Marketing Plan: How To Make A Strong Plan For Business

By Gretchen Clarke- May 04, 2022 209

A marketing plan describes a specific brand strategy, the main steps. It includes a portrait of a buyer, sales funnel with delivery equipment, marketing performance evaluation metrics, predefined analysis. This article will show you how to create it and outline the structure of your finished marketing plan.


Marketing Plan: Shopper Profile - The Basic Starting Point 

Buyer portrait is required for both B2b and b2c. You are communicating with specific people. The portrait will help to optimize the marketing plan for the needs of the client, reach the target audience and be ready to interact with the customers. If you provide a mixed audience for products and services, create multiple portraits, one for each section. 

For simplicity, name a gold with each photo. If the managers remember the name and say: "He has added a product to the cart," you will immediately understand which customer is attracted by the ad. 




      Marital status;


      The presence of children and their age;

      Financial opportunities;



      Main responsibility.


The last two points are especially relevant for B2B. 

Think about where the client gets the information from. What he reads: Original books, blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines. Maybe he goes to conferences, watches videos of bloggers or opinion leaders.


Enter client goals and values. 

Identify pain points and issues that will solve your business. For example, a customer who owns a store will have a problem: "We spend a lot of money on advertising, but not enough sales." 

List your possible objections. The client may say "too expensive", "it won't work." 

Decide what role the customer plays in the purchase process. For example, the head of the marketing department will show the proposal to the director of the company. The director will decide.


Marketing Plan: The main stage of the sales funnel

A sales funnel is a journey that takes the customer from knowing an offer to purchase and resale. The funnel consists of five stages: 

      Contact - The person can learn about the offer.

      Interest - A person understands that the proposed product or service will solve the problem.

      Decision Making - An individual studies the advantages and disadvantages of products and services, comparing offers with competitors.

      Action - The person is ready for the order, waiting to call for action.

      Repeated orders - the client continues to comply. If you answer the question, give helpful advice, repeat sales are possible. 

The stages differ not only in the client's goals and actions but also in the marketing tools used. 

At the introduction stage, you will need mailing banners, teasers. At the level of interest, including: 


      Articles and videos including expert research;

      Promotion on social networks;

      Participation in exhibitions;

      Printable ads;

      News advertiser




At the decision-making stage, you will need expert advice, advice from vendors. 

Information about discounts, promotions, bonuses, special offers will force you to make a purchase decision. 

Subscription services and email marketing will push for repetitive sales. 

List the marketing tools you use. Distribute them across your sales funnel. 

Prepared marketing plan in action: Evaluate results

Metrics will help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing tools and plan for the future. Let us consider four indicators. 

      MQLs is the number of ideal customers attracted by marketing.

      SQLs is the number of customers who reached the Action Stage and signed a contract.

      The MQL / SQL to Closing Ratio indicates whether a marketing strategy is driving sales.

      MROI - Marketing Launch Profit. To calculate the MROI, subtract the marketing investment from the total. Divide the result by the cost of your marketing investment.


Start with a report. Write: 

      How much money the marketing campaign brings;

      How many customers were added after the marketing campaign started;

      How much time do users spend on updated websites, etc?

      Identify the weak points. Decide to "strengthen" them in the near future.


Marketing Plan: Structure


Unique Selling Proposition

Start by testing your competitors' ads. Write down the benefits that both you and them have, determine where you are ahead of them. 

Offer a good unique sale from the example of a marketing plan: "Digital Marketing Courses". Buyers get an Amazon Coupon as a gift. "


Positioning And Pricing

Determine what your location is. Draw price list by location. If you’re positioning your product as a mass product, make sure the prices are affordable for your audience. If it is a premium product, it is important not to embarrass buyers with extra availability.


Distribution Of Goods

Plan delivery for products, such as sales and delivery. Distribution includes keeping goods in warehouses, delivering goods on settlement, preparing orders, handing over goods to customers. Compare shipping methods, select warehouses, and shipping companies. Record it in your marketing plan.


Special offer

Collect special offers: gifts for birthday people, bonus collections, product packages, discounts, and much more.


Example from a beauty salon marketing plan: 

      a gift for brides: a solarium before the wedding;

      discount on the services of a beautician;

      discount for students upon presentation of a student card;

      bring a client and get a manicure as a gift.


Marketing Strategies And Materials

      Decide how you will lead interested customers through the sales funnel.

      Describe the advantages and disadvantages of marketing strategy, choose the right one.

      Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing materials. Write down what needs to be updated, what needs to be created.

      Plan an online campaign. Find out what questions your target audience is sending.

      Find out what attracts users. Decide where to find themes and content for your content. Determine which promotional strategy and channel are right for the company.

      Decide how to use social media.


Partner Search

Find out what customers are buying from you before, together, or after. These products are integrated with the selling companies. An example of a marketing plan: "A client orders the construction of a country house. Then he buys seeds and seedlings from an agricultural store.


Search For Advertising Funds

Marketing requires constant optimization. It will cost. Therefore, decide in advance how to increase your profits. Create product and service packages, increase product prices, look for other options.


Customer Retention Strategy Development

Think about how to motivate customers for new orders. Create a loyal customer club with bonuses and discounts, publish a monthly newspaper or do something else. For an online marketing strategy try some popular marketing plan that works for your business promotion or attention. Some marketing plans feature customer orientation with b2b or b2c both. You can use social media for this. Also, you can start a promotional marketing campaign for it. Besides regular marketing strategies, Influencer marketingis now growing with a booster form. You can take your plan with it also. Some companies can help you suggest the best person for your marketing delivery online. Although traditional marketing can develop your goal, digital marketers are faster with their plans. To acquire the best-suited option for business marketing influencers are much effective on social media and the web. For more, you can read this article. 


Drawing Financial Prospects

Calculate the cost of implementing a strategy, advertising through channels, conducting campaigns, retaining customers, etc. Calculate how much you can earn from each job. If the results are bad, you will definitely see the problem area.


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