LinkedIn Expectations - Key Points That You Should Follow In LinkedIn

By Gretchen Clarke- Mar 31, 2022 134

Everything happens very fast on LinkedIn, the world's leading professional social network. Worldwide, 32 million are registered in the UK. In other words, the office has more than sixty professionals on LinkedIn. So it will probably find new opportunities for your business. 

On the other hand, it is not at all easy to expect in this social network. This is why many business leaders and entrepreneurs do not have the expected success. 

To be successful in running, you must avoid certain behaviors and actions that immediately punish all your efforts! 

Here are 5 big bad behaviors. 

If we have to join them in one sentence: "When you meet a potential person or booth at a trade show, work on LinkedIn otherwise you are dead." 

If you want to place potential (all) in your niche, your LinkedIn expectation strategy is to immediately ban behaviors here 

You will die on LinkedIn if you are trying to do --


1. Promise to surprise

Expect LinkedIn to make you a seller of dreams: 

      If you constantly appreciate your service or the integrity of your organization, your team presence ...

      If you use higher values ​​than technical terms to define your offers ...

      Be polite. 

Just declare that you are sure. 

If you make promises to your target audience that you can't deliver, don't do it. Your reputation will sooner or later be damaged. This is not a guarantee of extra success. You have to keep your promise and prove your skills. Your results must be there so that your customers are satisfied with your offers and can offer you new possibilities. So, be humble on LinkedIn like in real life. 

Be humble in your interactions. Indeed, even as a recognized expert in your case, you are certainly not the highest god of sales! So keep your head on your shoulders.


2. You think very short term

A prosperous business and a well-known brand image are inevitably part of your goal. 

With LinkedIn, you can win new customers and achieve these same goals, as long as you respect a certain idea: expectation like a marathoner, not like a sprinter. 

On LinkedIn, you can enable: 

      Sales allow you to buy sustainably,

      Hold on to your customers,

      And progressively proposed.

      It takes time, it's true. 

And on LinkedIn, faith is the keyword. 

Don't expect to build strong relationships without first gaining the trust of your network. In order to offer and engage brand ambassadors, you need to blindly trust your core customer base. If someone doesn't believe in their qualities, their strengths, their products, and services, don't recommend them to anyone ... 

Want to think too much in the short term, be impatient and stay in the moment when you take the risk of selling quite a bit in a week and then never do anything again. 

Don't downgrade your network. Choose to build a great reputation for your brand and your service. The primary purpose of expecting a successful LinkedIn is to become different in your market. 

Your credibility will not be built overnight, just as your expert status will not be recognized in a single sale. You should know your goal and be familiar with your presence and brand. 

Determine what your prospects are and act accordingly to guide them on the rest of the journey!


3. You are doing too much on social

You can't work on Facebook just because you're on a social network. 

LinkedIn is at the top of all professional platforms. So, its goal, profession, and ambition are promotion and support. 

Also, on LinkedIn, the competition is fierce. If you let yourself be swallowed up, you die quickly. You have to take your place. So, don’t be embarrassed. 

Last but not least, remember that you have come to sell yourself first. So make sure you confirm the message across your network. 

You are not the only one on LinkedIn who will notice the "congratulations for your new location" type intervention. 

Conversely, stand out from the crowd, because everyone will know that your services are the center of your business and above all they are valuable. 

Don't sell yourself. There is a value to your services and expertise and therefore a value. You are an expert and must pay the price. 

You're on LinkedIn and you want to look forward to this network, so keep in mind that this is your professional activity depending on: You are not a volunteer. 

We will explain it to you. 

Make good use of LinkedIn, post content that is highly valued and presentable enough for good visibility, other members will come to you on their own. 

Well done! 

But be careful, because that's when you shouldn't make the most common mistake: talk about buying and selling right now. 

If your goal comes to you because they have deep, tough, difficult problems to solve and they think you can help them. 

Start by listening to what he has to say to you in order to understand his needs like real life and above all to make him comfortable. 

Give it value. 

Show him that you are really interested in his speech and that you are willing to do anything to improve your skills. 

With patience, your goals will evolve in your sales journey, and eventually, you will appear to them as an important key. 

Don't forget to contact him on the day he needs help, or if he knows someone who is having the same problem!


4. You are not responsive 

On LinkedIn, time seems to be flying twice as fast. 

It is up to you to meet the expectations of the time allotted for your presence on LinkedIn! 

If not stick to your screen for 24 hours, daily presence and related interactions are the minimum survival in the LinkedIn jungle. 

By daily presence, we mean: being present at the times when the activity on the social network is the most important: around 8 a.m., during the lunch break, and in general after 6 p.m. 

It is at these times that you are most likely to be able to interact directly with other members for your LinkedIn prospecting. 

Responding to comments, like in the first minutes of a publication, Processing In Mails received or sent… are the main ingredients of an effective presence on LinkedIn. 

Connect to LinkedIn only once a week, so as not to like anything, not to share anything, not to comment, not to respond to messages sent to you, to be evasive in your use of LinkedIn to sell yourself and you are going fast realize that you are considered dead on LinkedIn! 

Our advice: speed, relevance, and regularity are the 3 keywords to absolute respect for a successful LinkedIn prospecting.


5. You don't take your network seriously 

Ah, the LinkedIn relationship suggestions ... 

They intervene everywhere, attracting attention and attracting us by showing our relationships are already prevalent. The platform knows how to persuade us and encourages us to click the "Connect" button. This is also the basic idea of ​​LinkedIn. 

However, contrary to what many believe, LinkedIn is not a supermarket of contacts provided to expand your network! The quality of a network is measured not only by quantity but also by the number of opportunities. 

Creating a proper, charitable network that can bring the right opportunities is a long-term task. Being connected to LinkedIn does not mean that the connection is actually effective. 

Reality is business, full stop. 

If you are already at the top of the wall, you can be sure that a single click can open the door for you. At the risk of repeating itself, a relationship is worked out, deepened, maintained. Most importantly, you must determine if this relationship is mutually beneficial. 

Sometimes it doesn’t. Then there is no point in "connecting". If you compulsively add everyone who scrolls to your LinkedIn homepage, you'll be wasting a lot of time. 

Also, you will waste time on others. 

Worst of all, you can also build a reputation that isn’t too deadly, which will penalize you if you decide to contact members who are part of your target customers at the moment. 

To help you out, we invite you to consult with Strategic Approach to finally find out if you need to accept the LinkedIn invitation. After all, keep in mind that the number of contacts on LinkedIn does not match your turnover! 

It’s a continuum between your goals, what you can deliver to them, and the commitment of your network that makes LinkedIn successful for you. It's better to have a loyal audience and achieve your goals than to add everyone to LinkedIn advice ... 

Look for your audience, not just random ones, hoping people will match your target audience. 

Expecting LinkedIn is a difficult practice. So be aware and avoid bad behavior so that your success is on LinkedIn!



If your professional activity is aimed at other organizations (B2B), LinkedIn is a social platform to use for your business prospects. 

Indeed, in recent years, LinkedIn has evolved from a directory of professionals to a premier network, without the trivialities and evils present on other social networks. 

If you focus on building that trust by separating business aspects, you can build lasting social bonds. And without a doubt, sooner or later the sales flow generated by LinkedIn will increase. 

This method may seem time-consuming but it pays off in the medium term. This method also has a name if you are convinced by what we have just explained: InfluencerMarketing.