Influencer Marketing Strategy: 8 Mistakes To Avoid

By Gretchen Clarke- Nov 09, 2022 120

Do you know the most common mistakes in Influencer Marketing? Digital marketing has evolved over time and in recent years the discipline of influencer marketing has gained much importance. Thanks to these influential profiles, companies can promote themselves in an original and innovative way where social networks play a central role.


However, there are some mistakes in influencer marketing that must be avoided in order to be successful. The fact that this field of marketing has become so popular is related to the rise of social networks, streaming platforms, etc. in recent years.


This strategy is very positive for all that these characters offer customers. Remember that they have a high capacity to impress the audience through their content and actions. Therefore, they are important in terms of the level of the suffix of customers of a particular brand.


However, with that power comes a great responsibility behind them. Influencer marketing mistakes make them seem more common. In the blink of an eye, all the work done year after year can be broken down into poor implementation. You always have to be careful about the message and the tone in which the information is conveyed.


The importance of choosing the right profile


Influencer marketing is an innovative marketing strategy that gains a lot of visibility on the internet and social networks and achieves various collaborations between companies and brands with prominent people: Influencers. In other words, they are like celebrities on social media.


These profiles have grown as a result of the rise of the Internet and social networks and companies are willing to work with them. Influential people have a lot of charisma and they can easily attract people's attention. Someone has thousands of followers and someone has millions.


In other words, they are really rough diamonds for the brand, but not everything is pink. Many of these influencers may make mistakes, send the wrong message or be vague in expressing ideas. These are often the most common influencer marketing mistakes, but there are many more.


Thus, when working with this type of strategy it is essential to find the right profile that accurately represents the brand values. If the influencer values ​​are not integrated with the brand, their credibility with the public will be less.


Advantages of influencer marketing


There are many benefits to having an influencer marketing strategy and most importantly:


      It is possible to increase the positive message or target of the brand in the face of the public.

      More conversations are created on social networks about a brand's content, products, and services.

      Increases traffic to the brand's website or its landing page.

      Influential people follow very well and have a great ability to persuade their audience.

      Properly designed, built, and launched, an influencer marketing campaign will not be too expensive for a brand.

      The brand gains fame, prestige, and position in the minds of the customers.


8 mistakes in Influencer Marketing to avoid in a strategy


There are a number of flaws in influencer marketing that are quite frequent that should be avoided in order to achieve optimal results. While the use of influencers is recognized as a highly profitable strategy, the truth is that it requires a lot of planning.


In terms of visibility, reach and engagement for a brand, influencer marketing becomes outstanding. But, as mentioned earlier, the key is to find the ideal influencer. Be aware even if there are many more errors.


1.     Improvise in Influencer Marketing


If you want to achieve the best results, improving the world of digital marketing is not a good option. As with any marketing strategy, this type of action must have a well-established plan that minimizes errors in influencer marketing. It is important to consider important, measurable, and achievable objectives


There are a number of factors that need to be considered in order to make the best use of an influencer campaign. It all starts with choosing a good influencer who knows how to deliver a product or service message following the company's values, goals, and vision.


The behavior of the audience at this moment is also very important. Select the media to which the message will be sent, message frequency, etc. Every detail of the campaign should be planned so that there is no flaw in influencer marketing.


2.     Select influencers according to the number of followers they have


One of the most common marketing mistakes is to assume that the more followers there are on the profile, the better the results of the marketing campaign. This is a complete lie, although it can be assumed that a large number of people have come, it does not guarantee success.


Your level of authority with your followers, your commitment, and your confidence in them should be a priority in choosing the right influencer. It is common to find influencers with fewer followers, but the response to CTA is greater than that of influencers with millions of followers.


3.     Work with influencers who do not agree with the brand


Influential people are seen by their followers as famous personalities and give confidence to their entire audience. His words are almost sacred, but the fact is that they can be one of the most influential marketing mistakes. And again, this would mean that you have to spend on these processes.


In this way, followers can have a clear and concise message, since customers see the influencer as someone who knows everything related to the product or service they offer and, at the same time, can make a sincere recommendation.


4.     Apply strategies only to sell: mistakes in Influencer Marketing


Although sales are the ultimate goal of an influencer marketing strategy, it can be considered as one of the most common influencer marketing mistakes. Followers or clients want to avoid such campaigns at any cost, so it is a double-edged sword.


The best part of an influencer marketing campaign is to reconsider the proposed objectives and test the company in the minds of the customers for recognition rather than direct sales as the ultimate aim.


5.     Do not contract with legal effects


This is another mistake of influencer marketing. And that is, if the official does not appoint an influential person, the working relationship can be broken. It is best to keep everything in writing before starting a relationship between the company and the influencer. The key to a professional approach.


When approaching an influencer, it should be done in a serious and professional way. It will enhance the relationship and work done by both parties to achieve the ultimate goal.


6.     Do not measure the results obtained


Any strategy or campaign must be evaluated. This will allow you to know where to improve, where to apply all resources, and where to focus on future campaigns. It is better not to continue the working relationship or measure the behavior and performance of the influential person.


When working with an influencer, the following aspects should be considered:


      Brand recognition, which is the average traffic of website visits and traffic across different platforms. Such as videos, posts, and links.

      Follower engagement that measures comments and likes generated by followers of that influencer.

      CTA calls relate to how many downloads or subscriptions a product has received.

      Follow-up-to-sales conversion: It measures sales volume after running an influencer campaign.

      Customer loyalty is the customer's commitment to the brand, it measures its interaction with the products or services offered.


7.     Have control of the content


The brand must implement a series of minimum requirements that the influencer must send in its message. But the truth is that one of the most common mistakes of influencer marketing is not letting the latter work. And, at the end of the day, they are the ones who have the voice of command when sending or not sending messages.


Content must adhere to certain things set by the brand, but the creative process must be part of the influencer as a whole. Interference with this process can be counterproductive. Ultimately, influencers know the brand, the audience, and how to reach it in the most effective way.


8.     Do not study how the influencer has behaved with other previous brands


An influencer is an employee who has had the opportunity to work with other brands. So, it is advisable to know how you have worked and whether there are any rewards for your work in sales, marketing, etc. The credibility of the profile is crucial to avoid mistakes in influencer marketing.


If an influential person constantly appears with different commercial brands, it means that his interest as an ambassador of the company is not true and he does it only for economic interests. This could have an impact on future work for the brand and influencer.


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