Important Principles Of Influencer Marketing

By James Robert- Mar 01, 2023 159

What used to be called word of mouth or recommendation marketing is now known as effective marketing in the age of ubiquitous digital communication. Trusted guides, trusted stars, stars, or special statues - are the focus of today's alternative types of advertising. Image, loyalty, and authenticity are the greatest assets of a brand ambassador. What are the most important criteria for successful effective marketing?


The evolution of influencer marketing

We not only pay special attention to different stars, constellations, or idols, but we also believe in them. More skill, more energy, more style, more glamor - what they think is good can’t actually be wrong. This process is used by marketing agencies to target and recruit people as opinion leaders and brand ambassadors.


When we listen to the recommendations of our friends or acquaintances, the so-called influencers have increasingly taken on this role since the growing influence of the most diverse digital media.


The importance of social media

Influential people of this world are sitting at home on social networks like Facebook or Instagram. There they provide us with brief updates from their lives at regular intervals. The special structure of today’s media landscape with various possibilities for interaction plays a central role in influential marketing.


Posts can be shared with others with a simple click. With the help of networking principles, digital content is easily accessible to a large audience. Responses such as comments or general likes reveal additional information about how well something has been received by different target groups. Digital media now provides a comprehensive process for designing and distributing marketing systems in a very targeted or even individual manner.


Successful marketers cannot do without it. A recent study in collaboration with software expert Influry found that one in six digitally aware target groups of online users (aged 14 to 29) had already purchased a product that they mentioned had encountered an influencer. From this, it can be concluded that such ads can achieve particularly high injury rates when the interests match.


Influencers then and now

Influential people in the marketing world are not really new models. Even before the age of social media, special effects from different individuals were used to target group-based advertising systems. Then only the means of communication were different. Desired target groups can be addressed primarily through print media. The most diverse field of interest is the question of magazines or fanzines.


From this time on, the niches or tendencies of the general influencers in the sports world are found. Various surfers and skaters were initially seen as pioneers in media-effective sculpture and marketing. Through initial collaboration with sportswear or fashion labels, they leapfrog professional athletes and thus set completely new standards in career opportunities.


A good example here is skateboard legend Natas Kaupas, who has made a lasting impression on the scene in this area. He was one of the first to use his own potential and launch his own products on the market with his own designs for skateboards. Collaborate with shoe manufacturer Etnies and follow their own signature shoe model first. Her cult status and her authentic lifestyle in the skateboard scene have made her the perfect brand ambassador. Today, the busy athlete is the creative director of the fashion label Quixilver.


Today, influential people can come directly from the media sector. YouTubers, Instagrammers, or those who have gained some notoriety on platforms like Snapchat or are among the whole new generation of influential personalities. An example, in this case, is the twins Lisa and Lena, who have so far built a unique internet career with the help of Snapchat. With clever management, they were able to quickly gather millions of followers on Instagram. They have now marketed their own clothing line and played guest roles in a movie.


 Different types

Authenticity - This is probably the most important keyword in influential marketing and plays a major role in many aspects. Depending on the target group addressed by the marketing measure, different types of influencers can have the most potential impact. The factor of identity with the influencer, his lifestyle, and his attitude is also effective.


There are different models used to differentiate between different types. A basic classification is made based on the way loyalty of influential personalities is shown:


      Role models: Different types of people can be considered role models. Also to prominent athletes, musicians or actors, there are also personalities who are known only to a small group and who belong to a certain subculture. They are characterized by special skills or desirable qualities and behaviors that make them role models. Thus, they create that trust in the target group.


      Lover: This group of people demonstrates a strong affinity for a particular brand or product. For example, musicians may have a special connection with a particular instrument manufacturer and have sufficient experience working with related products. This positive connection ensures that the target group believes in relevant recommendations. Marketing systems usually have a strong emotional component.


      Experts: With experts, the focus is primarily on the professional side. Because of their job, their education, or other qualifications, they have a high level of expertise in a particular area and they radiate a certain authority. This aspect gives their statements or opinions a strong weight and a high degree of credibility.


Influencer Marketing Psychology

Go back to the truth. At this point, the credibility of an influential person stands and falls. Media-savvy consumers can clearly distinguish inexperienced advertising from subtle recommendations. Here it is important to continue to walk the individual turboprop and design the relevant content appropriately.


Why do we follow and trust certain influencers?

Anyone who regularly stays on different social media channels has different reasons to pay attention to their specific personalities and their contributions. Aesthetics is the key word here. When it comes to fashion and cosmetics, it’s the visually interesting pictures that we like the most. They make glamorous outfits look chic, always perfectly styled, and in a beautiful environment. Even in the case of nutrition, aesthetics is the most important factor in attracting attention. The food area is the only one that is equally popular among all ages.


The same applies to travel: The breathtaking view of foreign destinations around the world makes us want to travel. Also to aesthetics, inspirational texts are among the factors appealing to the target audience. Influencers allow us to participate in their “exclusive” or exciting lives through aesthetic contributions, which give birth to many desirable or specific desires.


These processes are used to increase the number of followers. Thus, countless people previously unknown have become social media stars. We trust some people more than others for a variety of reasons:


Notoriety: A certain degree of notoriety gives a person a more influential image and supports their authority. This point can only be negative if the reputation is damaged through negative reporting in the media. At this point, the number of followers becomes important in marketing. As a guideline, an influencer is someone who has more than 10,000 followers. The following deviations may only apply to a specific niche or subculture personality known to a limited target group.


Attractiveness: If a person looks attractive to us, physically or through certain traits, we trust them more. Also, we often rate physically attractive people as more likable and friendly, which contributes to a positive perception.


Identification: If a person has certain behaviors, personality traits, or even physical characteristics with which we can identify ourselves or what we can identify, we are more likely to have confidence in them. Personal interests should also be largely matched.


Admiration: When a person has something for which we admire them, it often arouses the desire to imitate them. We can be like that to a certain extent by buying the products that the influencers themselves use. Exclusivity plays an important role here, it underscores the uniqueness of the person or what they are committed to.


Authenticity and notoriety

Some of the values ​​we associate with them tend to be determinants of an influencer’s trust and reputation. Truthfulness stands in a special relationship with the level of awareness:


Although a certain amount of confidence is placed on prominent people from the beginning, they also have a certain distance due to their high profile. It is difficult to get acquainted with them. Confidence in their recommendations depends on the reasons for appreciation or efficiency.


On the other hand, lesser-known personalities, who only attract attention through their activities on social media, seem to be more authentic and credible with product recommendations because they are more communicative. Their way of life is usually not so good.


The credibility of influencers depends, among other things, on their ability to work with advertising products. However, the more different brands or product categories are recommended by the influencer, the less credible they will be.