Instagram Marketing: How To Use Instagram Polls

By James Robert- Dec 18, 2022 101

With each Instagram update, new features and interaction tools are added and improved. The Instagram poll is a feature created to post questions to your followers' stories. 

Also working as a social network, Instagram has now reached a much wider audience, positioning it as a business tool to engage its viewers with powerful features and functionality, as in the case of the poll. 

Poll is a great tool for interacting and engaging with your followers. Used correctly, with the right questions, the result is a wealth of information that can lead to satisfactory results. 

These Instagram polls are a great opportunity to get to know your audience and get the information you need to transform your projects as well as create solutions that serve your audience. 

That's why, in this article, we will teach you how to strategically use polls for Instagram. Check out!


How Instagram Polls Work

Instagram polls were added to the social network in 2017. As we mentioned earlier, they are built into the storage features, which include interesting features like stickers, text boxes, question boxes, and much more. 

As well as being an excellent tool for playing and interacting with their followers, brands have realized the perfect functionality for this tool: gathering information about products, services, offers, and more than you can imagine. 

Polls are visible to anyone who has access to your stories and maybe published to close friends. And since this data is usually obtained by those who are with you, it makes the results more relevant. 

Instagram polls can be used as a targeted strategy focusing on answering questions that can help you make decisions for your business.


How to create polls for Instagram

Now that you have a better understanding of how an Instagram poll works, we've prepared this tutorial to teach you how to create amazing Instagram polls and increase your profile engagement. Check out! 

To start creating a poll on Instagram, you must create the base Instagram storage content. It can be an image, a video, or an animation, but it is important to relate to the subject of the poll. 

Including photo or video selection and location. To view the Storage Resources page, drag your phone to the top of the screen, where you can find poll resources. Just select this feature by clicking on it. 

After selecting the pole, you will see a screen where it is possible to add two options to each pole indicating the locations where the texts will be added. 

Ready! Now click on the button to publish your poll in your story. It will be active 24 hours for the same duration as a normal story. At this time, it is important to engage users so that you can capture a maximum number of responses. 

You can follow the poll results while the story is live or when it expires. 

Just open the story and click on the number of people who have seen your post. You will be directed to the answer, it is also possible to see who voted for which option.


Why use Instagram polls?

Now that you've learned how easy it is to create and manage Instagram polls, it's time to learn the importance of using this feature. 

We can start with its simplicity, without much effort and time, you can attract visitors and gather valuable information according to your profile with a simple image and correct questions. 

In addition, the response rate of a survey is higher than the form, for example. This is only because the user does not need to leave Instagram to participate, just click on an option. 

Finally, there are strategic issues. Discover many decision-making things that appeal to your audience and that have a connection and that don't create too much engagement. 

Brands and companies need to be increasingly concerned with humanization and price proposals. This means that before working in digital marketing, you need to know and understand who you are talking to and what these people like.


Question types to use in your Instagram polls

When creating a poll for Instagram, a few specific questions can guide the answers so that you can get exactly the data you are looking for.


1. Doubts

Knowing your audience's main doubts is a great way to know the ideal side of a publication. As such, you have further guarantees that the content will be truly relevant to your followers. 

In case of doubt, it is still possible to use another feature of storage. For example, you can start with a poll and then open a question box on the topic that raises the most doubts among your followers.


2. Product or service feedback

One of the best ways to understand which product or service is doing well is to follow a simple and straightforward poll. For example, with a photo of the product, you can ask your audience if they like it. 

In case of doubt, it is also possible to invest and go beyond voting using other storytelling tools to complement the data volume and quality.


3. Tips on a specific topic

Creating a poll for Instagram targets those who want to create more complex content and those who demand lots of answers, which is not possible with a single poll. 

After polishing anything relevant to your audience, create content with tips, trivia, and interesting information that can add value to your profile and engage your followers.


4. Opinions on comparatives

Instagram polls can be a powerful tool for finding out which products or services are most popular with the public. 

In addition to these examples of Instagram polls, there are many options for your investment. It is essential to use creativity at this time, you can ask about the habits, preferences, sky limits for Instagram polls.


How to use collected data

By using questions that may go beyond your product or service, surveys will help you get to know your audience better. With it, you get great support for creating new personality strategies. 

Also, it allows his followers to study more about personality, worldview, and preferences. This data is needed to create content that pays to go beyond the “sell for sale” will. 

Through these polls, you can get answers which can lead to lots of interesting content and high engagement. With the ever-changing social media algorithm, it is important to emphasize the importance of engagement. 

For example, when there is no investment in media, reach rates are very low. If you use a page with 10,000 followers as an example, content reach rates are only 5% of those followers. 

Stories have a visible power that allows them to reach the audience organically, which means low cost This allows you to complement the strategy with other formats, allowing you to increase the matrix of any profile. 

The idea is not to give up investing in advertising, as it is the reality of the position of several brands online. 

It is important to evaluate the content on a larger topic that may lead to followers who are not yet following your page, which may be fully defined by you. 

These publications can be defined by age, gender, occupation, among several other choices that will direct the publications to people who may like the content. 

Instagram has plenty of resources and tools that combine a good strategy to create effective results with accessible values. Today it is impossible to own a business or a brand and stay out of social media. 


Learned to use polls for Instagram?

We hope this article introduces you to these features of Instagram polls and how to use them efficiently in your digital marketing strategies. 

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