Instagram Influencer: How To Find Business Leads On Instagram?

By James Robert- Sep 04, 2023 29

If you're an influencer or want to be, you're definitely using Instagram to promote your personal brand. Your goal should be to find new customers and new business contacts. So you can partner with and help grow your business.


While the platform has mostly been used as a showcase, its role has evolved into a perfect social media marketing tool. It is perfect for finding new users and new forms of business. In particular, Instagram has become a tool used by influencers, who find collaborations with brands of which they become testimonials.


How can Instagram help you with your business leads?

Since its birth, every year the platform has taken steps to insert new features, with the aim of providing creators and influencers with advanced marketing tools, with the aim of increasingly developing its commercial side. The job of influencers has become easier and in some cases more profitable even though the competition is always high. So how do you stand out from the crowd and find new business contacts?


Business contacts are your potential customers. These companies come across your brand and decide you are the right person to talk to about their products. How accurate, consistent and specific your profile starts from a page, even with "a few" followers is definitely an attractive profile for companies in that particular sector. It's about presenting yourself in the best possible way.


The work of influencers must go both ways. On the one hand, taking care of their followers by engaging them with engaging content, and on the other hand, meeting the needs and requests of the agencies tasked with promoting them. Not an easy task, which requires a good balance, strategic planning, and organization at the core of everything. Only an optimized profile and loyal followers can make an influencer. Because the real value of every influencer to the company is his followers and the close relationship he has with them.


Instagram is a huge and overpopulated space, being targeted by emerging and established companies. Not easy, because you've got the responsibility of promotion and sponsorship. And hard work is often not enough. First, it must be clear that you are ready and open to receiving offers of cooperation. You can start by communicating it indirectly in the bio. For example, completing your profile with direct contacts reserved for companies, especially for newcomers, can be a useful first step. They can identify brands that may be interested in your niche and introduce you to them. Also, portraying your potential and what you can offer, can be the first moment of communication.


You need to speak loud and clear and show all your skills. Getting started couldn't be easier and we've thought of services specific to your needs to help you. The first page we recommend you visit is dedicated to Instagram marketing. On this page, you will find some ready-made packages that include built-in support materials. On the other hand, if you want to post yourself and increase visibility, the right services for you are Instagram management services.


How much does an influencer marketing campaign cost?

Remember those old ads in the newspaper or during movies on TV? Of course, we know, they still exist and still interrupt our favorite series at the climax. But this type of billboard advertising is losing appeal. This is because consumers are increasingly informed and know how to discover most of the features of this or that product. Research is done on portals, blogs, and forums. And influencers are listened to and provide tons of content every day to tell experiences about brands or products.


It is the new word of mouth. And influencers are like your trusted friends. Because they are better at shopping than us and always better at knowledge. This is why there is so much talk about influencer marketing today. And, while a well-known communications guru predicted the end of influencer marketing, data shows us the other side.


Influencer marketing data

In fact, recent data shows how brand campaigns created in collaboration with influencers have a significant say in budgets and corporate strategies. For example, in Italy, in March, there was almost a 30% increase in terms of content published on the main social platforms. And, perhaps, as the government plans to reopen, there will be more use of marketing tools. Like collaborating with influencers, and trying to relaunch the economy and brands.


Small Change or Big Budget: What's the Right Price for an Influencer?

Let's talk about money: How much does an influencer marketing campaign cost? As with all things related to communication, the correct answer is: it depends. Budgeting, in fact, is linked to many different factors and at the moment there are no guidelines or price lists that can be consulted for use by companies and organizations. Big social media VIPs also announce what their cachet is for communication campaigns.


What is certain is that, if you want to start such a collaboration, you must have clear parameters that will guide you in creating a value proposition and understanding the costs you will face.


Let's start with the number of followers. The more you have, the higher the cost of sponsored posts. Of course, this is a vanity metric. And it is possible that a community of 100,000 followers is much less responsive and less targeted than another composed of perhaps 10,000 people who follow a certain personality and whom they blindly trust.


Here another factor comes into play. It is the rate of influence, interaction and engagement that is triggered by the influencer and his audience.


But, when we decide to hand over our brand to a third party and entrust them with part of our public image and our communications, we have to make many assessments. First, we need to understand whether the current influencer is compatible with our values. If he knows how to create quality content and his audience is our target. After determining all these details and choosing the perfect image for us, let's get ready for six-figure figures from 100 euros. Actually, the price depends on many things. An influencer's contractual power, in the social network, is used, in the type of cooperation, in one place or continuously.


Activating a collaboration on YouTube, for example, can cost much more than Instagram. Due to the different amounts of time spent on creating content for the two platforms. For example, a collaboration on Instagram with a profile of up to 500,000 followers can cost around $10,000, while the same segment on YouTube can cost you $25,000.


From Big to Nano Influencers

Of course, this argument must include a million reasons. Having a big person as your brand testimonial will cost significantly more than any other influencer. One assumes that a penny of expenditure should be considered for each follower. But with this system, both the content standards and the goals linked to the prior discussions and goals of the reference community will be excluded.


To this day, however, it is true that the big influencers continue to work and earn almost zero. But it's also true that, more and more, brands are opting for smaller figures, the so-called micro, and nano influencers. The cost, in this case, is low, we are talking about one hundred dollars per post. But the conversion rate and achieving the budgeted goals are much better. This is because such influencers usually have more niche, targeted and loyal communities. These are the qualitative elements highlighted at the beginning of this article.


Then, many companies prefer, especially in the beginning, to compensate other than, for example, classic cash payments, products, or discount codes. If you want to take things seriously, this is probably not the right line to follow.


If you are already an influencer but have difficulty making commercial deals, you can send us your application. Our agency makes its commercial contacts available by sharing our customer base with you. A privileged channel to access potential brands and customers. Our role is to follow your profile and lead it to the best contacts for you, converting all your efforts into real influencer work.


Have you ever done an influencer marketing campaign? With what results? Tell us about it.