Instagram Marketing: How to Improve Your Instagram Sales

By James Robert- Apr 19, 2022 312

Are you running an online business site? Every online business and website sells more and makes money from there. So are you trying to sell more online? An online website cannot increase your sales. Yes, because it is growing in more ways online today. The social networks around us in general. Many are now social media-centric like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. But Instagram among others is growing much faster than others. Need any ideas on how to increase your reach, leads, and sales on Instagram? 

In this article, we’ll describe five ways to sell more on Instagram, even if you’re currently converting less.


Why is store and tagging on Instagram important for sales-driven businesses? 

Instagram stores and tagged posts provide a shopping experience. Customers can discover new products on the app and in the United States, for example, online shopping is already available without Instagram. 

Instagram stores have the potential to drive traffic to an eCommerce site. BigCommerce analysis found that the 50 brands sold through the store on Instagram rose a record 14.16%. 

Instagram stores are becoming more convenient and accessible for users. This function becomes one of the priorities. In overseas updates, the store icon has been added to the main menu at the bottom of the screen, making it easier for users to shop on the platform. 

More and more users are opening products through checkmarks in posts. This should be one of the key components of your strategy to improve your Instagram sales. This will allow you to build a new customer base and engage your target audience. 

Here are some tips to help you promote your products on Instagram using a variety of content. At the same time, this content will not only sell but will be valuable to the audience.


1. Optimize your content for the convenience of consumers on Instagram

As with any social media marketing, selling Instagram requires a well-thought-out strategy to increase your sales revenue. Before creating an Instagram store strategy, think about how consumers are using the platform. 

In fact, people don’t go to Instagram to shop. To strengthen engagement and relationships with your audience, your content needs to be valuable and useful. 

People usually don’t have enough time, so it’s important to encourage them to buy to make the process quicker and easier. The easier the process, the more likely they are to buy your product. 

To create responsive content for Instagram consumer behavior, keep the following in mind: 

      Don't overload images or videos with too many icons, just place them so they're easy to click.

      To avoid confusion, please mark only the selected items.

      Add tags to all product posts. That way, people can simply go to your profile, follow a link, and click on a tag to learn more about that product instead of seeing a lot of information on the site.

      Since in-app sales are not available in some areas, link to the corresponding page of each product site. It is important that customers do not have to search for their own products.

      Add alt tags to Instagram posts to describe products. People who use screen readers will be able to figure out if they need your product. Don't use keywords as your alt tags, instead, give a brief description of the product you are offering so people can see and understand the image. 

An important issue. You should select your cute picture for your product post. It’s important that viewers see themselves in this film. It actually works well for all social media content. For content to media selection, you can follow an Instagram Influencer or blogger. You can learn so many things from their fan following and community attractions.


2. Use video content to display products

The benefits of using Instagram videos are huge. When a video appears, the tape stops scrolling. 

With the help of a video, you can explain how to create your product, give tips or instructions. 

Here are video ideas to help you promote your products on Instagram: 

      Instructional video on how to use the product.

      A video about business and production "behind the scenes".

      Video about the benefits of using the product.

      Answers to frequently asked questions about the product. 

Your strategy is to include a variety of videos for stories, IGTV, and feed posts. It will reach different audiences.


Instagram stories

According to Instagram research, 58% of survey participants reported that their interest in a brand or product increased after seeing the story. 

Stories are a great place to present your products and drive traffic to your Instagram store. If you can add clickable links to stories, it makes sense to "swipe up" the product page. 

Product storage can be a great way to showcase products to new visitors to your page. You can refer people to the saved story album for more information.



If you still don’t use IGTV but want to increase your Instagram sales, now is the time to do it. The IGTV search page has 4 times more views than the feed post. With IGTV, you can improve the visibility of your brand and product.


3. Combine products into guides to promote them

The Instagram Guide is a kind of virtual directory or magazine that combines themed posts and videos from your page. 

With the help of a guide (or travel guide, guide), you can deliver products to customers on a specific topic, for example, on a specific holiday. Each guide contains a cover image, title, and brief description. There is also a description in each post of the manual. 

Here are three types of guidelines that product companies should consider.


Gift Guide

Create a gift guide for key holidays such as New Year, Mother's Day, Friendship Day. Showcase products that your audience may like. You can add both your own products and other companies. In the latter case, you can reach a new audience.


Thematic collection of questions to answer

You can group products in a guide based on a specific query from users. For example, by adding dresses, shoes, and decorations for the occasion, you can create what to wear for the wedding guide. You can go one step further and split the products for your winter and summer wedding into two separate guides.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your content viewers need to answer the most frequently asked questions. This will make it easier for people to make purchasing decisions. You can then group this content into a separate guide.


4. Remind people to add to their list of favorites

Instagram users can view various products on brand pages, feeds, stories, IGTV, and guides. In the United States, the products may also appear for live broadcasts. 

By finding this abundance of their desired products, people can save them. This collection of products is called a "Wishlist" on Instagram. At any time, you can return to these products and make a purchase.


5. Track statistics for your tagged posts

Do product tags reduce engagement? In fact, yes and no. 

We will explain now. 

By viewing a post on Instagram, a user can do several things - for example, write a comment, repost or save. If it’s a post with a product tag, you can still go to the store. 

Most users will only choose one of these actions. And for companies that sell products on Instagram, going to a store is a lot more valuable work than likes or comments. 

As a result, the normal engagement of such posts may be less, you will probably see fewer likes and comments, but the clicks will increase.


How do you know how successful your product posts are? 

Using Your Business Commerce Manager. It contains detailed information about the Instagram store. It reflects the key features of store management, including the most sought-after products. 

A separate page contains data not only from the Instagram Store but also from the Facebook Store. This information can be the basis of a content strategy. 

You can learn a lot about your Instagram store visitors from the audience page, including gender, language, and location. 

Be sure to track your traffic and store sales (using Facebook pixel data from Facebook) on the Performance page. 

Trade Manager data can help you understand if your product is being sold despite post likes and comments.