Learn How To Market On Social Media And Increase Your Sales

By Mike Reiss- Sep 30, 2022 129

If you’re here, it’s because you’ve already realized that Instagram isn’t just for posting pictures of family barbecues. And identifying the potential of social media marketing is the first step to success in the digital world. 

But those who think that just create an account and post a few are wrong to attract new customers online. Social media marketing involves planning, strategy, and patience. 

So if you want to win digital at once, read on! In today’s blog, we’ll look at practical tips on how to strategically surpass social media marketing and achieve results!


Why do social media marketing?

Social networks can be much more than a showcase for displaying products or services. Today, more than ever, they represent an opportunity to understand the needs of the public and transform the relationship between consumer and brand.


Thus, large companies have already realized that building a strong digital presence on these channels is essential to winning the hearts of users through relationships - not advertising.


But if you’re still not sure how all of this could affect your business, that’s fine! Three reasons to learn social media marketing from today.


Increase brand visibility

There are more than 4 billion people in the world with active accounts on at least one social network. In other words, more than half of the world's population is receiving content on these platforms.


In this situation, imagine what your brand can achieve using the right strategy? Thousands of potential customers are ready to discover your product or service.


Create relationships with the public

The big difference of social media marketing is that it provides the key to online success: interaction.


This is because the consumer is passive in front of the TV or billboard. But, on social networks, he can communicate through likes, comments, messages, and posts.


So, this is the perfect opportunity to humanize your brand and build relationships with your audience. That way, you can get to know your audience better and discover their needs and expectations.


All this is important to increase your business engagement online. Also to create a loyal community around the brand.


Create more traffic and conversions

By now we have realized how marketing on social media can help us reach more and create engagement. But, contrary to what many think, these platforms end the journey of direct buying.


This is because it is possible to share links to websites, blogs, or rich content through social media. Thus, the user can follow the directed path and go from follower to customer through a good inbound marketing strategy.


Also, the new episode of Instagram already has e-commerce tools on the platform. For example, Instagram Shop, which allows you to buy products directly from brands and content creators by paying directly for the app.


After all, how to do social media marketing?

That Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms we know are people-centric, we already know. But what does it say about social media marketing?


The truth is that companies have not been on the side of social media users for quite some time. This is because they have not embraced digital marketing. They just did conventional marketing online.


Thus, we have seen that it takes planning to create a marketing strategy that actually engages people and drives sales. Thus, today we have separated 5 practical tips on how to do social media marketing to keep your business running and running.


Paper and pen in hand and let's go!


Set your goals

The first step to getting anywhere is to know where you want to go. In this sense, before you start thinking about how to do social media marketing, it is important to understand your expectations with this strategy.


Thus, it is important to set smart goals regardless of the ultimate goal. Increased range, engagement, traffic, or conversions.


So, your business needs social media marketing goals to be precise, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. That means it must be a realistic goal for the brand to be realistic. And, above all, there must be a deadline to meet it.


Here’s a good example of a smart goal: Gain 5,000 new Instagram followers in three months to increase your company’s local visibility.


Create a persona

Personality is a semi-fictional representation of the ideal customer of your business. For example, if you own a pet store: you know your target audience, don't you? Pet owners in your city, aged between 20 and 35 years old and earning up to 5,000 dollars.


In this case, your personality may fade. Paula will be a 27-year-old woman who lives alone, a dentist, earns 4,000 dollars, and has a dog named Tom. He is Paul’s best friend and thus, he is willing to invest in whatever is available in pet care.


As we have seen, one of the key issues in how to do social media marketing is relationships. So, it's important to build a personality to define the basics of your strategy, such as:


      The best social network for communication: Instagram, Facebook?

      Voice and language tone: formal, informal, comfortable?

      Content Format: Video, Text, Audio?

      Editorial Line: Tips, Trivia, Information?

      Posting Calendar: Which day of the week does the personality enter the network? Morning night?


That way, you can communicate directly with the person you want to sell your product or service to. What makes your marketing on social media more efficient and maximizes your results.


Build an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is a way to plan marketing actions on social networks. With it, you can deliver posts by date and content type.


As such, this feature provides a broad view of the entire strategy. In addition to contributing to the continuity of your brand publication.


The result is that the more active you are on the platform, the more the algorithm will realize that your profile is relevant. With this, your posts will reach more users.


Offer valuable content

The key to gaining authority without investing in marketing and paid advertising on social media platforms is to create valuable content.


This is because social networks have been changing the way content is distributed among users for some time. Today, people only see posts from accounts that they normally contact in the feed.


So, when you provide content that truly changes a user's life, it's normal for them to interact with your publication. This way, he will not only see your posts, but the algorithm will also understand that the content will be relevant and reach more people.


Thus, it is important to plan your publication strategically. And a good way to do this is to use the Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule.


Overall, when marketing strategies are applied to social media, the policy indicates that your public 0% publication is ready to educate, inform, or entertain your audience.


In the meantime, the remaining 20% ​​should be dedicated to your brand. In other words, promoting the product or service you offer. For example, if you post 30, ideally 6 of them speak directly to your company.


Track metrics

Finally, after defining goals, creating personalities, setting editorial calendars, and providing valuable content, it’s time to measure the results of your social media marketing strategy. And for this, it is important to pay attention to the metrics.


They represent the interpretation of data from social networks so that they become useful information. For example, if you combine "arrive" with "interaction" information, the result will be an overview of your account's busyness.


Thus, it will indicate whether the goal is being achieved. Thus, it is possible to invest more or study what did not work and reform the plan.


If you have any doubts about how to market your company's social media, don't worry! Schedule your free consultation now with an Activated Marketing Consultant and find out how we can help you stop selling your business!