Link Building: How to Generate High-quality Backlinks

By Mike Reiss- Apr 18, 2022 203

Link building is more important than ever for successful websites these days. With the right links, it is not only possible to provide important information to your own website visitors, but also to improve your position in search engine results. But, looking at the details, it is clear that the quantity is not equal to the price here. Instead, there are some points that should be kept in mind when it comes to quality link building.


What does link building mean?

The term link building summarizes all actions that serve to generate links for a page. Since many references to a blog, a homepage, etc. are often synonymous with convincing quality and high popularity with the respective target group, link building is nowadays also an effective measure when it comes to promoting search engine optimization of your own site. 

But, since the so-called backlinks - in contrast to internal links - are not placed on your own, but on third-party pages, the actions are assigned to "OffPage Optimization".


Why are backlinks important?

Search engines use backlinks or their numbers to determine the value of a website. The motto "quantity is not equal to the value" applies here as well. This means that a page that gets fewer backlinks can rank better than a page that is referenced by a few other pages. One aspect that plays a particularly important role in this context is the quality of the links in question. 

Anyone can ask "Why are backlinks important?" Works with questions? We should remind ourselves that Google and Co. have set a goal to continually optimize the user experience for their users. If the "rule of thumb" is that much high quality (!) Links also present high-quality content with helpful information. Needless to say, the corresponding number of backlinks can have a positive effect on the ranking of search engines. 

Incidentally, the image of a page can certainly be improved by referring (and linking) to other, higher-quality pages.


What criteria do you use to recognize a good backlink?

A good backlink has a positive effect on the ranking of a page within the search engines and is characterized by various details. The following points help further when it comes to assessing whether the quality of a link is good or not. 


      Ideally, backlinks should always come from relevant pages. For example, anyone who runs a website on the topic of digital marketing Strategies. If he receives a backlink from a marketing page and a course forum, he should be much happier about the first link - for search engine reasons. 

      The credibility or authority of a linked page also plays an important role in this context. For example, links to pages that have been around for several years are more valuable than links to new pages. Also, whether setting a high-average number or only qualitative and appropriate links plays an important role here. A page that works with links in an almost inflationary manner is classified as less trustworthy than a page that sets its links consciously and in a user-friendly manner.

      Anchor texts that are set in connection with backlinks should always be as natural as possible. And accordingly, fit harmoniously into the rest of the text. Anyone who uses the same text module repeatedly will be quickly classified as "spam".

      Page backlinks that are usually waiting for a high number of visitors are often classified by search engines as more serious. Accordingly, their links are often more valuable here.

      The place where the backlink is set also affects its quality. References to any of the above posts are considered to be particularly high quality. Last but not least, the length of the post or article mentioned also plays a role. If the link is inserted into detailed (and at the same time high quality) text, it will be classified by search engines as more valuable than two-line text.


How do you generate backlinks?

Anyone who works with the benefits of high-quality backlinks, relatively quickly questions how backlinks can be created as optimally as possible. The possibilities here are very diverse and wide in the most diverse areas. 

The following tips show what website operators can do to create high-quality backlinks:


Provide exciting content

This is definitely the “most convenient” way to create backlinks. Those who provide exciting, engaging content are often automatically connected here and there. Most of the time we see that bloggers and influencers who post much engaging content with links get much priority on Google. Thus it comes to the ranking at a particular time. If you can provide your blogger with perfect content to post you can create more value for it. For that, you can measure the content marketing strategy for your postings.  


Stay active on the network

It goes without saying that forums and social media entries should not be developed as “left-handed”. Google may even penalize those who distribute their links above average. But: Of course, it is allowed to refer to your own article and company. From time to time unless the rules of the respective forums and groups say otherwise. 

In forums, links that are placed in the blog's comments column are also considered backlinks. And they can help bring a page to the fore in many ways.


Corporations and link exchange

If you have a wide network, you can also visit other sites that are interested in exchanging a link. As the name implies, one page posts a link to another (and vice versa). In order to be able to reap the most relevant benefits, it is important that both parties - as mentioned above - are subject-related or relevant. 

Unlike link exchanges, which are usually done out of trust, Google does not recommend buying links. Search engines can block anyone if caught.


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