Inbound Marketing: Boost Your Sales With Some Tips

By Gretchen Clarke- Oct 29, 2022 125

There are good examples of inbound marketing for those who want to run a campaign with a high probability of results. 

So, whatever your reason for coming to this article, you will find lots of useful examples here. Also, these tips apply to B2B or B2C companies, the most diverse sizes and sectors. 

And since the big focus here is on the example of inbound marketing that has been successfully applied to drive a cell. This makes them easy to use as inspiration for your own strategies.


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Ready to get inspired? So let’s dig deeper into the examples of introverted marketing to sell more!


An example of introverted marketing that cannot be missed: 

Corporate blogs are always a great bait that can attract the best searches your company has to offer. Thus, they help drive traffic, leads, and sales.


Articles are examples of introverted marketing that helps with your search engine optimization strategy.


Also, they can be shared on social media. It helps your company establish thought leadership in your market.


A useful tip for running content marketing - which applies to both blogs and social networks - is to answer key customer questions.


      Price: The price of the product depends on various factors. So this is also an opportunity to explain. This way your customers will know what goes into the budget from your sales team;

      Problem: If you are available to solve the pain that your customers may feel, you stop selling products/services to sell the solution. In addition, consumers today are looking for greater clarity in relationships;

      Comparison: Showing both sides of the coin makes your business look credible. It further shows that you have experience and confidence in your solution;

      Rating: Articles like these not only build trust with your leads but also help your business rank higher in searches by your competitors.


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Infographics get your leadership attention

Your lead doesn't always have the time (or desire) to swallow content that takes longer to access.


Sometimes your lead wants to quickly see the data presented in an aesthetically pleasing format. This is why an infographic is one of the best examples of introverted marketing.


Also, relevant information - especially for your industry - can get enough buzz in your content market.


Thus, with each new sharing, your brand expands the horizons of your already established digital presence. So if you can talk to people about your brand, you increase your chances of further conversion.


The white paper can be part of your strategy

It is an in-depth and well-researched part of the educational content. Here it is strategic to adopt a slightly more formal tone than to use in a blog post.


So make it a general rule that your leads will download this content because they expect higher perseverance, depth, originality, and value.


One of the great advantages of white paper over other examples of introverted marketing is that it provides value to qualified people for your product or service. Also, you can get contact information in exchange.


That way, you can use email marketing through conversions to get more accurate leads.


Among the examples of introverted marketing, ebooks have a prominent role

The benefits of an ebook are similar to whitepapers, another opportunity to position your brand as an authority in your industry.


It is usually free material, contact information is exchanged. Thus, it contributes to your lead scoring and more efficient nutrition processes.


Case studies are made by the authorities

Put yourself in your leadership shoes: When he comes to a case study he is browsing your company blog.


This content tells the story of a company - with a similar profile - that bought the solution a while ago. From there, it has made positive returns.


So this solution has made a huge difference for the featured customer. Naturally, the leadership will ask itself, "Does this mean it can work for me too?"


One of the strengths of this case study is the inward marketing examples covered here.


Because this lead shows that your product or service has worked wonders for companies (or people) like them. That’s a nice argument in the sales cycle, isn’t it?


Webinars: Building a Quality Collection

For some time, many corporate routines have only just begun to happen online. While this makes it much more agile and fast, it can also create distance between your relationship with your customers and leads.


Webinars can be the solution. Because the presence of a real person - even if only through voice - creates the feeling that your brand is communicating directly with your leadership.


Because the format works as an internet seminar. It is discourse-style content, presented to an exclusive web audience.


With this format, you have the opportunity to provide valuable information led by one member (or multiple members) of your team. All in a highly engaging and personalized way.


Like other examples of introverted marketing, it also offers the opportunity to capture information from your leads. Thus you have a particularly effective lead generation strategy. Not to mention that it creates a collection of quality content for your digital strategy. 


Podcasts are just one example of introverted marketing

Like webinars, podcasts have the potential to add some personality to your brand. That way, when your leadership makes their final decision, they will remember you as a valuable, relevant asset.


Creating a podcast is not as difficult as it may seem. If you have a laptop and some microphones, you're done. Attention: Choose topics of interest in your ideal customer profile.


Video is widely used in introverted marketing

Currently, many companies are betting on a high volume of video content. In fact, it is a format that is breaking the record of use here in Brazil, it is one of the examples of effective inbound marketing.


Also, you already know why people want to see it when they browse Facebook and Instagram: Video makes your brand come alive. And more: this is a great opportunity to reuse materials produced in other formats.


So you may not have time to visit your webinar under your leadership. But as he scrolls through the LinkedIn timeline he can probably pause for a few minutes and get his insights.


Conclusion: How will your internal strategy move forward?

Now you know some of the most effective examples to make your strategy successful.


Of course, not all of these strategies are right for your business. In fact, after reading this you will even see that only one or two of these examples fit your plan.


This is already a big step, after all, you don’t have to do everything all the time. Like every digital marketing plan, it is an evaluation process and testing and evaluation to determine which is best for your business. Adjustment as well.


Once you find the best job for your business, the results will follow. But if you want to speed it up, come to us. We specialize in applying digital marketing for business success like yours.