Marketing Strategy: Increase Your E-commerce Sales In The Summer

By Mike Reiss- Apr 06, 2022 300

The arrival of summer opens up a whole new range with sales growth trying to make the market or business visible. Increasing e-commerce sales over the summer can be very beneficial and profitable if certain steps are followed. 

Summer is the time when online merchants usually see their sales declining or in low numbers. For various reasons such as, for example, the vacation of many people. Also, free time allows them to shop in physical places, so online sales are also a hassle. 

It should be noted that not all businesses see this season as a dark time. And there are others who make good money during the summer. Such as companies that are dedicated to tourism, hospitality, beach clothing stores, etc. 

To increase eCommerce sales over the summer and get the best results you need to take very specific steps that help maintain a good level of online store conversion.


Don’t let your sales decline in the summer

Many economic sectors may take advantage of this period, but again many have noticed that their profits are declining somewhat. For this reason, it is important to know how to handle everything right now. Digital media users change their habits over the summer. Such as web pages, social networks, among others, and spend less time searching for information.Thus the visibility of many companies is reduced. 

Other factors that can alter the results of a summer sales campaign are:


  1. Seasonal trends

It is important to know where the business is in the e-commerce sector. Having a clear idea of ​​whether you have billing is important to determine the best course of action for the next few months, for example, summer. 

An organization that arrives in good numbers before the arrival of summer will usually continue to maintain this trend. It is important to be prepared for any change. Another problem is that the products or services that are offered include other requirements that arise during the summer and other times of the year.


  1. Lack of visits to a web page 

To increase the sales of an eCommerce in the summer it is important for users to know how they work on digital media, social networks, web pages, blogs, and how they interact between these platforms. 

Decreasing web traffic can be a big problem for anyone looking to increase their sales or increase their profits in the summer.


  1.  Little commercial effort

If you consider that the products offered by a particular company are not suitable for the needs at one time of the year, it may speed up competition and the other party may decide to go backward with what the customer does not offer. 

For this reason, it is important to have the knowledge and information to go out of the competition to see where you can benefit from a situation. The fact is that many companies reduce their workload in the summer.


  1. Fewer resources

It’s not just potential customers or customers going on vacation. It’s part of a team that takes a few days to influence the work done from a region.

It also affects other production chains such as web marketing, transportation, sales, and distribution marketing.


Strategies to increase e-commerce sales in the summer 

There are several strategies that can be used to increase sales at times like summer. In fact, there is a lot of movement from the customer and the customer side during this period. 

To achieve good results in July, August, and September, it is important to analyze the current situation of the company or business. With this analysis, you can know for sure which is available and which is not.


  1. E-commerce plans to increase sales in the summer

In this case, you have to prepare yourself, you will not always have the best time and there will always be times when things do not go as planned. It also happens in the digital and eCommerce world. 

How planning plays a central role on these dates and how to operate can be a major issue for the company’s future. Knowing your marketing activities plans will ensure that everything happens in an organized and pre-established way over time. Keeping purchase options open can be beneficial for the user.


  1. Test promotion

Not everything goes wrong with the arrival of the summer of companies and it is possible to work in the best way if forecasted. A good step to keep in mind is to take the so-called summer test. In other words, it does what was not possible in previous months due to workflow. 

This is a good time to take risks and take steps that have not been done before measuring results. After all, users want to have a summer experience, so don’t hesitate to explore options like Influencer Marketing.


  1. Learn how to exploit customers

It is common to see that in the summer months, companies that do not target summer products see declining sales through their e-commerce. But there are other factors that will continue and that include quality audiences on social networks. 

Promoting inspirational content to attract your target audience is ideal in the summer. Keep in mind that users have more free time and thus, it is quite a good time to reach the channels where they spend most of their time on the internet.


  1. Increased probability

If your business declines due to the summer date, your competition is also more likely to do so. This is where the action can be very important. 

Take the opportunity to create paid campaigns on social networks and Google ads. Run a quality marketing campaign to meet the needs of your audience.


  1. Buyer loyalty

There is a type of customer who is always loyal to the company or business regardless of the date. This is a great opportunity to retain customers who trust the customer and are always ready to meet their needs as a serious, professional site. 

A good strategy in this sense is to provide them with high-value content in a personalized way, which makes these people feel familiar with the brand. Promotions, discounts, or offers via email marketing or SMS are widely used to build loyalty. 

      Don't just offer your product, always offer added value.

      Make the customer feel unique: Personalized treatment is everything.

      Make it easy for customers to adhere to brands such as web pages, blogs, landing pages, etc.

      The ability to offer discounts to loyal customers at these times of the year can boost your business for the foreseeable future.


  1. Update your site

It is important for any organization to be up-to-date in any difficult summer situation and at the end of the latest trends. A quality, attractive web portal is always the key point of success or failure of an eCommerce strategy ready to provide the best products. 

Briefly change the image, banner, cover, and design of the website and the theme and their affiliations with the summer times with the organization's communication channels so that people can feel comfortable and follow a CTA.


  1. A good CTA (Call to action)

The short flow of customers to your website will reduce sales. But this is not the time to be soft and you need to know how to use every opportunity and how to deliver products. 

Having an aggressive e-commerce strategy means that all the people who surf the web have very few sales. The important thing is to arouse empathy towards the user and persuade him to feel part of the brand.


  1. Offering new possibilities

The arrival of summer for a brand or an organization is a perfect opportunity to showcase all the opportunities or news that customers will get in the future. 

Continuing to showcase the benefits or advantages of your brand at this time can increase your sales in the future. It is important not to leave the towel. Options like pre-orders are just as interesting as the case being publicized.


Marketing: Your Close Partner 

You can use lots of promotions on different platforms like SMS marketing or email marketing to increase the sales of any eCommerce in the summer. Pay attention to customers who are already connected to the brand in one way or another. 

The arrival of summer and the decline in eCommerce sales is the best time to stay in touch and serve customers who already have your data. An old customer can always become new.


Advertising to increase e-commerce sales in summer 

Advertising helps increase e-commerce sales in a variety of ways over the summer. Offers or services advertised on social networks or web pages, such as Google ads, may be visible to customers who have already interacted with the brand. 

At Famenet, we have the tools and equipment you need to make the summer season very profitable for your company and business. During this time the tackle can become a reality through competition sections and customized digital marketing campaigns that will grow your business even faster.