Instagram Tips: Do Successful Instagram Marketing

By James Robert- Dec 06, 2022 113

Companies that want to reach their customers and raise their level of awareness often decide to advertise themselves and their products on Instagram, among other things. Anyone who remembers that Instagram is now one of the most successful social media platforms quickly realizes the great potential behind this type of marketing.


But what should be considered with the most successful Instagram channel? How to increase the range? And how to inspire users to communicate more? One thing is for sure: Instagram marketing is versatile. With the following Instagram tips, it is often possible to get more out of the platform.


This is why Instagram marketing is so successful

If Instagram marketing is best implemented, many users will not understand the related posts. For example, about new products or promotions, such as advertising. This is, among other things, because they usually subscribe to relevant pages and are interested in relevant content.


The following are the reasons why it is worth investing in Instagram marketing and relevant campaigns.


Instagram Marketing reaches users in their free time

... and this is why the general mood that is created when scrolling through different posts is usually positive. Advertising mail for the company mixes holiday pictures from friends and co. And thus fits harmoniously into the overall structure. Result: Users feel less pressured by posting and often interpret them less as meaningful information and ads.


Instagram is rather friendly and personal.

Even if people hate every moment on Instagram and there is a storm of one or the other shit, the platform is generally considered to be harmonious. This is another aspect that can promote a positive mood among the users.


Millions of people use Instagram.

The target groups that can be reached with the help of Instagram marketing are similarly large. An ideal platform to promote your own content and make it available to the right people.


The platform is designed for mobile content

And this is why it stands for flexible use among other things. More and more people are using smartphones and surfing the internet. Proper Instagram marketing campaigns show that when they pick up right there - on the way home by train or while waiting for the next appointment.


On Instagram, among other things, it is still possible to grow biologically.

Of course, the options here are also partially limited. Compared directly to other platforms, relying on organic growth on Instagram is still a bit easier.


Instagram marketing as a tool of the future?

If you want to make your products more popular through influencers, you can hardly avoid Instagram. So being able to use the network is even more important for successful Instagram users.


In short: there are many reasons to invest in Instagram marketing. If you don't feel like (or don't have the time) to take care of campaigns, post pictures, hashtags, etc., you can hand over the relevant tasks to a professional marketing agency.


Tips for high-quality pictures/videos


For an Instagram channel to be successful, it needs, among other things, high-quality images. These are recorded with the camera or it is actually irrelevant with the smartphone. However, there is an advantage for Instagram users who can rely on high-end smartphone cameras. With them, relevant images can be uploaded directly - without going to the PC. More important than the question: "Which camera should I use for Instagram?" Accordingly, the quality of the final result is reliable.

The following Instagram tips can also help:


Pay attention to meaningful pictures!

Even if Instagram becomes too “hashtag-heavy”, there’s no question that most of it are still about pictures. So it's important that only photos that are "perfect" are uploaded.

Use filter options - but wisely


Instagram now offers many options that can help make photos look beautiful, But, it is important to use them carefully when needed. The motto is "More filters = better pictures!" Has long been refuted. Finding the right amount is much more important here. (Extra tip: it can also be valuable for taking photos directly via the Instagram app. Just give it a try!)


Don't compromise

Does a picture look blurry, inconsistent with the text, or "not at all melodic"? In this case, it is usually best to avoid the post. Especially when the quality level of an Instagram channel is otherwise high, such "errors" can be noticed otherwise quickly.


The ideal light is "half war".

Even in Grandma's photo album, it is clear that pictures that are not well published lose their appeal. So why would you do without Insta for perfect exposure?


Users need to know about it

Pictures can be confusing on Instagram without too much detail and real focus. So it is best if each image has a specific expression.


Often, over time a particularly interesting Instagram photo feeling develops. If you take a moment to scroll through the successful Insta channels, you will notice again and again that there is often some kind of development going on here as well.


Tips for more engagement


It often helps to ask your followers for engagement in different ways, but clearly. This is a particularly comprehensive Instagram tip. Classic examples include the following prompts:


      "Leave us a heart if you like the post!"

      "Write in the comments whether you are enthusiastic about" Product XY "!"

      "Tell your friends about the action!"

      "Post pictures in the comments!"


However, these are just a few examples. There are more options for promoting engagement on Instagram. Trying different approaches is often worthwhile - and of course, adapting to their respective target groups.


If you are looking for more tips, some of which are very promising, you should also check out the following list.


Posting regularly becomes a routine for the user and often increases the desire to communicate.

Companies that want to offer new content to their followers on Instagram don't have to rely on images alone. It is worthwhile to post with video every time and then.

Hashtags should always be used with caution. For many Instagram users, a real flood of hashtags often seems very promotional and unnatural.


If you want to relax your posts, you can work with emojis among other things. Many users responded to the comments with popular, yellow faces.

Last but not least, of course, it is possible to respond to relevant postings. If you want to suggest more possibilities here, you can work with questions or surveys, for example.

As is often the case with social media marketing, it is important to try different types and ultimately measure their success. What works well can be put together on a daily basis on social media.


Tips for greater reach


For an Instagram channel to be successful, it must be seen by others. Or to put it another way: the foundation of successful social media marketing is maximum reach. But what Instagram tips should actually be followed to reach more? The following measures can help increase the reach of your own channel:



With other accounts, anyone who interacts with another account can often significantly expand their target group. Of course, this is especially true if the other channel is followed by many (or perhaps more) people.


Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags should never be used in an inflationary way. If a word doesn't really fit, it usually causes dissatisfaction among users and confirms that the channel in question has been classified as negative.


Work on your own Instagram channel and create extra value

This is definitely one of the most important Instagram tips. Even if the steps in this context are designed for the long term: a high-quality Instagram channel forms the basis for all subsequent steps - so that reach can gradually increase.


Keep your biography "up to date"

Bio is a kind of business card and should always be taken care of. This allows new users to get the first impression. If they are not reassured, it is quickly clicked away.


Use story

Even if the Insta story only appears for 24 hours, it is an important marketing tool that can provide extra reach. This is especially true when hashtags are set and people are linked.


Maintaining an Instagram channel is much more than a “just” accessory. A professional marketing company can help you make the most of the possibilities associated with the platform.