Influencer Marketing: Why Should Brands Use Influencer Marketing?

By James Robert- May 18, 2023 55

During the pandemic, people started using more entertaining social media platforms such as global phenomenon TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Some have used it to create content for fun during the lockdown, while others have used it.

 Despite this, the average daily cost has increased due to COVID. This means that people start to feel involved in the lives of the content creators they interact with and link to the most.


But influencer marketing is neither new nor entirely related to social media channels. It goes back a long time because people have always had icons to follow what they have or what they want. That glimmer of fame, glamor, and success that we want so badly that we'll do ridiculous things if it means we'll be like our favorite celebrities.


What does it mean to be an influencer?

An influencer is a person in a social network who has a great influence on a certain number of followers and users because of their lifestyle, values ​​, or beliefs. Influencers express opinions on various topics and activities on their accounts.


We have to recognize the power they have gained and they have become an excellent digital marketing strategy for brands. So it is important to know a little more about the matter.


First, we need to understand that there are different classifications:


Depending on the platform they are on:


1.     YouTuber

They are dedicated to creating videos for the YouTube platform. This content can be humor, entertainment, travel, vlogs, food, or tutorials.


2.     Streamers

They are gamers who play video games in real-time and broadcast on a streaming platform. Twitch is the most desired streaming platform today. Others that are used are Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Periscope.


3.     TikTok

They create content for the Tiktok platform. This application uploads videos of different durations; Where they usually dance, create funny situations, and provide tips on a particular topic among other things.


4.     Instagram

Influencers are those who are most active on the Instagram platform. Your activity is based on uploading photos, stories, and short videos to this application.


5.     Blogging

They are people dedicated to managing a blog for individuals or companies. Its job is to regularly publish informative content, as well as drive traffic to the right audience or generate sales.


6.     Vlogging

They are people who have a video channel where they periodically upload content. As influencers, they specialize in one topic, but they work with different types of content: tutorials, interviews, testimonials, microblogging, etc.


Depending on the number of followers.


1.     Nano-influencer

They are those with a small community, 1,000 to 10,000 followers. Although its number of followers is small, its audience is extremely loyal.


2.     Micro-influencer

Micro-influencers can reach up to 100,000 followers. The reputation of most of these profiles was born on the social networks themselves. They have a high level of engagement and a highly segmented audience


3.     Macro-influencer

Macro influencers go from 100,000 to 1 million followers They tend to be as popular as Micro for their profiles on various social networks. They have a large audience and, moreover, are cultivated thanks to their constant relationship with this audience, so they are loyal.


4.     Mega-influencer

Among such influencers, we usually find celebrities, previously known characters, or gamers, who reach large audiences, and thus these audiences are very diverse.


5.     Brand Advocate

They are users who don't necessarily have a large number of followers but are very loyal to a particular brand. This makes them good ambassadors for attracting new customers or people interested in specific products or services. Your content is very organic.


6.     Everyday influencer

Your audience is very close, for example, your friends, colleagues, family, or neighbors it could be anyone from 1 to 5,000 followers. They are usually people who recommend products and services that they use themselves, so their followers trust their publications.


If you pick the right influencers and run campaigns with them, you can catapult your brands through them, as Paris Hilton did with juicy tracksuits in the 2000s.


Let us show you the reasons for this success.


They already have their target audience

One of the key factors in building a brand is segmenting your audience, focusing on the people who will buy your product or service, and tailoring your marketing strategies to make them successful.


Influencers have already built an audience; They have built trust to see them as a close acquaintance who has known them for a long time.


Through previous studies, you can understand the influencer's target audience and their reaction to it. If you want to promote a brand related to cars and mechanics, you will not reach potential customers by promoting your product with makeup effectors.


But what if you get someone like Lewis Hamilton? Those who follow you are all car enthusiasts interested in this area, so based on your Instagram followers you will have 22M potential customers, who may follow your brand and buy your product or service.


They make you grow organically

Other marketing techniques can help grow your brands, such as social media promotion, media advertising, POP materials, email marketing, and other methods like fish in the sea.


The difference with influencer marketing is that the audience you reach doesn't see ads, promotions, or campaigns scrolling through social media or flipping on the TV. They had to contact the influencer, or the content appeared and caught their attention because they knew the person promoting it.


The followers and interactions you get for the campaign will be completely organic. These people will look at your page, see your product or service and not even buy it because a random ad pops up on their screen, but because they liked it and it was their decision.


They facilitate trust in your brand

Having a familiar face on a product or recommending something to someone you trust will seem more trustworthy.


Most health and beauty companies use this to their advantage, finding successful influencers within the area to build trust around their brand and products so that the public trusts them and their role.


Since we have explained all this with examples, let's not make an exception here.


Cristiano Ronaldo is the face of Herbalife. Although many have commented on the brand's products and how they are not useful, 7 well-known brands have built trust. Because why choose someone who knows everything about fitness, diet, and taking care of your body, if they aren't good at what products you recommend?


Using the right influencers who embody the whole concept of your brand sends a message of credibility and will give you the sense of trust you are looking for, especially for new brands.


So why should brands use influencer marketing? Apart from everything mentioned above, it creates brand awareness. And a great way to grow your brand organically and quickly while making you well-known and trusted by your target audience.


Use their influence to your advantage

Working with influencers is, without a doubt, a good idea. But, to be successful and reach your potential customers, you need to keep a few things in mind and do some research to see which social influencers are right for your brand.


You can bet on more relevant influencers, also called macro-influencers (500k+ followers) or micro-influencers (10,000+). Depending on your position in the market and the goals you have achieved through various influencer marketing strategies.


At FameNet, we have all the tools and knowledge to research and study which influencers are right for your brand and how to promote them. Let our team walk you through every step while enjoying all the benefits of using influencers for your brand with a dedicated team to answer any questions you may have about the right strategy and process.


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