Instagram Marketing: Increase Your Instagram Followers!

By Mike Reiss- Aug 14, 2023 42

Instagram is now one of the most popular social media platforms and among others, it made an absolute position in the rank.


Many companies are now using Instagram. But when they actually start using Instagram, we think that many users say "I want to increase my followers!" will think


This time, we will introduce how to increase followers for those who have such problems. The bottom line is that these algorithmic points are very important to increase your Instagram followers.


Increasing the number of Instagram followers is very important! two elements


Before taking measures to increase followers, it is important to understand the process (algorithm) of how to increase Instagram followers and design an account.


Let's look at two important things to increase followers.


      Understanding the follower growth process (algorithm).

People think that if they update frequently every day, Instagram followers will increase, but it is not. For example, Instagram has a system rule (algorithm) that determines the display order of posts in the feed (timeline), discover tab, reel tab, etc.


When Instagram was first created, posted photos and videos were displayed in chronological order. But as the number of users increased, the number of posts increased dramatically. The display order of posts was determined based on each user's interests. The algorithm was introduced.


So, posting only good-looking pictures won't show up on the home screen "feed" etc and it's hard to grow followers.


If you want to increase your followers, it is important to fully understand the process of increasing followers, which will be explained later, and post on Instagram daily.


But, the algorithm is regularly updated and changed, so it is essential to check it regularly.


Also, Instagram doesn't release the algorithm, so it's not guaranteed, but you can feel some regularity by checking it every day.


      Account design

Another important factor in increasing the number of followers is the design of the account.


Account design refers to set rules for managing the account, such as what types of users to target and what content to send. Something like account branding might make more sense.


By designing an account, the objectives and goals of the Instagram operation will be clarified. By defining target users and adjusting the content you send, you will also have the advantage that your account will be more easily recognized by users. Also, in the account design, we will specify the number of posts per day and the approximate time to post.


Regular posting is essential, but be careful not to overdo it too soon, as this will reduce the number of posts you have in your followers' feeds. If you target the time of day when the number of active users on Instagram increases, your posts will be seen by more people.


In order to increase the number of followers, it is essential to set up such an account instead of posting on a whim.


[Super basic] Flow and points for new followers on Instagram


So let's find out how to get new followers on Instagram. It may not be as follows, but the general flow of new follower growth is as follows.


1.     Your posts first appear in your followers' feed (home screen).

2.     Feedback from followers like "Like" and "Save".

3.     If there are many responses, the post will spread to users who are not followers

4.     Non-followers who view the post view the account's profile

5.     If you like the account, follow it as a new account


So, to increase the number of followers, it is important to keep the following four points.


Point 1. Increase the home rate of followers

Point 2. Increase engagement and spread followers outside

Point 3. Increase the number of accesses to your profile

Point 4. Create an account you want to follow


We will now discuss each point in detail.


Point 1. Increase follower's home rate

Instagram's "home rate" is a percentage that indicates how many times your post has been viewed in the "feed," which is your followers' home screen.


The calculation formula is "home rate = number of times viewed in feed/followers".


The reason followers increase their home rate is that when followers see their own posts in the feed and respond with "likes," it becomes easier to spread the posts to new users who aren't. follower


To do this, it's important to first display your own posts in your followers' feeds and let them see them (increase the home rate). But as we mentioned earlier in the algorithm, posts are not equally represented in the chronological order of followers' feeds.


Thus, increasing the level of closeness with many followers is necessary to increase the house rate.


Intimacy with followers is enhanced by actions (signals) generated by followers, such as likes, comments, post saves, DMs, and replies to story questions, and as a result, the home rate increases.


Point 2. Increase engagement and spread followers out

Once your engagement is high and you appear in your followers' feeds, the next step is to engage your followers.


Engagement basically refers to following actions (reactions) from users and signals also have common parts


      How nice





And the most important of the above engagements is "preservation".

It is said that the higher the saving rate (the number of saves divided by the number of users who saw the post) the more often it will be shown to new users who are not followers.


So, it's important to post content that makes existing followers feel like they want to come back later and is useful information. Also, this will be an effective way to encourage you to save the posted image so that it is convenient for you to review it later.


If the engagement rate is high, it will be judged as a "high-quality and valuable post". It may appear as a suggested post (recommended) on the "Discovery Tab" and "Hashtag Search" screens for new users who are not followers.


The higher the engagement rate, the more often the ad is shown to non-followers. So getting action from followers will be key to reaching non-followers.


Point 3. Increase the number of accesses to your profile

Even if you increase your home rate, increase engagement, and get your post seen by new users who aren't followers, that alone won't increase your new followers.


You need to get new users to see your posts and follow them. The point is to get access to your profile. When a user follows an account, it is almost always decided after viewing the profile, so it is necessary to access their profile first.


There are two ways to get access to your profile:


Method 1: Appeal account information in the last image of a carousel post (multiple posts).

Method 2: Apply for account information in the post caption (sentence).


Also by posting high-quality posts, making good use of both visuals and text to encourage access to your profile, you'll let people know what kind of account you're leading and gain new followers.


We will talk more about two ways to get more traffic to your profile later.


Point 4. Create an account you want to follow

As mentioned above, users see profiles whenever they follow an account.


Also to the profile, the user is asked to check the overall picture (information) of the account such as the following.


      Icon image

      Profile text

      Feed posts and reel content

      World account view

      Number of followers


Go through the above information extensively and follow if a user likes it.

So, the follower conversion rate (increase in the number of followers/number of profile accesses) is important.


A high follower conversion rate means that many people who view your profile become followers.


As we'll see later, if you can create an attractive profile account so that users can see the benefits at a glance, you can increase the conversion rate of your followers.


Preparing to increase Instagram followers

Now that you understand how to grow Instagram followers, you want to take steps to increase your followers now, but before that, you need to prepare.


Let's see how the preparation goes.


Set personas (targets)

To increase the number of Instagram followers, it is important to send useful information and gain engagement, which is an action from followers.


As we touched on when designing an account, the first step is to set a persona (goal).


"Useful information" varies depending on target age, gender, occupation, family structure, hobbies, tastes, etc., so determining who to send information to is a cornerstone of Instagram operations.


So, first, think about the persona (user image) you want to go after. The more detailed personas you set, the more you can narrow down the content of your posts. As a method, interviewing people close to the personality is also recommended.


Switch to Pro Account

To increase your Instagram followers, switch to a "Pro account" that allows you to analyze your account. By creating a professional account, you will be able to view data analytics (information) such as the number of followers and reach of posts called "Insights".


If you check Insights, you can see what types of posts were popular so increasing the number of posts in the same genre will increase engagement and make it easier to spread. Also, if you have a certain number of followers, you will be able to see the age group of the account you have accessed.


By analyzing several insights like this, you can know the problems with your current posts and take measures to increase your followers. Just opening an Instagram account is not a professional account. So it is essential to switch to a professional account to see insight analytics. Also, the following article details what an Instagram professional account is and the methods and benefits of switching to it.



To increase followers, deciding which genre and theme to post is very important.


If you can't think of anything, start thinking about what you like, what you are good at, what you are interested in, or what you want to do. Please read this article as it explains Instagram marketing. You will get more information to gather knowledge to grow your marketing.