Influencer Marketing Trends For 2022: Keep A Close Eye On New Ideas

By Gretchen Clarke- Dec 28, 2022 63

The trend of influencer marketing 2022 is going to change greatly compared to the previous year due to the advancement of technology. Companies around the world have realized the importance of influencers in their content strategies to create visibility and sales. 

And that means the Influencer Marketing 2022 trend will focus on changing their habits to make them more familiar with their brand interests. These are just some of the goal-setting settings you can use. It is clear that the creation of these characters will lead to a new form of communication. 

Influential people have shown their importance in current marketing strategies. Social networks are where these influencers thrive. To date, 1.2 billion people worldwide have at least one account on some major social networks. This makes them the target of many companies and influential people.


Get to know influencer marketing in depth 

The number of followers on various social networks is a favourite goal for companies that want to sell their products. Over time, brands have begun to think about how to reach those people. This is how the image of influential people came up. The Influencer Marketing 2022 trends are at an angle, but you need to understand where they came from. 

About 7000 million followers subscribe to all existing social networks. This number increases the potential of the target audience almost infinitely. Influential people lend their image to a recognized figure in the digital world to send a message in favor of a company's marketing campaign. 

The trends in influencer marketing 2022 consist of achieving collaboration between the influencer and the brand. So that they promote products and services through digital channels. This strategy can be beneficial for both the influencer and the brand. One of the most important things is to know how to choose the visible face of the brand to be influential.


The added value of knowing how to choose an influencer in marketing trends 2022 

For the B2B strategy to be effective, brands must choose and identify the right people and platforms to share this content with. The best influencers are those who know the company and its products first hand. Thus, they are mostly directed to their audience. 

47% of marketing teams worldwide claim to have worked with influential people and say that this is a strategy that gives them the best results. Using the trend of Influencer Marketing 2022 can be just as effective as email marketing or SMS marketing. 

Only in the year 2019, 64% of the people who used this strategic plan increased their budget in their campaigns due to its positive results. The trends in influencer marketing 2022 only indicate that this strategy is going to increase next year and it is important to know how to master it to get the maximum benefit from it.


Trends in influencer marketing 2022

Below are some trends that are going to start in 2022 Influential. People in the world of digital marketing are gaining more and more recognition. And this is being reflected in the new formats and forms of communication that are coming.


1.     Natural connections with followers 

The coronavirus pandemic forced millions of people to take shelter in their homes and that made them change their consumption habits. Everything started to be managed digitally through mobile devices. Influential people take advantage of this situation and present themselves as the truth. This has made them the target of choice of fans for their charisma, personality, etc. 

Achieving a method through these values ​​like charisma and personality allows you to reach more people without the need to invest a lot of money. As expected in the trend of Influencer Marketing 2022, economic communication with followers is essential.


2.     The video format 

The video format used by influential people today is experiencing a significant increase. It is enough to see characters like The Rock, or Cristiano Ronaldo advertising products through videos on their personal social networks. And this video is the most interesting format for the viewers. 

Video works well because more and more people are using mobile devices with the advantage of using video. Platforms are also increasingly being dedicated to this format, such as YouTube, Twitch, and others.


3.     Brands in favour of social inclusion 

Various social movements around the world also played a role in influencing the Marketing 2022 trend. Using influencers can greatly benefit the message you want to convey to these people. 

And it proves that people prefer brands that are committed to the moral and social values ​​of the community. Influential people have a lot to offer when it comes to embracing different cultures, political trends, and lifestyles.


4.     More real influencers: trends in influencer marketing 2022 

Another trend of Influencer Marketing 2022 is to have personalities that are more realistic because they attract more people within a particular theme. For example, in the USA, the famous influencer brand NIKE plays within the theme of national sports to be attractive and at the same time fun with his audience. 

Showing influential people aspects of daily life is a great way to stay close to the public and build empathy for them. Talking, asking, answering questions is another way to generate a strong community within the trends in influencer marketing 2022.


5.     The use of the podcast: trends in influencer marketing 2022 

Podcasts are growing in popularity and in 2022, with the incredible arrival of this format, they will be much more visible. Also, there are many platforms that allow the use of podcasts such as Google, Apple, Spotify. Similarly, it is considered as one of the best ways to send quality images and sound content. 

Promoting podcasts worldwide is related to being able to watch these videos and broadcast them online through various channels. There are thousands of podcasts that are created every day, to be successful you need to have a suitable theme and a well-prepared script.


6.     Nano and micro-influencers 

Sometimes, having a known influencer for a brand is not an easy task. Thus, within the trends in influencer marketing, 2022 is that of micro and nano influencers. These are influencers with a much smaller number of followers that range between zero and 200 thousand followers. 

These are cheaper influencers than usual for brands and thus more attractive in terms of ROI and profitability. Despite having fewer followers than others, their engagement rate is much higher, which in the end is much better for engagement, and collaboration tends to be more effective.


7.     Long-term collaborations 

Brands will always like to continue their past experiences with one strategy or another. In this sense, companies will want in 2022 that relationships with influential people become more sustainable. This is one of the most important marketing trends for 2022 in terms of cost reduction.


8.     Offers based on performance: trends in influencer marketing 2022 

It has been determined that offers based on 2022 performance will begin to appear throughout the year. In other words, companies need a minimum number of clicks and sales from influencers to know exactly how the person is performing. This will lead to the increasing study and preparation of effective marketing 2022 trend strategies.


9.     Employed Advocacy 

At this point, companies will start using the same team of employees to convey a specific message. The effectiveness of this strategy needs to be seen in the future as not all employees have the minimum number of followers that should be considered. 

The fact is that the heads of the organizations may be the ones who decide to put themselves in the role of influential people who send messages. The trend of Influencer Marketing 2022 goes for everything and this coming year, brands will apply all their creativity in achieving their marketing and sales goals. 

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