Influencer Marketing: The Trends Not To Be Missed In 2022

By Gretchen Clarke- Mar 10, 2023 100

By now companies know this: you can’t leave out a proper influencer marketing strategy to increase sales of their products and build a strong community around their brand.


Improving your visibility through characters with a certain following on social networks is a great strategy. So much so that to date 80% of promotional plans are based on effective marketing.


What are the 2022 influencer marketing trends? How do you find influencers to hire?


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The communication strategy

For the success of an effective marketing campaign, it is essential to follow a line of continuous communication with the brand head.


Creating an editorial calendar with the date of publication, type of publication, a draft of the subject script, performance forecast, and above all the definition of goal achievement is crucial.


Staying at this last point, remember that without measurable goals you can never understand that a campaign should be considered a success or a failure.


And now comes to the $1 million questions: How can I predict its performance?


The answer is simple: by asking influencers for reports on data from previous similar campaigns and, if they have never done any, by asking them for a report of generic data (such as views, interaction rate of their users, etc.).


Once the data is obtained, they need to be studied in such a way that potential performance can be predicted (of course this is an indicator forecast and not specific).


Why does influencer marketing work?

Influencer Marketing Trends Before moving on to 2022, let’s see why this strategy is the most popular among companies. It is primarily a form of propaganda that does not interfere with the conduct of other activities. Content published by influencers is not a sponsored post that intersects the feed but fits perfectly with the shares that users see on their walls.


Thus, communication is more fluid. The user has no idea that he is seeing an ad. Thus the content is more likely to be seen at the end, if it is a video, or if it is confronted with a captioned image instead, it is more likely to pause.


Two more benefits of influencer marketing are due to the character's choice: the latter, in fact, has accumulated a loyal community over time, and the belief is the basis of any kind of communication, even in marketing. Thus, if an influential person talks about the benefits of a particular product, their audience will believe them and probably try it. Also, each influencer targets a specific class of users, making the target more precise and immediate.


The trend in influencer marketing 2022

Every year we can expect news from the world of social media marketing. Companies must pay attention to new trends, not just to allow their customers to find them, but to build a trusted community that talks about the brand, making it known to other people.


What's new this year?


Micro or nano influencer

They have different types of influencers depending on the size of their community. There is no need to always focus on great people with a consistent following. There are usually two reasons: the cost of collaboration can be exorbitant for some companies, while visitors may be too high for a particular product.


Micro-influencers with less than 25,000 users, while nano-influencers have only a few thousand. But, according to research, these characters manage to create more engagement. The reason is that some of their followers are very close to the brand.


By focusing on nano and micro-influencers, brands will be able to achieve profitable collaborations in the face of a specific goal and more targeted communication for a lower budget.


Live stream shopping

Live stream shopping is an idea that was born in 2021 but is expected to grow rapidly this year. Influencers will use live videos to promote their community products.


All major social networks, including live streaming, have now developed a solution to enable live shopping, and the tool is expected to be widely used in the coming months. To convert users further, influencers need to come up with key ideas, so that the live presentations are flat and the products are not annoying.


It points to the Metaverse

This trend is still being tested and we will probably have to wait a few more years before it becomes a real trend among companies. But, something is already moving. We are already thinking of creating the same involvement of a virtual influencer, an avatar capable of talking to the public, and a real person.


They will be able to break the boundaries of reality, prove to be very versatile, and at the complete disposal of companies that want to rely on effective marketing. But for now, we have to wait a little longer.


More video and audio

Tik Tok and Clubhouse have collected an index number of new members over the past year. The reason is obvious: with new technology to support Internet connection, users can access more quality images and faster loading content.


Images and text are losing their level of engagement, while videos and podcasts are gathering more interested users. Both of these formats are simpler and less demanding than the text of an article or post. In particular, podcasts replace the pages of a book or newspaper article, thus becoming the preferred way for those who do not have time to read.


Influencers, so no longer alone on Instagram. There are some that focus only on audio. Companies and manufacturers need to create new ways to promote their products without having to display them, as has always been the case with radio.


Social causes and inclusiveness

Social activism has further increased since the recent epidemic and in 2022, the influencers will be the messengers of social problems. Organizations that deal with these types of issues, such as body positivity, inclusion, donations, etc., will be able to rely on increasingly committed influencers against all forms of discrimination.


Companies will thus be invited to communicate their messages effectively, carefully choosing the influencers they want to collaborate with. Furthermore, this trend allows companies to focus on promoting values ​​rather than just selling products or services. Marketing is not what it used to be, where turnover growth was the most important factor.


We are in an age where people have learned to look beyond material values ​​rather than looking for linearity within their thinking and brand.


So these are the influencer marketing trends of 2022 that brands need to consider to improve their presence on social networks and get more customers through these tools. There are also companies that help brands quickly and targeted identify influential people, such as FameNet, which works with social media to search for well-known personalities and monitor the content they create so that they are always of great quality.