Instagram Stories: Best Ideas for Successful Instagram Stories 2022

By James Robert- May 31, 2022 216

Instagram stories are now not only a new tool for marketers but also an effective way to succeed. Many business people related to marketing and fashion like Instagram stories. They use it, they show their value in it, they try to build a brand on it. We still explain how you can use story features to expand your business. Today we came to give you ideas to explore more on Instagram stories.


10 ideas for successful Instagram Stories 2022

We want to share ten ideas for successful Instagram stories that will help you make your story posts exciting and varied. In addition, if you apply these ideas well, you will be able to increase your reach.


1. Surveys

Instagram gives you the opportunity to use surveys in your story. You can ask a question and followers can vote using two possible answers. Not only is this a very fun idea, but it can also give you some benefits. On the one hand, you increase the engagement of your followers and on the other hand, you find out what interests your fans. For example, you can vote on their products, new offers, or designs and thus simultaneously improve customer satisfaction. On the other hand, followers have the feeling that they are involved in important decisions.


2. Behind The Scenes

Instagram stories are perfect to watch behind the scenes. Each company can offer interesting things that customers don't usually see: 

      Restaurants showcase kitchens and showcase how dishes are prepared and presented

      Sports teams give insights into their training

      Musicians and producers show recording studios or video shoots

      Service providers and companies show what is going on in their company 

In short: Take the opportunity to truly present yourself and your company.


3. Live Videos

Successful Instagram stories include live videos that you can start with life stories. A big advantage is a direct notification to followers that you have started a live video. This function increases the possibility for users to "tune" directly and participate in the video. Since they can send questions using the comments function or just send comments and emojis, which are immediately displayed to you and everyone else, you have the opportunity to start a direct dialogue. This is especially useful if you have news to announce and then can answer questions directly.


4. Takeover

By acquiring an Instagram, you transfer your account to another Instagram for a short period of time. Influencers are suitable for this, who adapt your organization to their content and who can increase your reach for their high number of followers. In general, it is worthwhile to work more closely with influencers. As they give you access to important multipliers, your target group can expand and this can lead to more exciting collaborations. Once you have already agreed to the terms with the influencers, you can get started. In stories, he then publishes appropriate content that gives your followers different insights. Whatever it is, announce it in advance so users can find out. In addition, the re-acquisition announcement provides potential content, for example starting a countdown.


5. Sweepstakes

Also the keyword of the countdown competition. Because these can be surprisingly announced and at the same time increase the tension. If you want your followers to really want to see stories, you have to offer them something exclusive. This is especially true for online stores that rely on social media. But also for any other company and industry. If you use a specific discount code on stories, you will not only motivate your followers to deal with your stories on a regular basis, but you will also understand how far your stories will go in selling.


6. Unboxing

For example, when new products arrive, you can create an unboxing movie based on your stories. Unboxing is very popular among Instagram Influencers, which means these ideas can come together surprisingly well. Basically, these are stories where products are unpacked that have already been sent to you. You get the product yourself or you send a box with new products to influencers - this idea offers a lot of possibilities. On the one hand, it provides exclusive insight into the meaning of a hidden preview, and on the other hand, you can increase the range through links. Give your sponsors the opportunity to create unboxing videos of their products or use these videos to announce your lineup, speakers, or partners. This concept can be applied flexibly and so it is one of the stories of successful Instagram.


7. Introduce Employees

If you hire employees, it is interesting for many followers to find their jobs within the company. So put them at the center and show a personal side of your company. Stories are a good format for this because they give you concise, dynamic, and authentic insights. It brings your employees closer to your customers and at the same time makes your employees feel valued. You can post random, one-off videos for Instagram stories. For example, when a favorite song is played and your employee gives a quick karaoke session. Or try the week-long Instagram Story Series so that a different employee takes charge of the Instagram account each day.


8. Teaser

Quick, easy, and successful Instagram stories can be created with teasers. For example, here you have announced a new post that you have published on your profile. You can share this post from your profile in the story by clicking on the small paper plane below the post. The post appears in your story and by clicking on it, followers can go directly to this post on your profile. If you want to make it particularly exciting, you can cover the contribution of the story with stickers to increase the curiosity of your followers. Another possibility is a screenshot of your feed, which you have embedded in your story, and cover the first post with stickers. The advantage of this story idea is that your posts will not be lost in the feed of your followers. Because a lot of Instagram users are increasingly just going to the story and not watching the whole feed anymore. Therefore, you must use this function.


9. Call-to-action

Instagram Stories gives you the perfect structure to draw “right” attention to blog posts, other profiles, or new promotions. Send a "call-to-action" and post to your followers, follow other channels or visit your website. With a swipe-up button, the whole thing is easier and above all more convenient for your followers. You can insert it into your story and save a link so that users have to swipe their fingers to go to another website while viewing your story. However, you will only get this function if you have 10,000 followers.



If your company's customers, partners, sponsors, or just fans present your product in their products. Mention them and above all mark your profile, then you should take this opportunity and share these stories. Because as soon as you are identified, the posts will appear and you can easily re-post them. If you want, you can edit them, add text, stickers, and emojis and then publish them.


Use the Instagram highlights

Highlights an excellent feature of Instagram. Because with these you can save your stories which should not disappear after 24 hours. You can create different highlights for different topics, where you then assign the story. It is particularly suitable for a variety of formats, such as employee or acquisition roles. Highlights are organic, central, and clearly visible to everyone directly under your profile. They can then be named according to their content and a profile picture can also be assigned. But remember that you don’t have to keep all the stories random, because they can only save a limited number of stories.