, 2022 16765

Instagram has become one of the largest and top social networks in the world. Every company wants to know how to use it for business and sell more. Instagram ranks second after Facebook with more than 2 billion users. But this social network certainly creates many more interactions with brands, which shows us just how strategic it can be in digital marketing. 

It is noteworthy that each social network has a way of communicating and identifying with its audience. One mistake is to share the same content on social networks at the same time. It's easy, but it doesn't improve your results. Instagram is a complete platform for your company to do business.

In the case of Instagram, its main purpose is to engage followers through videos and photos. And those who use Instagram know that news is always coming! 

So follow this content and learn the best tips to create a business profile and sell more!


Why use Instagram for Business? 

App users access the platform to be inspired, discover new things, communicate and of course look for brands and companies like yours. 

According to the platform itself, they have over 1 billion accounts worldwide that use the app every month. 

      90% of people on Instagram follow companies and brands

      84% of people mentioned finding new products on Instagram

      2 out of 3 people in the company profile are not yet following the company.

How to create a company profile 

If you set up a business Instagram account, you can give people more information about your product, service, or company. 

Follow the steps below:


Step 1: Download and launch the app 

Download the Instagram app for iOS from the App Store.  For Android, you can download from the Google Play Store, or for Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store. After installing the app on the mobile, tap the icon to open it.


Step 2: Tell Who You Are 

Tap  Sign Up, enter your email address, and tap  Next,  or tap  Sign In with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook account.


Step 3: Set up a free business account 

 In the app, find the Settings, scroll down to switch to a work account, and select the Company. Once you have your own account, you can add relevant business information such as email, address, or phone number.


Step 4: Publish and Follow Users 

Post content that your potential followers want to see using relevant hashtags and follow similar accounts.


Step 5: Get a custom plan 

See step-by-step instructions on how to set up your business account and grow your community's followers. 

Now it's time to explore your business account features. 

When you have a business account on Instagram, you can add information so that your audience can communicate with you, get relevant information from your publications, stories, and followers. Promote your products and services and reach more people who are your target audience 

See what you can do with a business account: 

      Real-time metrics for performing everything you do on the platform throughout the day.

      Detailed information about your followers and how they interact with publications and stories.

      You can easily access your organization such as email, location, and telephone so that your followers can communicate.

      Creates creative communication through messages, comments, and interactive stickers.

      Also, promote publications and discover more people within the platform.


What kind of content should be posted on your business profile on Instagram? 

For Instagram, you have to tell stories by exploring different types of content. We've set out some best practice guidelines.


Photos and videos 

Remember we focused the platform on photos and videos? 

So choose publications carefully. They need to be noticed with color and movement.



Your text needs inspiration! Tell stories ... Tell your story and let people act on your profile. Texts should be concise and include a CTA (Call to Action) or Action Call.


How to get started on Instagram and sell more? 


Not sure what to post? Follow other accounts in your department in the most diverse places in the world. This is also true of companies that sell your complementary products or services.



Your company’s hashtags need to be relevant, follow your brand’s main page or company’s hashtags, or be most relevant to your niche. Start broadly and limit later. 

It's a great idea to save the posts you like. Start looking for patterns and rumors and create your own way to represent the organization.

Do not post "to the wind" 

Imagine that Instagram's business profile extends to your company's window or storefront. In your posts, visitors need to discover what you have to offer and connect with your brand. 

There is identity 

It is important for companies to identify their brands, publish them frequently, and maintain consistent patterns in photos and videos. 

Your brand identity may come from the same color palette or filter your photos or videos. Similar photos that show the unique side of your business also create a pattern. Another important factor is the tone of your brand, which can be: fun, casual, informative, or formal. And of course, often published! The more you publish on Instagram, the more interactions and viewers you will be able to attract.


How to start posting on a business profile? 

Set goals. Why is goal setting important? 

When we set goals, they help us focus on what we want to achieve, and we focus on their marketing efforts. 

The SMART methodology is effective for marketing planning. 

What is a SMART goal? 

S: Specific (specific) 

M: Measurable (measurable) 

A: Achievable (achievable) 

A: Relevant 

T: Time


Specific (specific) 

The clearer and more specific the better. You have to write it or say it in a way that anyone can understand. For example: Sell 50 products, get 100 new customers, or create 40 qualified entries.



Think about all the metrics you will use to measure whether you have reached your goal. These metrics must be quantitative (e.g. sales, revenue, or a large number of visitors to a website) and are measured in objective terms (e.g. quantity, quality, or cost). These will be displayed in numbers, percentages, or on a binary scale (yes or no) in the report.



You need to be realistic. Goals need to be within possible, achievable, and available resources.



Goals must be integrated with core business strategies.


Time-limit (with a fixed term) 

Start and end dates. This way you can analyze the important points and how you reached the deadline. 

Here's a Meta SMART plan for you. 

Three ways to share successful content on Instagram


Different formats 

Each type of organization and target audience behaves differently. It would be wrong for us or to say that this or that format works best. So, check it out! Instagram allows you to share content in multiple formats. Post it to the feed, create a story, an IG, reels, or even a live video. 

In the Feed

The feed is your company's showcase, an art gallery! It will be on your Instagram homepage for business. Use the feed to represent your brand. 

Your publications here must allow visitors to discover your products or services, they must understand that what you do is unique and attracts people to your website or online stores.



Here your brand needs to be more humane. The stories give an immersive, full-screen experience that can be viewed 24 hours a day. Share your authenticity, because as the stories are full screen, in this aspect you have eliminated confusion and increased engagement. 

Ideal for keeping your business afloat for instant moments, updates, promotions, behind-the-scenes, and interaction sharing.



Instagram likes live profiles. 

Live videos like stories are shown on full screen and viewed 24 hours a day. Live streaming You can use Instagram Live and thus prove online events, Q&A sessions, demonstrations ... in short, accurately! 

So, did you like our tips? Now is the time to implement it! 

Once you get started, tag us to share your profile or story!