Influencer Marketing: The Benefits of Influencers in Marketing?

By Mike Reiss- May 29, 2023 64

Influencer marketing is a strategy that is gaining more ground among companies, as well as being adopted by marketers. It is able to bring satisfactory results and increase the reach of the brand.

 Digital marketing has brought many changes in the way brands, products, and services are promoted. It works through various channels, such as an institutional website, blogs, and social networks. Also, among other platforms that promote content production.


The Internet has made it possible to promote companies and their solutions through digital marketing. But it changed consumer behavior and gave birth to a new way of producing content.


Known as digital influencers, these individuals are users who have a large number of followers on various platforms and influence the decisions and lifestyles of their followers.


Gradually, they are becoming more and more important on the web. Many companies have already realized the potential of these content creators for their digital marketing strategies.


The result is influencer marketing. This article will help you understand its concept, its benefits, its purpose, and how to measure the results of this exercise.


What is influencer marketing and its purpose?

Influencer marketing is a digital marketing strategy that consists of a partnership between companies and independent content producers. They are able to influence a large number of people who engage with their channel.


The goal of working with digital influencers is to build a bridge between brands and audiences influenced by these individuals. As a result, the company manages to create a positive impact on its digital marketing strategies.


Every type of company, such as a domestic air conditioner specializing in gas cargo, aims to acquire new customers, create value for people, and trust and retain those who have already bought with them.


All this is easier when the techniques are worked with people who have already won the trust of the audience and with whom the audience identifies themselves and allows them to be influenced.


Digital influencers are seen as intimate users as opposed to celebrities. By identifying the public with influencers, the company has the opportunity to present its solutions.


Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing aims to promote important connections between brands and consumers through digital influencers.


According to a survey, 92% of consumers trust recommendations made by others more. And it shows that such a strategy can be very valuable for business.


For a bookbinding company to succeed in this endeavor, it is essential to know how to plan. With it, you get access to multiple benefits, such as:


1.     Increases customer confidence

Through influencer marketing, the organization will dialogue with people and everything will be based on trust. If you want to increase your sales by partnering with content producers, you need to convince the influencer first.


Some entrepreneurs and managers believe that an exchange of their product or an offer is enough to make a referral to an influencer. But before accepting a campaign, he wants to make sure the company's values ​​match his own.


No one is willing to lose credibility just to earn a fee, so finding someone who agrees with the business philosophy is essential. That's why planning and setting goals are so important.


2.     Reach the target audience

Another big advantage of this strategy is that influencers are able to create interesting content for the business niche.


Once the brand has identified the right influencer for its action, it does not need to spend additional funds to find its audience, as it is already promoted on social media.


3.     Delivers value to the public

When an outdoor wood panel manufacturer invests in content marketing, its goal is to create content that solves problems, educates people, and inspires audiences.


Influencer marketing manages to incorporate this concept, as influencers are attuned to the needs of their followers. Naturally, it becomes easier to monetize content and provide value.


4.     Strengthens content marketing

One of the main features when working with content marketing is the need to create an editorial calendar, but during production, some gaps may appear.


Influencer marketing can fill that, and it works great when a company has run out of story ideas, but still needs quality content on its pages.


5.     Improves brand perception

Through influencer marketing, a tablecloth and stain cover maker is able to expand its reach and improve its online presence.


Social media users can learn more about the company, its history, its values ​​, and the solutions it offers.


But, to use the strategy with effect, it is important to ensure the delivery of valuable content that drives the company's presence in various channels, such as:







The organization will be present on different platforms, the influencer will be able to use different means to promote it, which expands the presence of both.


6.     Build winning partnerships

Connecting and engaging with influencers is the start of a strong relationship for both of you. The brand doesn't know where these connections might end up, but in the long run, it will have access to amazing benefits for its bottom line.


For example, a coffee machine rental company may be invited to events, lectures, and online courses, among others.


Obviously, for this to be possible, it is essential to link the business with someone you trust, who is well positioned and speaks to the same audience as you.


How to measure strategy results

In addition to analyzing the numbers, all the work done with the influencer needs to be analyzed. The company must analyze whether the creatives are entertaining if they speak the truth and if they really create a connection between it and the audience.


Like many other digital marketing strategies, influencer marketing requires analyzing results during campaigns.


While social media metrics are important, other factors need to be explored. Creating a report is the best way to ensure that the proposed objectives are being achieved.


But, before analyzing the effectiveness of their dominant marketing strategy, manufacturers of personalized prescription glasses must define certain aspects.


For example, see what the business objectives are, the type of campaign planned if it is launching a new product, what the sales action is, if the campaign wants to change the brand perception or if it wants to reach new audiences.


These and other questions completely change the analysis that needs to be done. So only the information provided by social networks is not able to answer the company's doubts.


Some of the metrics that need to be part of the report are related to reaching, number of impressions, number of new visitors to the site, the impact of the campaign, and the financial income it brings.


But in addition to looking at recognition metrics, a party coverage company needs to look at consideration metrics.


Its most important elements include engagement, increase in followers, number of website clicks, number of new visitors, saved content on Instagram, increase in Google searches, and retargeting strategies.


Also check how the conversion metrics are doing, as they show the effectiveness of the campaign


The most important are the number of leads, number of website conversions, number of coupons used, in-store conversions, and in-app downloads.


To produce a good report, a company specializing in black ACM facades must collect data and perform a subjective analysis of the results.


These include creating print posts, printing relevant comments, identifying sentiment in comments, and leveling influencers' engagement with campaigns.


Final considerations

It is not today that digital influencers stand on the Internet and are able to influence the lifestyles and decisions of their followers.


Unlike celebrities who are seen as untouchable by the public, influencers are close to the audience and seen as ordinary people.

At the same time, they speak to a large number of people and build an identity with their audience. Forming partnerships with them, besides expanding the reach of the brand, is a way of humanizing it and getting closer to the masses.