Pinterest Marketing: A Real Marketing And SEO Platform

By Mike Reiss- May 14, 2022 448

Pinterest is evolving and growing. Used by companies and community managers in the context of visibility research, Pinterest is a real marketing lever and a tool used for natural references. 

But what exactly is the Pinterest platform? 

      Is it a search engine?

      Is it a social network?

      Is it a marketing lever? 

Come to think of it, the three of them match a little and maybe a lot more. Pinterest increases the visibility of your site. It can make your business known, increase your notoriety, increase your sales, reach a wider audience, and much more! Getting acquainted with this medium is not the most complicated, but using it effectively is another story. Follow the guide so that Pinterest no longer has privacy for you!


Using Pinterest as a marketing lever

Pinterest is not only a decorative showcase, it can also be used as a marketing lever. And that, the content creators are well aware of it. All issues can be discussed in this network. So, why deprive yourself of a free marketing tool? 

Because when you think about it, a marketing tool can, in fact, affect a need that depends on a need. And it is used for commercial purposes, mainly in the form of advanced communication. So yes: Pinterest can be compared to a marketing tool. It caters to the needs of a community of Internet users, providing their solutions: inspiration, products, tutorials, etc. With the help of Pinterest Idea Pin, the platform is still evolving to provide business-friendly solutions.


Video: Drill on Pinterest

Marketing Strategies is a video from the YouTube channel that is presented here: How to use Pinterest in your marketing.


Is Pinterest a social network?

The answer is not always clear to users ... 

Yes, because it is possible to create professional or personal profiles on Pinterest. You can comment or like posts, but you also have the opportunity to follow and communicate with other members. Moreover, almost everyone on the user side has found Pinterest on social networks. 

No, because Pinterest is not limited to the features available on other social networks. It gives you search results based on keywords and a powerful algorithm. So we rely on Pinterest, which defines itself as a catalog of ideas and not a social network. Soit’s not a social network depending on the platform and it’s authentic!


Is Pinterest a search engine?

In a sense really. Pinterest has set up a visual search engine: you type a keyword in the search bar and the platform gives you results. It tends more towards the register of inspiration. We're still far from the level of Google and not really in the same register as Google Images. 

Because, in fact, every Pinterest PIN is compatible with web content (a product page, a page, a blog article). Although Google Images, in part, contains a variety of images, the relevance of which is not always proven. Pinterest is therefore more specific in its suggestions. 

The real difference between Pinterest and Google is that it can crawl the entire web for later content delivery, while Pinterest is satisfied with its only database. Users of this platform index their content and feed it. And it makes a hell of a difference!


Pinterest's desire to index

Google has the ability to view and index your posts, but Pinterest does not. In addition, if you do not take the necessary steps to familiarize your site with the platform, you are less likely to find it there. And it's a shame! Because Pinterest sees its visitors grow a little every year: 

      2018: 250 million;

      2019: 300 million;

      early 2020: 322 million;

      end of 2020: 459 million. 

This population of Internet users "does not use" the way Google uses the web. He is looking for inspiration! So, why don't they suggest finding answers to their needs at the same time? For this, you need to index your site along with Google Pinterest.


How can you index your content on Pinterest?

To index your content on Pinterest, you first need to create a business account and link it to your website. You can even link it to your YouTube channel or Instagram account. Then, all you have to do is create a presence on Pinterest by pinning (sharing) your content (articles, products, pages) and thus indexing what you have achieved. 

The more users your content is shared with, the more traffic, and thus the number of visitors to your website increases. Don't forget that there are some tips to promote your visibility on Pinterest.


How to take advantage of the Pinterest algorithm?

It is not always enough to pin its contents to a pin on its table to make an impact. Of course, the Pinterest algorithm also has a role to play in determining whether your PIN is relevant and should be highlighted. 

And there, like all algorithms, everything becomes quite vague ... 

Rest assured, there are still some tips to believe, as we saw recently for the TikTok algorithm: 

      Offer inspirational and relevant content;

      Pin “fresh” content regularly and always;

      Meet user needs;

      Respect the size of the image;

      Offer rich results; 

Finally, here are some additional tips to make your Pinterest Idea PIN a success. A feature that should not be overlooked to take full advantage of the platform.


Can Pinterest Really Increase Site Traffic?

On Pinterest, whenever a user browses your PINs, they have the option to click them. This is called 'pin click'. Then two suggestions are given: visit the site or save the Pinterest PIN on the board. If the user takes the option to visit your website to learn more, it only generates an organic visit. 

As a result, if you convert this visitor into a potential customer, it wins! Pinterest may have this utility to increase traffic to your website.


Can Pinterest improve my SEO on Google?

In fact, Google is able to detect the signals that Pinterest sends, which is not necessarily the case with all other social networks. If your site is indexed on Pinterest, Pin has the ability to create backlinks. It will be listed in a completely transparent way on the "Links" tab of your search console. 

Here's how Pinterest can improve your website's SEO: Gives you free backlinks without much hassle. This can (indirectly) allow your site to improve its position in search engines. Thanks to Pinterest, you don't expect to reach Google location first.


Does investing on Pinterest take a long time?

You have to be realistic, it can’t be done in half a day. You need to optimize the content of your website. And on Pinterest, create inspirational and relevant pins on a regular and constant basis. Like any social network, Pinterest takes time to get real benefits, but a long-term commitment is essential to attract visitors and generate traffic. 

It may seem like a lot to you but it is worth the effort. Thanks for some tips on how to increase your productivity on Pinterest.


Have Pinterest Pins already ready

One thing that will take your time and strategy the most is to create your inspirational pin. If you are a community manager or a general user of the platform, there are several options available to you: 

      Use professional software like Photoshop;

      Use consumer applications such as Canva.

      If you really want to save time, you can use ready-made pins directly from the pin manufacturer.


Public your publication

Pinterest lets you automate some of your posts to save time. Several solutions are possible. If you take your research a little further, you will see that you can simply increase your productivity on the platform.


Is Pinterest suitable for all types of business?

Pinterest is a marketing tool that can be effective for many structures or profiles: 


      Professional blogger;

      SEO Agency;

      Content creators in general,

      Influencer marketing strategy. 

If your business is related to these activities, Pinterest can be a marketing benefit for you and your website. And it would be a shame not to take advantage of all the advice you have gathered! Also, consider using the Pinterest mobile app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android.